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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Productive Saturday

Today is going to be a productive day.

My plan is to clean out some junk that has accumulated in the middle of the rabbitry floor, do some grooming on my molty little junior bunnies and clean out some pans! We put an ad on Freecycle for free rabbit manure to anyone who wants to drop off a container, so I've got one outside waiting to get the "black gold". Our garden is as fertilized as it needs to be right now, and I hate dumping the stuff in the woods- seems like such a waste! We've filled in countless holes in the yard with the poop too. I've offered to share in the past, but people seem to feel that because they are doing me some huge great favor (?) I should bend down on one knee and clean trays when they want me to- regardless of my plans. *sigh*

Bluebelle's baby is doing beautifully! My suspicion is a smoke pearl (yay!). It's fat and happy, and Bluebelle doesn't seem to mind only getting to see it twice a day.

It appears she's going to be the only one to kindle, as Still Fly looks bored with her nestbox. That's all right though, the tans can make their way to their new owner soon. I'm going to miss them- especially Yup, though Maybe So's frantic dives in to the food bowl (we never feed him, ya know LOL) always cracks me up.

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The Kings said...

I hope you get some takers on the rabbit manure-that's so nice of you to offer the 'black gold' (lol) to others.:-) I can't wait to see your upcoming juniors! Oh, my blog link is changed just a little-it's http://www.suburbanbuns.blogspot.com Miss Abby is on there, our new REW ND.;-) Happy Valentine's Day to you Kristen!