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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fostering Off

With so many does having babies, I've been taking great pains to foster off singleton animals, or moving around babies that were born to huge litters.

My preference is to not foster together the same breeds, just because it's easier to keep track of a holland baby in the midst of a litter of woolies, than two black tort holland kits from different litters. I shoot for minimal involvement.

However, today I had a wooly doe produce 1 REW baby. I popped it in with another litter of woolies, one of which looks to be a REW as well. I liberally marked it's ears with a sharpie and I'll have to recheck it every few days to make sure the color stays. I've also heard of folks using nail polish, but I didn't have any of that on hand.

Thankfully, 90% of my does are EXCELLENT foster mothers. I even recently moved a wooly baby from it's 6 siblings and put it in with another doe who only had 4. All these babies are bouncing around out of the nestbox, but since the wooly baby was the smallest of 7, it was being nudged out of the way at feeding time and getting dangerously thin.

Amazingly, the foster mom accepted it without a second glance! I guess she figured at this point, what was one more mouth to feed?

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Keep's Photo Shoot

I took a some shots of a very few of my up coming babies! Enjoy!

A VERY ticked off little Siamese Sable wooly buck!

A funny little broken chin doe. I may have to name her Radar or Antenna!

A broken blue point doe

Frosty buck! My first frosty ever :)

A shy little sable point doe

A GORGEOUS sable chinchilla doe

Yep- it's a NONE tort holland :lol:

I love this little buck so much! I do wish one of the babies
had been a doe though- *sigh*

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to Ship Rabbits

I've done several shipments of animals and I wanted to make a little short guide to help out folks considering shipping.


Decide the breeder you want. Sounds like a duh right? Seriously, know what breeder(s) you want to purchase from and make sure there is an opportunity to coordinate getting all the rabbits together right before the shipment.

*Decide how many holes/rabbits you can afford. You can usually put together 2-3 carriers to count in one shipment. However- remember you will have to buy those carriers! So, you could fill up 18 holes, but think of the cost of 18 rabbits + carriers + carrier cups + shipping. If you plan to sell holes in a shipment, you'll want to have a firm number on how many are available before you start advertising the holes for sale.

*If you are selling holes get the payment in advance. Also set up when the animals are to be picked up by and be prepared to have to hold them at least a few days.

*Get the full dimensions of the carriers- L x W x H. Estimate the weight. I prefer to go OVER the estimate, that way there are no surprises.

*Decide what airline to use- this involves convenience for you and the shipper. They will not want to drive 10 hours to get your animals to a Frontier shipper and you won't want to drive 10 to get the animals (more than likely- if you do go so far, so be it, but remember to add in gas to your costs!)

*Make sure you have the address and the phone number of the breeder who will be doing the shipping.

*Call the airlines and find out several things a.) Are health certificates needed? b.) what is the cost estimate- this is where your LxWxH and weight come in to play, c.) when do the animals need to be at the airline and d.) when will they arrive at the airport. If everything works out for you, book your shipment!


Make sure to have the phone number of the person shipping for you- and make sure they have yours as well! You never know when a flight will be canceled at the last minute.

Post Shipping

*Check the animals over IMMEDIATELY. This means putting your hands all over them. You want to know as soon as possible how they handled the flight.

*Keep a very close watch on the animals for the next few days after the shipment. Check water intake, how much they are eating.

That's basically all there is to it! :D

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Babies!

Two does kindled yesterday and this morning! Imagine that- right on time!

Zora had a total of 5 babies yesterday, but she had them on the wire without nesting. I suspect labor came quicker than she expected. All the babies were born on the wire, one half eaten (ew). She began frantically nesting afterwards, then collapsed exhausted. So I helped her out with her nest and warmed up the babies. Tim found two crawling around on the floor and thankfully they made it! Even the one we just found this afternoon! Two are missing a hunk of their ear, so they'll have to go as brood, but I'm still expecting them to be very nice!

A tort doe that is on loan here kindled two this morning! I gave her a Zora baby to foster.

We're still waiting on Keep's Angel, a beautiful little sable point doe, to kindle.

