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Thursday, December 27, 2007

2008 Rabbitry Goals

With Christmas over, it's time to come up with New Year's Resolutions. I thought I'd share mine with you guys.

-Get Babies:
Pretty self explanatory! My resolution is to get more lighting in to the rabbitry and get more babies! However, two of my wooley girls bred today! Fingers crossed they take! :)

-Have more Keep's Rabbits than non-Keep's rabbits *all breeds*
I'm fairly close on this goal with Jersey Woolies! With the massive herd reduction on the hollands, it may not be possible this year to get them in to this category. As for mini lops- I'm moving out some non-Keep stock now, so we'll see how it goes! Of course, this goal depends on getting babies!

-Herd Reduction
I'm working on this one right now and I have to say, I've already been fairly successful with moving out a few. I do plan on keeping my herd smaller, which may be hard once I get the aforementioned babies! Help me stay strong guys :-D.

-Grand my first Keep's DOE
I specified doe here, because I've granded Keep's bucks in the past- the most notable being Keep's Super Fly who I believe had 8 legs when I sold him! I'd love to see one of my does grand! I'm already close with one of my mini lop gals having 2 legs. Unfortunately, I've misplaced one of those legs. Gah! This one is heartbreaking because I've had several does come so close to granding, but something always happened to prevent the 3rd leg- for instance, the doe won out of a class of 4, or there were only 2 exhibitors, she placed 2nd the rest of her life until I sold her or she passed, etc, etc.

-Get GCs sent off in a more timely manner.
I'm so bad about this one! I've got one to send off now, as a matter of fact. I'm going to try to get it done by the new year lol.

Good luck thinking up your own goals and resolutions! Make sure to keep them handy, it's fun to see what you've accomplished!

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Monday, December 24, 2007


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our friends and future friends!

Everyone be careful if you're out traveling!

Keep's Rabbitry

Friday, December 21, 2007



I recently stumbled across a blog community. I decided to repost two of my blogs there, the Bunny Poop post and my FAQ for new bunny owners. I'd absolutely love if any readers here could check out the link above (To the FAQ for bunny owners) and give the post positive feedback.

Theoretically, if you have a blog you can make money through folks clicking links on the blogs, etc. I think it's probably about as likely as making money through breeding rabbits (ahaha...we know how that goes), but I would appreciate the "thumbs up" or a comment if you think it's a good guide. I'd like for new pet owners to get information from knowledgeable breeders, rather than someone out to make a quick buck and telling them what they think the person wants to hear in regards to rabbit ownership!

I am definitely going to continue to do the majority of my posting in this blog, but I wanted to let those folks interested know about the cross-posting I'll be doing! I will most likely link the hub here as well :).

Also, please feel free to pass links to articles in this blog on to friends! I just ask that content in this blog be given credit to me, so prefer the article be linked, rather than copy/pasted :).

Thanks so much! I hope everyone isn't getting too stressed out by Christmas! I know we ran to Wal-Mart on some non-rabbit-related errands and WOW! That won't happen again lol.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Herd Reduction?

I'm doing a giant herd reduction right now- well it seems giant to me. A pair of mini lops, two jersey woolies and most of my hollands. (Details can be found on my website!)

I wanted to explain why I'm doing a herd reduction.

When I started out breeding, I couldn't wait to get 40-50 rabbits. You know, have a lot to show, lots to breed, feel like a "real breeder". I got up to about 30, sold most of my hollands and got a fresh start and began producing better animals. Then I sold down some of the hollands to make room for Tim's mini lops, then sold down a little more to get some Jersey Woolies. Then I got stuck. It became too easy to buy more cages and keep some of the rabbits, rather than make an effort and staying at a certain number.

I started getting a little frustrated- I'd have babies and no where to put them, I started feeling a little overwhelmed and I realized- I'm not having the fun with the rabbits I'm used to. Don't get me wrong, we do well at the shows, and I love bringing home legs on rabbits! LOVE IT! But still- it's hard to explain unless you've gone through it, and I'm lucky to have such a network of rabbit friends across the country that have told me they've felt the same way! The rabbits just seemed to be a bit of a burden

So I came to the decision to let some of them go. I looked at some of the older bucks, or guys and gals I have several babies out of. I picked a few who come out of nice lines, but aren't as close as some other animals I have, and I decided to move them out. I'm letting some REALLY nice animals go, and probably some of the ones going should stay. But I don't care.

