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Friday, May 29, 2009

Wooly Standard Changes #2

In the interest of being fair to both sides- If you want to hear from folks that support the changes to the wooly standard, check out the Jersey Wooly group on Yahoo Groups!

Otherwise, check out the statement from Marcia, found here.

I have sent in my ballot. I continue to urge people to vote NO on the points changes, at the very least.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Oh wow. I've completely forgotten how UGLY babies can get! My three Barbi babies are suffering from long everything right now :lol:. I finally got them sexed- the black and broken black tort look like does, the broken black looks like a buck!

I got my first impression on the bodies of Godzilla, Shelby and Sylva, my oldest wooly baby does. I'm REALLY liking the width on Godzilla's body! Her head and ears are very promising and she's got a gorgeous color and coat. Unfortunately, I think she's lacking in the lower HQ. We'll have to see how she develops. Shelby is a beautiful doe all around, with the exception of her ears right now- they are a touch long for my taste, but again, uglies! Her sister Sylva is a bit smaller than Shelby and also is looking very promising- she is definitely going to be much smaller than the other two girls.

Thankfully, I will have some cage space, so I won't be making any decisions just yet on who goes and who stays- especially with the hollands!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Proposed Changes to the Wooly Standard

I got a ballot in the mail today, asking me to vote on the proposed changes to the Jersey Wooly Standard.

I have to say, there are several I agree with- the wording about the Chinchilla coloring is contradictory.

I agree with allowing juniors to have a softer coat than a senior, under the Density change. Judges do seem to expect perfect adult coats on 3 month olds.

I'm a bit concerned over the change to ear description where a severe fault is ears "carried in a wide V". Tryon is a very nice animal, but when he's extremely nervous he does tend to splay his ears. My concern would be the "Holland syndrome" where 95% of judges don't give hollands (or in this case, woolies) the chance to relax and allow their ears to return to a more natural pose.

I'm also concerned about the proposed points change- it removes 1 point from Texture and 4 points from density (HALF!), to add points to head and ears. Are we going to become a breed that values a big head over quality wool? They are WOOLIES after all. In this new points system, COLOR is worth more than both Density AND Length to the wool! I don't know if the 5 point change is worth it, to have the quality of wool go down in favor of head and ears.

By the way, what is the worry over the heads? Are we trying to prevent them from becoming Netherland Dwarf heads, or trying to make them become that way?

The reason given to this change is to "emphasize the need for the proper coat texture." Hm- how does reducing texture points emphasize the need for correct texture?

I just fail to understand.

I'm planning on voting AGAINST the changes to point allocation and against the changes to the ear description.

Please check Susie of Wooly World Rabbitry's blog to see her views.

Keep's Rabbitry

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Genetic Blank Slate

I have a friend that is a very successful mini lop breeder. He was telling me about a doe he has- a beautiful doe, but she produces what she's bred to- which can be good or bad. For all intents and purposes, she's a genetic blank slate!

This girl was bred to a buck that matched her faults perfectly- he needed a bit wider head and a fuller HQ, she could give the babies these things. The babies that were born- ICK! They all had weenie heads and bad HQ.

When bred to a *VERY* nice buck, she threw *VERY* nice babies! She continued throughout her breeding career only producing what she was bred to.

Isn't it interesting? I often sit around and wish for a blank slate doe. How I'd LOVE to be able to pretty much replicate several of my bucks. However- I wouldn't be able to improve those nagging little imperfections the bucks have. I guess that makes it a doubled edged sword.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

No babies, no problems

Hard on the heels of losing Secret Chance, I went out today to discover my favorite Barbi baby was dead. It's heart breaking, not just because he was a very promising little guy, but also because he was so sweet and such a little clown.

As Tim says "We didn't have babies dying when we weren't getting any babies :(". I have to agree. I just have to keep reminding myself that what happened with Chance and this little guy are part of it.

We do everything we can to keep all the rabbits healthy, from babies born that day to the retirees. Sometimes nothing can be done. It all seems to pile on at once though.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Show Tragedy

I bought a gorgeous REW doe from Marlee when she sold out- TB's Secret Chance. I hadn't been able to get a litter out of her, so I decided to take her to the show, breed her to Burlington, who Joni owns, and maybe put a leg or two on her!

We went down Friday and stayed with Brandi (blpiper) and her family, put the rabbits in empty cages they had, watered and fed (oats mixed with our feed, per usual.)