Meanwhile, we lost Barbi's baby due to a sudden onset of diarrhea. I'm very, very sad about this, but she has been rebred, so we can hope the next litter is more successful.

We've got four does due in four days and one is already wanting to nest! I take this as a very good sign.

I seem to be buck poor lately- unfortunately my litter of 7 woolies seems to consist mostly of little boys. ERGH!

The hare babies have eyeballs now! HOORAY! One is definitely a runt and will be petted out at the appropriate age :).

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A decision

We decided not to work with Thriantas. Thankfully, there are several breeders of these beautiful animals and my exit shouldn't cause any problems- after all, I really only owned a single animal. However, I need that space for the woolies and the hollands and can't devote much time or effort to the breed.

So, we're saying farewell to the Thriantas! If you're looking for some stock to get started with, let me know and I'll pass on the information of the breeders working on them here in NC!

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Taylorsville Show

I'll have to share my post-Taylorsville Show experience later but right now, just the good stuff- RESULTS!!

I took 11 animals- 2 hollands, 1 thrianta and of course, 8 woolies. It's really the woolies that I was the most excited about, 6 of them were babies at their first show!

My Tryon finally took a BOB in Show B! He won BOG both shows, and his daughter, Keep's Epiphany, took BOSG!! WOW, how awesome for a 3 1/2 month old baby?

Forest was beat out for BOG by a really cute black doe, so he had to settle for BOSG in both shows :).

Keep's Spazzoid (self junior buck) took a first and a second- I'm thinking he'll get a leg!

Then, in Show B my two black junior does On a Lark and High Spirits pulled off a 1-2 finish!

Even Keep's Cairo, Epiphany's brother, got in the act- winning his class in Show B. I want to say he won in show A as well, but I honestly can't swear to that, it was a very late show!

:D. I'm thrilled with how my juniors did! I also managed to sell 7 animals, which gives me TWO EMPTY CAGES! Everyone happy dance with me. That's not going to last long though, I've got many, many babies around 3-4 weeks old that will need their own place soon.

The only sale rabbit I still have is Keep's Dallas, the full brother to Epiphany and Cairo!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

More Hare News!

Jasmine and her babies seem to have settled in to a routine- she feeds them, and they stop dying. HOORAY for a balance!

Two of the five Jazz Hands babies died. I can't say I'm surprised, the does we were forcing to feed them seem to have been able to withhold their milk or something. It was bizarre. The remaining three have all been fostered in to Jasmine's brood and are currently doing well! They are going to Joni's house today to be taken care of with litters a little closer to their own size. Thanks again, Joni! I have visions of baby wool on pine shavings and I cringe a little bit.

The Taylorsville show is Saturday evening- I can't wait! I have 11 animals to show, which is a bit above what I was wanting to spend, but it's been a while since we've had a show and will be awhile until we have another. So I guess it's ok. :)

I'm showing mostly young juniors, so I don't expect any BIS, but ya never know, right? I'll even be showing a pair of hollands- and it's be surprisingly long since I've done that. I'm excited, one is a homegrown and one is a purchased buck.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hare Raising Events

I'm feeling punnerific today.

We've lost three of Jasmine's babies. Don't have any idea why they passed away, it's not from lack of care from Jasmine.

Speaking of- the silly girl finally, on Day 4 of their lives, pulled fur. I think she's had such a rough time with her other litter attempts that she didn't want to go through the heartache of pulling fur for a dead litter again. Bunnies are funny sometimes.

She's being a very nice mother at this point- not eating or soiling the hay in the box, all the babies are fat and happy- even her jersey wooly foster baby is a porker! Not sure what I'm going to do as far as that goes- the fostering will work while they are in the box, but I worry about when they get older. Wooly babies are considerably smaller than a young hare. I guess I should just be happy it's getting fed and quit worrying so much!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Orphaned kits

I lost Lil Bit Farms Jazz Hands yesterday. I have no idea why, she showed no sign of illness or injury and even her death didn't provide any clues. What I do know is that she's gone and left behind a litter of 5 kits.