I'm feeling more optimistic and confident. I shouldn't be afraid of empty cages, and I haven't been for a while! But selling one here, one there- after all, one good sized litter can fill the piddly amount of empty cages I had! There where would I be?

So, there you go, I feel like I just need to destress my bunny habbit by selling off a few, it's a chance to get some nice stock for cheap prices, and I do mean cheap, they are priced to sell very quickly.

I also wanted to put the word out to expect pictures at the end of this month- our AKC mini weenie dog Roxy is having puppies! They will be AKC registered and available around Valentine's Day, but that's definitely far away. :)

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Seasonal Rabbit sales

It's almost Christmas! That means the requests for pet rabbits have gone up. This time of year is rivaled only by Easter.

There are two kinds of breeders- those who breed for seasonal sales and those who don't. And I'm not saying one is better than the other, because there are ups and downs to both sides!

You're more likely to get spur of the moment requests for Santa to bring a bunny, or for the child to have their own "Easter Bunny". These folks just know it would be cute to give the pet and usually don't know ANYTHING about caring for rabbits. This can be combated by providing a care sheet, as well as asking a few screening questions in the course of your discussion. For example "Have you ever owned a rabbit before? What kind of cage are you thinking of getting? How old is the child?". I once had a lady want one of my pets for a 18 month old baby. She felt she had to reassure me by telling me that they have a fenced in acre of land, and the bunny would get to play outside all day. It was a 9 week old holland- no. That's not really the situation I think the bunny needs to be in, so I declined the sale. Remember, you don't HAVE to sell your rabbits to someone if you don't feel like it!

If you have animals that tend to have large litters, like mini lops, timing weaning/culling dates around seasons is perfect for moving out the pet quality or broods you're willing to pet out. With the increased demand for these pets (and pet stores want to buy them up too), you're able to move them out more quickly. As we all know, sometimes those pets linger!

A downside to breeding for a season only is, if you don't sell all those pets, you're taking up cage space and feed! So NEVER breed just for pets, unless you know for an absolute fact you can sell them all. I think most of us don't breed for pets in any case, but it should be mentioned.

Some folks refuse to breed for seasonal sales, and actually won't sell around Easter or Christmas unless it's to another breeder. This is to avoid the impulse buyers, the hassles of the people wanting you to hold the rabbit until late Christmas Eve (has happened to me!), the added stress in general of trying to meet folks with small baby bunnies in cold weather, etc. etc.

Personally, I breed my rabbits when I have space for them. if they wean around a season, GREAT! I'll screen buyers and then move out anyone I don't want to hold on to. I don't specifically time my litters to coincide with when they are exactly 8 weeks old, and I do not sell at 6 weeks just because someone wants the smallest baby then can get for Easter.

People can be rude, demanding and hateful in general when they don't get there away, especially when it comes to Princess getting her Easter Bunny. Remember- YOU as the breeder hold all the cards. If they don't like your policy of asking a question, or holding babies until you feel they are ready for new homes, they can go elsewhere. Don't let someone affect your policy! I wouldn't put faith in someone who says "Oh, if you have babies at ______________ I'll buy two for the kids!" Breed for you first and worry about everyone else later.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007


There are four main types of cages- hutches, hangers, stackers and solid bottoms. At some point in my life, I've owned them all, so I thought I'd give my impressions of them all.

My very first rabbit ever was an anti-social mix breed lop by the name of Thumper. He and his successor "Whiskers" both lived in a hutch my Maw-maw (Grandma to you none southerners :)) gave me. I love hutches, if you have a place to put them. No pan cleaning, we just let the poop drop and if someone needed some for a garden, they brought a shovel and helped themselves.

Hutches generally have very small mesh wire on the side for sunlight and ventiliation, and can either have a section made of wood sides for winter, or have tarps put over it, to keep the rabbit from getting too cold. A well made hutch will last for years, with only minor replacements needed.

Downside is, they are usually much bigger than your average cages, and with the price of wood, can be much more expensive. Since hutches are usually outdoor rabbit cages, dogs are able to get to the rabbits. (Poor Whiskers was attacked by a Chow. I was able to beat the dog off with my hand- not smart but I was only in middle school- but she did end up with very bloody feet).