Got up the next morning and started pulling the rabbits out of the cages to put them in carriers- Chance was COVERED in liquid diarrhea. I took her out and put her on the dewy grass, she didn't move. We cleaned her up as best we could, but she pooped while Tim was holding her and water basically ran out. I knew she wasn't going to make it.

We put her in a cage with a ton of hay, more water and a full cup of oats, courtesy of Pete, Brandi's husband.

When we got back from the show, she was dead. :(

The up part of the day was my Belgian Hare buck won a BOB for his first leg and a BOSB, and Forest won BOSB again. A young sr. buck, Durham, took 2/7 in his class, that was exciting.

Keep's Rabbitry

Friday, May 22, 2009

Breeder Directory-

There is a new Breeder Directory in town! April of DenJak Rabbitry has compiled the DenJak Breeder Directory. Check it out and be sure to get listed!

Keep's Rabbitry

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update on Supplemental Greens

Well, I've been feeding supplemental greens for a few days now. Some rabbits don't care a bit about them. Tryon turns up his nose at grass, dandelion leaves, clover- and a few others are following his lead.

Everyone else really seems to be a fan! One of the picky "test" does, the junior, has decided she much prefers her pellets. She eats a tiny bit of grass, but is finally cleaning her bowl! HOORAY! I'll happily take that.

The other doe chows down on her greens, but still eats very little of her pellets. She's starting to gain a little in condition, which I take as a good sign. I still wish I could get more pellets in her though!

The test buck has decided to go back to snubbing both greens and pellets. *sigh*

So there we have it- split results across the board.

Keep's Rabbitry

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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Keep's Rabbitry


I wormed some of the rabbits last night. Mostly, I took care of the ones that aren't pregnant, on litters or clinging to enough of their coats that I could possibly show them this weekend.

I don't worm very often. I know some breeders never do and others have them very tightly on a 6 month schedule, switching wormers to keep the wigglers from becoming resistant.

Me personally- It's probably been a good year and a half since I've done any worming. I like to use Ivomec and put on the skin. It's easier to do than trying to force the bunnies to drink it from the syringe and as my friend Billi pointed out, it's a lot harder to overdose them topically!

I'm hoping the worming finally helps blow out Tryon's coat, as well as some baby coats that a few young seniors are stubbornly clinging to. I'll probably try to get on an 8 month worming system or so, now that I'm giving more fresh grass and greens as treats and supplements. When rabbits spend time on the ground or are shown heavily, they are much more likely to end up getting worms!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

It's that time of year

We have a show this weekend! HOORAY!

Unfortunately, most of the does are pregnant (in theory), Tryon is beginning to blow his coat to pieces, I sold Burlington, and my other two bucks are still trying to get their coats in! Durham needs more time to mature, my holland buck Rory is looking a bit off right now...

Who to show?!

Forest is kind of getting his coat back in. I have a young senior buck that probably could show, but he can't beat Forest, and they'd have to show against each other. I can take Bandit the Hare and maybe the Thrianta doe...

It's going to be tough to come up with enough animals to meet my 5 minimum show rabbits quota! Too bad all the babies are so young :(.

Keep's Rabbitry

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Supplemental Greens

I'm going to be adding supplemental greens to my herd! I know some folks do an all greens diet and I just don't think that would work for my dwarf show herd- they need a higher fat content to keep them in show prime, though I've heard all green works very well for meat rabbits that are going from the cage to your plate.

I picked my three "test" rabbits- Hamilton's Smoothie, Hamilton's Finale and WWR Little Steps. All three of these rabbits are super picky and survive on what seems to be 6 pellets a day. I figured they'd be a great way to start my test run, since I've been worried they need to get more nutrients anyway.

I started them off with a handful of hay, and a large piece of dandelion leaf. I'll be increasing it daily and of course, pellets will be available to them. This way, I can see how it affects several rabbits and I can decide on my course from there- one is a brood doe, one is a show buck and one is a middle-range junior.

I picked the dandelions and washed them off, then laid them out to dry, so they weren't wet when they got them, and all three rabbits went nuts- they were definite fans!!

If I note a better coat or condition on these animals thanks to the greens, I'll probably start supplementing the entire herd.

As I increase the amounts and varieties I'll be posting more information!

Keep's Rabbitry

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whoa! Time Flies

I can't believe my oldest wooly babies are almost 6 weeks old already! Where has the time gone?