Unfortunately, all my does have litters 2+ weeks old and the next litters aren't due for 10 days. Malena & Jacklyn are in the same boat. Joni does have does who could take a few of the kits. We're trying to keep them alive until Friday, when we can hand them off to the new foster moms.

Right now, we're holding does in the nestbox to get them to feed and we've also flipped the does to allow the kits to nurse. Unfortunately, the ladies are NOT happy with this arrangement and the orphaned wooly babies are far from fat and happy.

Jasmine's milk has suddenly come in full force and her babies look like fat ticks, but they are so much larger than these little babies, I'm not sure how well a temporary fostering would go. Jasmine is DEFINITELY not an animal you can force to do anything she doesn't want to do, and flipping her over would result only in babies being kicked halfway across the rabbitry.

We'll figure something out, I feel sure.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Breaking Hare News!

We have SEVEN live hare babies today! I'm so thrilled. We've got our fingers crossed that Jasmine will take care of them- she had them out of the box, and I had to make the nest myself.

I'm so happy!! If nothing else, I can always foster one baby over to a Jersey Wooly doe, but that would give her 6 babies.

I just had to share the wonderful news! I'll be keeping at least one baby and two others are promised away to Brandi and to Whitney, so there could be 4 available :D.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Sell Out Blues

A LOT of folks have been selling out lately- some due to financial reasons, some due to stress reasons and some for both.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to give some ideas on how to reduce the money you put in to the hobby, the time commitment etc.

Multiple Breeds
If you have multiple breeds, pare it down. It hurts, but it'll hurt less in the long run. Get rid of the breed you are the weakest in, has the most upkeep (ie wooled), the largest... or just your least favorite. Less breeds means less rabbits, which means less time to clean cages, feed lasts longer, etc.

Color Projects
Got a color project on the side? Cut it out- or else make it your main focus.

Sell Cages
Whaaaaat? Oh yes. When you sell some animals, sell some cages as well. I could have 50 cages, get down to 20 rabbits and before I could blink, those 50 cages would be full again because I tend to want to keep EVERYTHING. However, if I sell down to 40 cages, I HAVE to sell animals because I can't keep them otherwise.

Evaluate the Entire Herd
EVERYONE keeps hanger ons. Take a look at your herd and evaluate the quality of every buck and doe. Is that doe one that only has singleton litters and is 2 1/2? SELL HER, unless she's producing BOB Convention type babies. That doe that you need to "fix" a lot on...sell her! That buck is part of every pedigree in your barn- so move him on out.

Cut down shows or show entries
I KNOW it's fun to go to a show every...single...weekend. Or to show every animal in the barn... but if your reasons for selling out are financial, consider cutting back on your shows and your entries! Really, 6 senior bucks in the same class is a waste! Pick the top 2-3 and either show the others next time or consider them in your herd evaluation.

These are just a few suggestions. If you really don't want to deal with rabbits anymore, they aren't going to help. If you're just feeling overloaded and stressed- they definitely will help.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Selling Animals

It's hard to decide who to sell. So many factors go in to making a fair price for the animal, especially when it's a brood animal or a baby.

I find it even harder to let go of an animal that has made a huge impact on my herd.

I'm selling Lil Bit Farm's Zapp. This rabbit is what kept me from selling out the hollands. If not for him, I would be doing just jersey woolies, with the side project of hares. He has made beautiful babies with every doe I've bred him to. Not only that, he's given me a shot of color through the herd- I've got siamese sable babies in the box thanks to him.

I went outside to get new pictures of him and it honestly hurt my heart to hold him and think that he could be gone in 2 weeks. I've had him for over a year and a half. He means so much to me. I look at him and I know in another generation I'm going to be wishing desperately that I had him back.

Ugh. Have I mentioned lately I hate selling animals? :( I wish I could keep them all forever.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Starlite Fuzzies- Sell Out

My friend Katie out in California is selling out her herd. This breaks my heart and I wish I had room to buy a trio from her- Katie's doe Harmony won BOSV at CONVENTION last year.