Stackers - the majority of the cages I own are stackers. They are my preference, simply because you can get them stacked up to four high, in the same 24x24 floor space. Of course, those pans aren't exactly thrilling to clean! We have several sets for the smaller rabbits that are two large split cages (I think it's 24x36? I don't recall), on top of another set of two. I could theoretically add another set of cages on top of each of these, but you have to consider your lifting abilities. These pans get HEAVY from having two rabbits use them and I honestly don't think we could lift them over top of our heads. And what a mess that would be if we couldn't!

Stackers give you more for less space. So for very small (space wise) rabbitries, this is what I recommend.

Hangers- ahhh hanging cages. I've got two sets and I'm torn. I see rabbitries that having amazing set ups with hanging cages, the poop drops right on down in to either a compost hole or a sterilite container (we went the container way), and it's wonderful. Definitely not a must clean every few days thing. However, our rabbits love to run around like maniacs and make the cages start swinging. Or chew on each other. Or purposefully scrunch themselves up in different corners so they can pee outside the box. Not cool. Some really nice hanging cages have small wire spaces or very tiny wire to prevent them from giving their neighbors haircuts. So definitely take that in to consideration if you're looking to purchase hangers. If set up properly, you can position two sets of hangers back to back, to maximize the cages you can put in your space.

Solid Bottoms- ahhh I mentioned before we started out using pet cages. Oh....man. Don't do it if you can help it. Unless you want to litter train EVERY rabbit you get, and spend half your life dumping out little litter boxes, it's not worth it. They need to be changed often, are completely impractical for wooled breeds and much more expensive, for smaller dimensions! However, if you can find any cheapos at yard sales, etc, I do say try to have one or two on hand. I've actually loaned one of mine out right now, for a doe that keeps having her babies out of the nestbox! They are great for troublesome does, or as overflow cages. I have a guinea-pig sized one (that could easily house a flemish giant) that I sometimes put babies in. It's also nice to have one in case you need to bring someone inside. When you don't need them, they can be broken down and easily stored.

So there we go, my impressions of four different types of cages! I think, when it's all said and done, if I had the room/facility for it I'd have all hangers. But since I don't, I'm absolutely happy with my stackers.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm so excited! Today- I GOT TWO DOES BRED! As you know, I've been trying everything- well, of the four does I brought inside, one has entered in to "living in sin" (as I joke) with one of my bucks, one still refuses to lift, and my two mini lop does that needed to be bred were caught multiple times!

How did this miracle occur, you ask?

Well, they all lived inside, to get more daylight (and artificial light, since we live inside). Yesterday, they each got turns in my indoor buck's cage, to stretch out, play, and generally get freaked out by the smell of each other and the buck that is on the cage.

Today, it's warm. North Carolina is setting all time highs this week, with temperatures in the low to mid 70s IN THE MOUNTAINS! So, Tim & I seized the chance to clean out some cages.

I hauled the cage with the three does outside (remember, one is living with her bunny boyfriend), and I thought "This is mean, they are so close to this nice grass...."

Something I should explain- when I first started out, my rabbits all lived in solid bottom pet cages. I still have these cages, and when it's a nice day, we enjoy putting the wire tops on the grass and letting a few favorites graze and lay in the sun.

So, I pulled out three of the cage tops, put them girls in them and then inspiration struck- I've done "grass breedings" before, usually when the does were super ready to breed and I needed to get out of Tim's way while he dumped pans. So, I ran off and grabbed a buck, and put him in with Keep's Eve. They cuddled and nothing much happened, then suddenly *GRUNT* off he rolls! Of course I was worried he was faking it, but he seems to be a nice, level headed buck. A few minutes later he got her again, and this time I actually saw her lift!

Meanwhile, nothing much was happening in the other cages. I had 2 large "breeding cages" and a "transit" cage, which was only big enough for one rabbit. I got them used to eating the grass, then rotated that doe in to a larger breeding cage.

Something I've noticed about my girls, especially the mini lops- they aren't fast women. My gals seem to prefer cuddling and getting to know the bucks before they'll lift.

So, I've brought in two new does, one wooley and one mini lop, and the wooley that wouldn't breed today. Tonight, they are getting more apple cider vinegar, rotation in the magic cage, and tomorrow they'll be spending some time on the grass!

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Colony Breeding

In my continuing efforts to get babies, I've decided to try colony breeding.

For those of you that aren't really sure, colony breeding is where you put a buck and several does (usually two) together for a month (or longer).

I'm not looking forward to this, because at Day 31, a nestbox has to go in and STAY in until you reach over Day 65- or until babies show up. OR if you can palpate, you can save a lot of time. Anyone want to teach me?