I think I'm going to start weaning Raleigh's babies soon. Normally I like to wait until 7-8 weeks, but the four are wearing her down. I'll probably separate out the pointed whites first, they are the biggest. That will cut some of the stress on Raleigh and let the two smaller ones stay with her a bit longer :).

EEK!! It won't be long until these guys are hitting the showtable. I don't know how I'm going to decide who to keep and who to let go, they are all beautiful already!

I'll have to start planning who to rebreed as well- Leesa will be fine to be rebred as soon as her baby Godzilla is weaned (she's the same age as Raleigh's kids). With only one baby to take care of, she's still in good condition!

Ahhh, I'm so glad that Spring is here. Babies, Babies, Babies! :D

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Our babies and woolies!

I don't post nearly enough pictures, so I thought I'd share a few of a pair of my wooly does and several of the Keep's litters coming up!

Keep's Angel- Sable Point Sr. Doe. This girl is a PAIN to try to pose. She's so nice and wide, but goes a bit flat over her topline. I can't wait to breed her to Forest! WHEEE :D. Sorry her pic is a little... shiny lol.

Trying to do this myself. See my blown over hutch in the background?

Keep's Dreamer! She's such a ham.

Can you tell she's related to my boy Forest?

Barbi's rotten little broken black tort baby, who ruined my shot lol.

Constant Comment's babies in their holding box while we cleaned their dirty, dirty nestbox. They'll be out and about soon!

"Calm Black One", Tim's favorite Barbi Baby.

Vixen's three black babies, and her foster baby. The white belongs to Ebunny :). They are VERY popcorny little creatures.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm thrilled- Lil Bit Farm's Zora gave birth to three, perfect little darlings! I'm so pleased, and especially because they are out of Lil Bit Farm's Rory!

I'll have to figure out a nice treat for all the Mama bunnies out there :).

Keep's Rabbitry

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finally Evaluating!

I've finally started to put my evaluation Master List together. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be! Partially because half the does are out of condition from being on litters, partially because the other half of the does are babies and I'm having to judge based on uglies or baby features.

I decided to take in to consideration features for their age for the juniors. Everyone is promising, which is good! Any bunny who has absolutely awful HQ is going to have to go though, I need to bump up the butts a bit! :).

I'm also going to downsize the herd just a bit, which means some tough cuts. I got a jump start on that with the five animals I sold in Ohio- now if I just tweak the herd a few more animals, I'll feel happy with my numbers.

I've got a new website finally! www.keepsrabbitry.com :D. It's most definitely not fully transferred over or updated, but I'm working on it! :D. In the meantime, I will still be using geocities, but more than likely most news will appear here.

Keep's Rabbitry

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jersey Wooly Nationals!

Joni from Lyle Creek Rabbitry came up and rode with us to Ohio on Friday. We hit some MASSIVE rain storms- what a mess!

Saturday and Sunday were both long, tiring days. I don't know what it is about showing that just wipes you out! We did manage time to see the Kentucky Derby run on Saturday though :).

I was so thrilled to see my RH friends! I got to meet a few new folks, which is always a good time. :) We even got to spend a little extra time with Melanie and Leeane at Lil Bit Farms and I managed to bring home two wooly netherlands to go with my herd, as well as a wooly from Amber at Wonder Woolies- I'm THRILLED!

As for results-


Keep's Tryon- Shaded Sr Buck: 2nd
Keep's Durham (sub for Burlington)- Shaded Sr. Buck: erm... DQ'd for no apparent shading. >.<
Keep's Chapel Hill- Shaded Jr Doe: 2nd
Keep's Taylorsville-Shaded Jr Doe: 3rd
Hamilton's Stewart- AOV Sr. Buck: 6th

Keep's Tryon- Shaded Sr Buck: 2nd
Keep's Durham (sub for Burlington)- Shaded Sr. Buck: 6th (lost on maturity and coat!)
Keep's Chapel Hill- Shaded Jr Doe: 3rd
Keep's Taylorsville-Shaded Jr Doe: 6th
Hamilton's Stewart- AOV Sr. Buck:4th

I have to take the time now to wave goodbye to Hamilton's Stewart, Keep's Ash, HF's Bartholamew, Keep's Zephrim, Keep's Taylorsville and Keep's Burlington, all of whom went to new homes recently :(. I'm gonna miss all these guys. Thankfully I have brothers, sisters, or offspring who still live with me, so they aren't completely gone.

Thanks SO much to Brandi and Pete, who babysat Dixie for us while we were gone- she misses her buddies. I think she'd have happily lived with them for a while.

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