The following is her sales list. Please contact her directly at kagee2003@aol.com

American Fuzzy Lops
Lil'Bit Farms Harmony- $275 *Inquiry Pending*
Tort Senior Doe, DOB: 7/17/07
(THF Saynora's Bernie x THF Saynora's Chantia) Fuzzy Holland
Multi. Legs, BOSV 2008 ARBA Convention as a SSD beating out 53+ rabbits in her class, Multi. Honorable Mentions In Show in tough CA Competition. Proven.

L&R Sara- $80
Sable Point Senior Doe, DOB: 6/7/08
(L&R Logan x L&R Brownie) Fuzzy Holland
Has not been shown. Broke her upper leg as a junior so I was unable to show her, but man, if she didn't have a broken bone this would have been an AWESOME show doe. Incredible L&R Holland lines and very clean color.

THF Saynora Puff Ball- $200 *Inquiry Pending*
Tort Senior Doe, DOB: Not exactly sure, but she turned Senior a couple months ago.
Fuzzy Holland
This is an awesome awesome doe. Excellent buck-like head, perfect crown and ear shape. Shake and show coat. I only showed her a couple times but she won those times, including BOSB her first show as a molty junior. Judge Chris Zemny raved about her and said she would have taken the breed if her coat was a touch in better condition. Typey rabbit. I don't think I have to mention how gorgeous the hollands are in her pedigree. Proven, and her babies are gorgeous like she is. No pedigree as I never had it sent to me. I believe she is a daughter of THF Saynora Qwade.

THF Saynora tort doe- $100
Tort Senior Doe
Fuzzy Holland
This doe has bone for days. I would say she is more of a brood doe. Excellent big fat head. She produces NICE babies. Very typey rabbit that will do wonders for a breeding program if you want to add "chunk". No pedigree on her either. Proven.

Hobbs'/Moore's Ado Annie- $40
Fawn Senior Doe
(PSP Taboo x Fairy) Does have HL in pedigree
Really cute doe. Has ear control. Goes back to PSP Taboo who was a buck that placed well at Convention. very colorful pedigree, and she has VERY clean fawn coloring.. .and she produces super clean agouti babies. Proven.

Starlite's Vixen- $35
Sable Point Senior Doe, DOB: Can look up
(Sky High Walker x Starlite's Violet)
Very cute doe, but small. She is quality in a small package! I like a lot about her including her nice coloring, shake and show coat, and sweet personality. Nice fat head on her. Starting to look a LOT like her mother Violet, who is just gorgeous. She was bred and due 7/17, so if you pick her up before then the litter is yours. I bred her to Lil'Bit Farms Nova.

Hobbs' Moxee- $40
Broken Tort Senior Doe, DOB: Can look up
One of those awesome Hobbs lined does. Bigger doe, so I would say brood doe. If her ears were shorter she would be nice to show. I would say she is over 4lb, though I haven't weighed her. Throws orange a lot. Her sire won his class at Convention in 2007. Proven.

SS Lucky- $20
Chocolate Otter Senior Doe, DOB: 6/28/08
(Chotter x OMF Nemo) Fuzzy Holland
Very cute doe. Chocolate otters are super rare in fuzzy lops. Nice chocolate color and her tan pattern looks good! Does have some ear control. I really like her for an otter, and especially the color. Proven.
L&R ____- $100
Broken Tort Junior Doe, DOB:
( x ) Fuzzy Holland
Has not been shown. Gorgeous rabbit. She's going to have tons of depth and a super buck-like head. I only bought her a few weeks ago, and am asking a bit less than I paid. Has those famous L&R Hollands behind her.
Lil'Bit Farms _____-$50
Black Junior Doe, DOB: 3/19/09
(Lil'Bit Farms Carls Junior x Lil'Bit Farms Jinger) Fuzzy Holland
Younger doe, very cute! Good wool. I like the bone on her, and her body. Should be a really nice show doe!
Lil'Bit Farms _____-$50
Black Junior Doe, DOB: 03/11/09
Lil'Bit Farms Lane x CN's J1) Fuzzy Holland
Cute little doe. Moulting her head, should have nice wool and be very compact. Show her!
Lil'Bit Farms _____-$55
Tort Junior Doe, DOB: 2/15/09
(Lil'Bit Farms Sheridan x Lil'Bit Farms Zoyia)
Nice doe. Still molting out her head. I really like her and her body, especially her depth. Nice nice lines.
Hobbs' ______ -$40
Broken Chestnut Junior Doe, DOB: Unknown
Very cute doe. I really like her, and once she finishes her coat out, I planned to show her! Big thick head on her with nice ears placement. I don't have a pedigree on her.