My plan is to use my large cage (36x36) to house two does and my least valuable buck. If you know me, my "weakest link" buck is still nice, because I believe the buck makes the herd.

I'm going to leave the animals together, in the sunniest place I can find in the rabbitry, with additional lights on (as outlined in my last post). Then, I'm adding apple vinegar to the water. After about a month, I'm going to remove the does to their separate cages, give them nestboxes and hay, and hope.

I'm gonna keep a close watch on the trio, to make sure they get along with each other. I'm especially worried because I hope to grand one of the does, and the other is usually a 2nd place rabbit, so it's possible she could grand as well. However, what's the point if I can't get them started?

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cheating Nature

I'm trying to cheat Mother Nature.

In the winter, it's harder to get rabbits bred. It's cold, there are less hours of daylight and the girls just kind of shut off until Spring.

Nope, not acceptable.

I have several does I HAVE to get started. I have several does that now I FINALLY got them started, I don't want to lose that progress to 3-4 months of inactivity.

So, my only option is to very carefully try to cheat Mother Nature.

Right now, I have a large carrier in the house, with four does. Two are mini lops, one is a holland and one is a wooley. Of these four, only one is actually started. Oh joy.

The girls are comfortable, especially the two smaller breeds. Even the mini loppers have room to turn around in their holes, and everyone will get at least a short amount of time each evening to stretch their legs.

I'm lacing their water with apple cider vinegar, which didn't really help last time, but can't really hurt either.

I'm keeping them in the living room, where they'll have more light, especially since our turtle has a UV bulb in his heat lamp. Yayy for simulated Daylight!

Our 10 day forecast is calling for weather from 50 degrees (like today) all the way up to 69 degrees. WAIT! I thought I was in the mountains in December?! Where is my snow mountain folks?! However this lull in cold is GREAT for me, it means I'll be able to transition the does back to outside with very few problems. We keep the house about 70 degrees as it is! That's part of the reason I chose this week to move everyone inside. I don't relish the thought of getting them used to 70 degrees, then throwing them in to the 30 degree rabbitry. It's always best to have them come in to a similar kind of temperature, and then leave again the same way. Of course it's not as big of a deal if you're bringing bucks in to breed the does, then go back outside, or mothers in to feed their kits, because they aren't getting as much time to acclimate.

Once we get down to the cold weather, I'm going to have a harder time being tricky. We've put brighter light bulbs into the rabbity, and we're leaving the lights on in the evenings (only when we are home!) to try to get the girls in the mood. I hope something works, I definitely have a few I don't want sitting for a long period of time! Although I don't like the idea of having 5-6 rabbits living in the house all winter either- then having babies-eeek! Too many bunnies!

I've got a few girls due soon- wish me luck! Two are hollands and one is a mini lop. All three have had babies before, but the mini lop's first litter didn't make it, one of the hollands had the same problem, and this will be my first litter out of the 3rd doe.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We're going to Kentucky!

YAYY We're going to Kentucky for Convention in 2008. The room is reserved, the roommates are found and we're gonna start measuring the car to figure out who and what we can cram in there!

How exciting!

Yes, I'll be offering sales animals, as they are available. But of course, only presold, since our space is going to be limited.

I'm already starting to think about who I should take, what breedings I should do for Convention Juniors (I know, I plan WAY in advance). But you know, you really do need to start planning now. If you don't have a room, I suggest trying to find one NOW. They are only going to get more full as time goes by!

Roommates are a great way to cut costs! Right now, we're going to have 2 other full time roomies, and one partial- time roomie. We're all getting out for under $90. Yep, that's for 5 days!

Go on and plan your breedings now, this way you don't get caught flat-footed. You don't want to test a pair of rabbits planning on Convention juniors, only to figure out that they really didn't turn in to the cross you wanted! If you like the look of the juniors, you can always repeat the breeding for those properly aged juniors :). The age to shoot for is 5 1/2 months, up to turning 6 months the day after judging. If you're REALLY good (and lucky), you'll get that day shy of 6 months junior. Of course, if your doe goes a day or two overdue, your perfectly timed baby ends up as a senior. Oops.

I'd love to hear from anyone going to Convention! If you're from another state, I'd love to meet up, if you're someone I show with, it'll be nice to see a familiar face!

I'm going to go work on planning out my Convention some more- I don't care if it IS over 10 months away :)

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

100th post

Welcome to the blog's 100th post! I'd have never thought I'd have had enough to talk about to fill 100 entries :). Thanks again to everyone who reads!