Starlite's ______-$40
Tort Junior Doe- DOB: Can look up
(Starlite's Jamba x THF Saynora tort doe) Has HL in pedigree
I really love this little doe, should have an awesome head/ear/crown, and body should widen out. She looks very buck-like. Very fuzzy holland looking.

Lil'Bit Farms Nova- $85
Tort Senior Buck, DOB: 6/26/08
(Lil'Bit Farms Logan x THF Saynora's Jeanie) Fuzzy Holland
3 Legs, Multi. Honorable Mentions In Show, Smaller buck but makes nice babies!
Lil'Bit Farms Wrigley- $40
Broken Black Otter Senior Buck, DOB: 10/7/08
(Lil'Bit Farms Cache x THF Saynora Jeanie) Fuzzy Holland
Non-recognized color in Fuzzy Lops, has ear control, nice rabbit if you plan to work on otters!
HBB's Abe- $20 *Inquiry Pending*
Blue Otter Senior Buck, DOB: 12/1/07
(AK's Percy x Blue Hills Agnes)
Non-recognized color in Fuzzy Lops. Only asking what I paid for him. Awesome awesome rabbit. HUGE head.
Hobbs' Grant- $30
Tort Senior Buck, DOB: Can look up
( x ) Can look up
Smaller buck, but very solid body. His ears are a little thin, and is molting at this time. Great Hobbs lines behind him. Very bright colored tort.
Hobbs' Oh Da Man- $30
Tort Senior Buck, DOB: 10/11/07
(Naragon's Callahan x Hobbs' Oh No!) Has HL in Pedigree
Good buck, does have some ear control in one ear. Molting currently. Strong bone and wonderful lines!
THF Saynora King Kong- $100
Black/Seal? Senior Buck, DOB: Unknown but he is about 1 year.
Nice looking buck. Bought as a black but I think he is actually a seal. Throws really nice babies. Never got his pedigree. Has those awesome THF Saynora lines. Asking significantly less than I paid.
Lil'Bit Farms Tulsa- $90
Tort Senior Buck, DOB: 7/17/07
(THF Saynora's Bernie x THF Saynora's Chantia) Fuzzy Holland
Nice buck. Full littermate to my Harmony who was BOSV at Convention in 2008. My only complaints about him is that he's longer in the shoulder and has soft wool. But a really nice buck otherwise. He is currently molting so maybe his wool will have more texture this time around.
Starlite's Jamba- $45
Orange Senior Buck, DOB: Can look up
(PFF's Tonka x Hobbs'/Moore's Ado Annie)
Smaller buck, the cleanest orange I have ever seen. Very bright. Super super cute. Compact rabbit. Great personality. A judge told me that one of his nails are really light on one of his front legs. I have never seen any problems with light nails/toes in his lines, so I would breed/show him. His babies have never had any issues either. I think he is just really clean in his color.
Hobbs' Eoin- $60
Blue Senior Buck- DOB:
( Hobbs' Master x Fairy) Has HL in Pedigree
Nice buck, excellent head, good blue coloring. I really like him. Super thick ears, rock solid body. Molting right now. May be a tad long in the midsection, but great buck, especially if you want to work with dilutes. I've had a lot of people drool over him at shows, especially over his fat head! Currently in a molt.
Lucky Lops ____- $25
Broken Orange Junior Buck- DOB:
Fuzzy Holland
Going through semi uglies right now so his ears appear longer than they are. I really liked him at 8 weeks old, so he should mature nicely. Priced low only because he is young and going through that awkward stage. No pedigree on him.
Lil'Bit Farms _____ -$60
Broken Tort Junior Buck- DOB: 3/11/09
(Lil' Bit Farms Zero x THF Saynora's S227T) Fuzzy Holland
Awesome pedigree that includes some famous THF Saynora hollands. Not to mention Zero, his sire, is VERY awesome. Going through the growing up stage, but I see lots of promise including the width that will come in for a nice nice head!
Lil'Bit Farms _____-$60
Broken Orange Junior Buck- DOB: 3/4/09
(Lil'Bit Farms Jorj Jr x Lil'Bit Farms Jade) Fuzzy Holland
Nice pedigree!! Very cute guy. Balanced, good coloring. Short ears. I see a lot of potential.
MG's Karate Chop- $50
Broken Tort Junior Buck- DOB: 12/6/08
(Gard's Waffles x MG's Galaxy) Has HL in Pedigree
Cute guy, should have a nice big head on him. His sire Waffles is a multiple BIS winner, and placed 2nd SSB at ARBA Convention 2008 in Youth. He is a bit narrow in his shoulders, and has white tips on the end of his ears. Bigger buck. His genetics should come together with maturity and he could be a nice breeding buck, or grow him out a bit and show him! Currently in a molt.
Starlite's ______ -$35
Chestnut Junior Buck- DOB:
(THF Saynora King Kong x Starlite's Gucci)
He was my pick buck of his litter and have been keeping him to show, and for my chestnut line. Super super bone on him. Appears to be a bit narrow in his shoulders, but should widen out some with age. Awesome chestnut coloring and ring pattern. He is getting length to his coat after I plucked him, and his face is starting to finish out.