I wanted to make an announcement. I have decided to no longer allow "stud" breedings. It's due to a number of factors, none that I really want to explain in depth, but suffice it to say that this applies to all the breeds and to all people. I hate to have to be like this because I love to help people out- which is why I've given away several nice brood animals or severely discounted prices on animals for new breeders, and why I'll continue to try to do that.

I think it's easier to just stop helpful stud services outright, rather than maintain a list of "you can, you can't". If asked in person, my answer is going to be "I've heard stories" and that's pretty much going to be it. And yes, 95% of the reason I'm doing this is not because any of my rabbit friends or folks I show with are horrible people! I promise :). It's based a lot on experiences of others, and just a small frustration or two I have. I still love you all :).

Also- no, I won't offer stud services for a fee. I'm sorry, but you wouldn't want to pay the fee I'd ask.

For some etiquette tips, in case any of you out there do request using someone's buck:

1.) Make sure you have at least spoken to the person in the past!
2.) Offer a POL or a baby back. It's the least you can do. They may not want a baby, but make the effort.
3.) Ask how to list the names of the babies. Should it be a joint moniker? Do they have a problem with using just your name? If you're unwilling to put a joint name on the pedigrees, don't ask someone to use their rabbit.
4.) Don't use someone just to get use of their stock. If you want to be friends, excellent. If you hate this person, do not kiss tail to get what you can out of them. That's so wrong.
5.) If they say "No", Respect that. Honestly, if you have a buck with 20 legs and someone you barely know asks to use it, what would you say? If you think you'd hesitate, even a little, then you understand the breeder you just spoke to. Don't badmouth them or their rabbits, don't stop being friends with them, etc. It may not be anything personal. Rabbits are a competition, and some folks have spent untold amounts of money and years of work to get where they are. They may not want to give that away for free to anyone who asks.

I wish this post could have been one with happier content, but it's something I wanted to get out there now. I may, in the future, consider joint breedings, with joint pedigree names and splitting of litters, but that will be on an individual basis :).

Like I said before, this isn't aimed at one person, or a group of people. I just wanted to explain my new policy and address issues I've heard in horror stories from others.

Keep's Rabbitry

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Not Again

We're still waiting on three does to give birth. I've given up on one, she'll lose her nestbox tomorrow, since she's very overdue. The other two don't get much longer either!

We lost Miss Muffet's broken baby today. As best as I can figure, it was dragged from the nestbox while nursing and against all odds squeeze it's fat self out of the cage. It froze :(.

That's what I get for being lazy and not getting the baby saver up earlier. I removed the baby, then set about fixing her cage up to keep the other three in.

The babies are so adorable, popcorning and warbling in the nest! They are getting so big! Thankfully, Muffet has decided they are insulated enough and has stopped ripping her fur out. I was worried we were going to have to get her a sweater so she'd stay warm!

I finally got around to entering some pedigrees in my Evans software. Hooray! We also just got a new printer, after the old one died, so I can now print a hard copy of all my peds, in case something were to happen to the computer.

I was also able to get a doe bred. Hoping she'll have a successful litter this time! The poor girl had trouble with her first kit last go round, and it killed her other two babies.

We won't have any more babies due until December 8th. At least it gives me a chance to try to get some of the does "in the mood". I've also got to seperate out some babies. Their mama has decided she wants to chew on their wool, which isn't good for her and isn't good for their wool! Poor babies, can't have them bald in this weather!

Ahh well, that's what's going on at Keep's Rabbitry right now. :)

Keep's Rabbitry

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Updated Sales List

Feel Free to make offers, I'll be getting pictures up as I am able.

Pictures of Rabbits can be seen here

Holland Lops

Hamilton's Mallory: Sr. Holland Lop Doe- solid black tort
Mallory is a gorgeous brood doe. She's a BUD, but she is beautifully put together and has a lot to offer any herd. $45 *price reduced*

Rogers Judas- black tort holland lop sr. buck.
This guy has made beautiful babies in the past. I've decided to severely cut my holland herd, and I have a buck I like the smallest bit better. Not easy letting him go, he's gorgeous and always places well for me! Love his bone, love his mass, hard to fault him. $100.

Keep's Flippa- black tort holland lop sr. doe
Out of Hamilton's Fendi x Leprechaun's Tommy. I think she's so cute, tiniest bit slipped in the crown, very poofy crown, great ears/head. Awesome bone, very nicely put together doe, is a bit on the larger side. Very nice lineage, would make a good brood doe, she's a young senior. $40

user posted image

Huckleberry's Misses Lady- smoke pearl Sr. Doe
Out of Mtns and Mary's lines, goes back to BBF's Yankee Doodle Dandy. Very typey, slightly slipped in the crown, so she's good at pulling those ears back and making them look long. Possibly bred, so not available until after her due date or after she weans a litter. She's had 1 DOA litter before, but tried to take care of them. Would be a great asset for getting some color in to your herd. Nicer looking doe that my picture does her credit. $75

Jersey Woolies:

Daisy's Zoey- Siamese Sable Sr. Doe
I hate selling this rabbit, she's very cute and throws nice babies. Nice H/E/C, nice body, she's not oversize and is a good mom. I like her width very much. Is split almost 50/50 with Mckie's and Lynch's lines. She's only a tad over a year old. $35

Daisy's Princis- Broken Black sr doe
A nice looking doe, she's got a nice looking head and good short ears. Comes out of good lines, Lynch and BB's for example. I am unsure as to if she's proven or not, I've not tried to breed her. $20 *price reduced*

Mini Lops:

Howman's Funky- broken lynx Sr Buck (yes, true lynx, out of chocolates and everything)
Funky is SO nice. He's about to turn 5 years old, so I'm letting him go way cheaper than his quality would suggest. He has 2 legs and has won more classes, but we're always an exhibitor short, or a rabbit short of the leg amount. Lines are half Howmans, half Minichs. Beautiful H/E/C package, he's lost some of his beautiful body due to being 5, but was still winning classes at 4 1/2. Father to GC Keep's Super Fly, would be a great way to get nice lines, or a great starter buck. Will breed anything that moves- and it doesn't even have to move. $20

Justin's Unique- broken black Sr Doe
Out of Fatboy's Oreo and Fatboy's Trixie. Oreo was a tremendous buck that has so many Youth BIS to his credit I don't know where to start counting.
She has a nice H/E/C package, has never been shown ( I have no idea why, she just fell through the cracks of the rabbitry). She's 9 months old, has had 1 dead litter. A really nice looking little doe. Price reduced because she is not proven $25

Keep's Eve- broken GT Steel Sr. Doe
Out of GC Baraba's Abby & GC Keep's Super Fly. Needs more width throughout her body, has a fairly nice Head, great E/C. Was very promising as a junior, many second place finishes in her carrier. Always in the top half of the class. $25

As always, will discount on multiples, all animals are priced to MOVE.

When things go wrong.

Wish destroyed her nest.

Oh yes. All the babies are dead. A breeding that can not be repeated- and she destroyed her nest. She ate half her hay and most of the fur. ATE.......the fur.

I have one baby left. I fostered it to Miss Muffet. Yesterday, I thought "I should move it back", but something held me back. So it stayed.

We checked on them- she's pulled more fur, made her nest better. All her kids are fat and happy. More than fat- obesely round and happy, including her mini lop foster child. Had they looked like this yesterday, I'd have been tempted to give her another one on a trial basis.

What was it I said a few posts ago? "If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all?"

I'm considering making it the official rabbitry motto.

"Welcome to Keep's Rabbitry...if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. Thanks for visiting".

Has the ring of truth, doesn't it?

When I found the babies, one solid was at the front of the nestbox. No chance for that one. Another of the solids was stretched out strangely with it's mouth open. Again, no chance. The two brokens were huddled together in the back of the nestbox, still with a little stuffing around them. I snatched them up and ran in to the house.

I filled the sink up with warm water and put them in that, making sure to keep their heads above the water. Meanwhile, I was scanning the bathroom.

Dry Towel? Check.
Hair Dryer? Check.

Let's get to work.

I pulled them out of the water once the chill was taken off, toweled them off firmly, but gently, and made a little towel cocoon. Covering them with a single layer of the towel, I turned the hair dryer on and held it close to the top of the towel. After a few seconds, I shifted it to the underside of the towel. Back and forth. Back and forth. Occasionally I flipped open the towel to check the warmth and the babies- very warm, no life in the babies.

After getting the babies up to a decent warmth, I popped them in to my bra. Guys, you don't have bras, and unless you wear bros, you're gonna have to figure out a new step here. Cup your hands, spend more time with the hair dryer, put them on a heating pad or under a heat lamp- something, I dunno.