Starlite's ______ -$35
Chestnut Junior Buck- DOB: Can look up
(PFF's Tonka x THF Saynora doe)
Pick of the litter. I really like him. Probably should be plucked soon. I love his ear shape and length/texture of wool for a chestnut. Should mature out nicely.

Starlite's ______-$35
Broken Tort Junior Buck- DOB: Can look up
(PFF's Tonka x THF Saynora doe)
Has the cutest half butterfly marking. I love his crown shape/placement at this age.. should turn out pretty nice!

I have a few litters that are still in the box, or just about weaning age.

2 Orange Babies (Starlite's Jamba x Hobbs' Moxee) $30 each, I think there is a buck and a doe
5 Orange Babies (PFF's Tonka x Hobbs'/Moore's Ado Annie) $30 each, repeat breeding of my Jamba, not sure on genders yet
2 Tort Babies (PFF's Tonka x Starlite's Violet) $30 each, I think there is a buck and doe
1 Chocolate Tort Baby (PFF's Tonka x Starlite's Violet) $20, not recognized color in fuzzies, but typey!

I also have 6 Lionhead adults available and 6 gorgeous babies. Let me know if you are interested in seeing that list.

Holland Lop

THF Saynora doe- $60
Broken Chestnut Senior Doe- DOB: 12/10/05
(Campo's Sebastian x Stardust's Abby)
Nice doe.. especially for her color! Does carry the wool gene if you want to add chunk to your fuzzies. I bred her to a fuzzy buck and got 3 wooled babies, and they are looking NICE!

All equipment is Used

Tattoo Equipment
Ketchum clamp tattooer. I shipped this in from Canada. Best clamp tattooer on the market. Over $100 brand new. Selling mine for $60 which includes a set of numbers 0-9 and letters A-Z! I will also throw in any of my ink I can find.
$6 each.
1 wooden one used only once
6 or so metal KW ones sized for holland lop
1 metal KW one sized for netherland dwarf or small lop breed
Numerous carriers... too many to list. I have a few 6 hole shipping carriers with solid tops as well, including one that was used one time (brand new condition). Numerous 1 hole and 3 hole KW and Carnahans carriers.

**I do not have the space to hold rabbits for any extended period of time, please look for transport options ASAP. Shipping is also available. Also note rabbits are sold first come first serve. Pending Inquiry means a rabbit is being temporarily held with interest, pending deposit/pick up.*

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Waiting on Hares

I'm currently waiting on Jasmine, our Belgian Hare doe, to pop. She's been very easy to breed, but we have yet to get a live litter out of her.