After 20 minutes, I've finally admitted defeat. I knew when I found them they weren't going to revive. I know too much for my own good, sometimes.

I've gone slightly numb now. It's an amazing breeding that CAN NOT be repeated, with the buck that was 2nd in the '06 Convention in open- and I have only one baby, just a few days old. It may not make it to opening it's eyes. It may not making it to weaning. It may not make it past weaning. It might never hit the show tables. It could never reach breeding age. I could lose the entire breeding if it draws one bad breath, one pellet goes the wrong away...

I'm not going to sleep well for 6-8 months. Starting tonight.

Keep's Rabbitry

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Black Friday Rabbit Shopping

You're gonna have to forgive this post- musings of a strange mind :).

As we went Black Friday Shopping (at 1am when a nearby mall opened), I was struck with a thought.

What if we could do Black Friday Rabbit Shopping? Can you imagine? Lines queuing outside of the homes of the top breeders in the nation. Guards at the door, pushing and shoving to be the first to burst inside and grab anything that moves in a desperate attempt at getting a bargain.

Or maybe they were smart- only pairs are allowed inside at a time, when one person comes out, another is allowed to go in.

Sitting around the table the night before making "game plans"...

"Ok, we'll hit Lil Bit Farm's first- I've sent Malena to the Coin/Nelson base of operations, and Tim is waiting in line at Velotta's Rabbitry for the mini lops... what else do we need? Someone has to go to Leslie Hobb's place, I have fuzzies to buy for friends! How much money can we spend? Do you think they'll take credit?"

Don't even get me wondering about the lines in front of the Bass Cages warehouse, or KW cages- people knocking each other out with metal J feeders, wrestling over a three hole stacker, while someone else sneaks in behind them and snatches it from both the original "finders".

When you're lying in bed tonight, you'll be thinking about this post and imagining folks you know doing these things...then you'll appreciate the more normal things that run through my head- like all the uses of poop.

Keep's Rabbitry

Monday, November 26, 2007

Updates :)

Just a short note to let everyone know that the website has been updated for Christmas/winter (I'm not sure how long I'll leave the background up the way it is past Christmas).

Any comments or opinions are welcome, you can leave them here or email me :)

Thanks guys!

Keep's Rabbitry

Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's all about the luck..

So you'd think this post is about the luck of breeding/culling/showing....you're wrong.

First, let me share the news- The Nature Trail's Miss Muffet kindled 3 healthy babies last night! More about her later ;).

We decided to move one of my bucks out of the house, back to his spot in the rabbitry because it was decently warm today. While out there, I thought "Eh, I'll try to breed a few girls". So I'm piddling around, and we find out that Nerissa had a second baby, out of the nestbox- dead of course. *sigh* Her first baby was a giant. Poor girl.

I heard this odd warbling sound, kind of like two hamsters fighting, but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I wandered around looking for it, but it stopped, so I gave up, assuming the mice were back (I saw one today- first I've seen in weeks. Bah).

Tim was talking to me when it started again so I said "SHHH" and followed the noise- STRAIGHT to Wish Upon A Star's cage. She's a chinchilla mini lop doe I got from Sarah out in California.

She was pregnant, bred by Sarah for me, but I didn't have her due for another few days. She was due for a box tomorrow. Well she decided to have her babies right then and there- with no nestbox. She didn't even pull fur!


So I scoop up all FIVE of them (3 broken, 2 solids) and yell for Tim, he grabbed the babies, I made a nest, threw in some of my "saved" wool/fur (it definitely saved my butt!) and moved her to a new cage, because of COURSE the box was too big for her to easily get in, in the cage she was in (because of her weird poop corner).

We warmed the babies up, who were like, SUPER fresh. Poor Tim got blood all over his shirt, we're working on getting that out right now. After they warmed up some, I chose one to put in with Miss Muffet, in case Wish doesn't take care of her kids (if she does, the baby will go back with it's siblings). I gave Alexis and Morning Mist their boxes, stuffed with hay, in case they decide to go early too.

Man, sometimes it's all about luck! If we hadn't moved that buck right then, or if we hadn't hung around to breed a few, if I hadn't been paying attention and heard the babies squeak...we'd have had 5 dead babies.

As it is, I'm hoping all five make it, and that Wish is a good mom. I'm going to keep a regular check on her babies, as well as Miss Muffet's, since I'm taking a chance asking her to raise this mini lop baby. She's been a good foster mom for me before though, so I don't anticipate problems! I'm just so glad it was warm today!