She's obviously pregnant again, we just have to hope that the 3rd time is the charm. I'd love to see the hare babies grow and of course, I can't help with promoting the breed until she HAS SOME BABIES!

I'm not sure what I'll do if she doesn't take this time. We had to get her at Convention and wait several months for her to be old enough to breed- and she is kindling! She's even building nests and pulling hair!

We give her Wheat Germ to help promote healthy pregnancies... they just aren't coming out alive. I'd hate to have to get rid of her, she's an excellent match to Bandito.

Ah well, no use borrowing trouble just yet. We'll just have to see what happens.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sick Rabbits?

I've seen this a lot on a rabbit forum I'm a part of, so I want to take the time to post a few things.

Heat: Heat can cause your rabbits to have wet noses. This is ok, just keep an eye on them and make sure they don't get over heated.

Sneezing: Ok, if you give loose hay, your feed has a lot of fines in it, it's a heavy allergen day (you can find out from your local weather), you've changed shavings, they are molting... your rabbits may sneeze. This is ok.

Boogers: Occasionally a rabbit may have a small booger. Keep an eye on it, this is ok.

Heat Changes: If it goes from hot to cold, your rabbit may develop boogers or start to sneeze. Without mucus, this is ok. Keep in mind there are many causes of sneezing in animals.

Snuffles: Snuffles is not a cutesy disease. Snuffles is deadly and horribly contagious. Snuffles is characterized by lots of colored mucus. You'll even see crusting on their inner front legs where they try to clean themselves. There is a lot of sneezing. If you think "I wonder if they are sick or if it's __________ " then they probably do not have snuffles. If you are worried about it, QUARANTINE and you can NOT even wear the same clothing or shoes when visiting the healthy rabbits after seeing the sick ones.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Saluting a beautiful animal.

picture courtesy of Jersey Wooly Wins

We cultivate rivalries in the world of rabbit showing. Sometimes they are cut throat, angry things, but I like to think most of the time it's all in good fun- an extra push to breed harder, cull harder and prep harder.

"DD" (I christened her DD for "Durn Doe"), a shaded doe owned by Tresia Burleson was one such animal. She caused us to give Tresia a lot of grief- though it was all out of good-natured jealousy. A beautiful animal, DD, pedigreed as Venus, went on an amazing run of BOB and BIS wins. We teased Tresia she needed to leave that girl home and get her bred, or else just needed to leave "that ugly old doe" at home. Tresia grinned and would put her rabbit up on the table and we knew we were doomed.

At last tally (correct me if I'm wrong), Venus was in 3rd place for Wooly of the year, an amazing feat, especially considering the kind of competition she was up against. She was the #2 Shaded Senior Doe at Convention this past year. She's won countless BOBs and several Best in Shows.

Venus passed away due to complications giving birth to what would have been her first litter. It's a hard, hard thing to deal with, especially when it's an animal not only as beautiful, but as special as Venus was to Tresia.

It's with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to "DD". We teased her, tried to pocket her and most of all, admired her.

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Ways to induce labor

I've been working with Barbi trying to get her to pass her kit.

In my panicked state, I remembered several helpful things to do, and forgot even more. So I'm going to post them all here. Most of these are to help stimulate contractions, so forgive me if I don't state that every time :).

Massage: A light belly massage can help stimulate contractions and get things moving along.

Buck: Put a doe in with a buck and allowing him to hump her (or her him).

Raspberry Tea: I'm not sure about the fresh leaves or the fruit, but Raspberry tea (I brewed it, cooled it and put it straight in the water bottle) is supposed to help.

Lavender: I'm not sure if this is the flower or the leaves. My instinct is the leaves, until I find out for sure, avoid using this one :).

Exercise: Let the doe run around on the grass.

Tums/Rolaids: Calcium is supposed to help boost oxytocin levels.

Oxytocin: Given as a shot.

Do you have any others? Definitely share!

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