Keep's Rabbitry

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Back to Bunnies

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

Ugh. Where to begin.

Thursday morning, we were about to go visit my mom. I had a doe due on the 21st, she OF COURSE went over, had her babies about 10am on the 22nd. We had to check them before we left, because I didn't want to leave dead babies in the box any extended period of time. Oh the sight I saw.

To begin with, the doe was a Jersey Wooly. She'd had litters before, so she was doing her business in her nest like a good girl. When we managed to get in to the nest, we found 4 babies. One was alive, two were DOAs, and the fourth- the fourth is going to haunt me. I found my first Max Factor.

For those of you who don't know, a Max Factor kit is born deformed. In the case of this baby (as is often the case), it was born with it's eyes open and no top of it's skull- yes it's little brain was exposed. Thankfully, it was already dead. Max Factors can be born alive, and can live several days, though living is very rare.

I had to clean the three dead babies out of the nestbox- oh it was the stuff of nightmares. They were all still warm, having literally been born maybe 5 minutes before we checked- maybe less.
I could still feel their little warm bodies on my finger tips an hour later- the max factor really bothered me, and it's never easy to remove DOAs- I don't think I've ever found DOAs this fresh.

Of course, the little singleton didn't make it. My two does that were due on the 22nd still haven't had their litters, though one has pulled fur. My next doe is due today (24th).

If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. I get a litter born, but 3 are DOAs, and the singleton froze in it's nest.

It's VERY cold outside. I gave the does that are expecting a lot more hay for their nests. I just hope they managed to have their babies during daylight hours, when it's slightly warmer. They won't, but hope is always nice.

Keep's Rabbitry

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my bunny buddies :)

Be careful if you're out driving tomorrow, good luck on those Black Friday shopping deals, and we'll resume the blog probably Saturday :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Big Plans- Update

Wow, we smell delicious. The kind of delicious you can only get when you spend 3 hours outside moving poop around.

I'm proud of us! We did about 75% of the pans- we'd have finished them all, but unfortunately we ran out of daylight. My arms are so tired, but it's nice to look at all the pretty, clean shavings.

We got our dividers cut. Tim did some creative cutting, but all in all, they'll work out great. Unfortunately, we couldn't put them all up, because the zip ties went mysteriously missing. Ah well, we'll have to make a run to Walmart tomorrow to grab a new bag. Then we'll be set :).

I managed to get a J feeder up, switched cages on a few of the mini lops, and a rotation of 5-6 does got to spend some time outside in the fresh air and grass. During that time, Keep's Gorgeous was bred back to her dad- HOORAY! I'm so excited for these babies. :)

Speaking of babies, I got 4 nestboxes in. Of those, 2 does are already nesting! WEEEE! Fingers crossed for babies! Both does nesting are great mamas. The two that haven't started nesting are first timers, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

I forgot to move my insiders back out- so they'll get to stay in the house a little longer. I'm sure they are crushed!

I enjoyed working outside today. I bonded with one of my mini lop bucks from CA. He didn't want the head rubs to stop. What a big ole teddy bear! :).

Keep's Rabbitry

Monday, November 19, 2007

Big Plans- Little Rabbitry

Wow, gonna be a late post from me today! Unless I can drag my feet until midnight, and it'll be an extremely early post for tomorrow! ;).

Tomorrow (Tuesday), we've got big plans in the works. With an unseasonable high of 71 degrees being forecasted, we're getting down and dirty for what could be the last time this year.

I bought some perforated particleboard-esque stuff. It's time to put my $2 circle saw to good use. I'll be measuring cages and cutting pieces off to put in the hanging cages, as well as my 4 hole stackers that are attached (2 rows, 2 cages per row). Hopefully, this will cut down on neighbor-on-neighbor chewing matches. I get so sick of going outside and seeing a nearly bald rabbit!

We're going to be doing an extensive cleaning of pans! Scrubbing cages, burning wool off the ones holding woolies- the whole nine yards! After all, this could be the best weather we have for it.

I've got tons of nextboxes going in tomorrow! Wish me luck with that, they are mostly jersey woolies, but I do have one holland girl hopefully pregnant. Thankfully I bought two more boxes from Brandi and her husband, otherwise my list would include going back to Lowes for more particle board.

I have a pair of rabbits in the house, both very small, young senior bucks, that were taking the weather change hard. Both are back in good condition, and will probably be rejoining the herd outside for a second try tomorrow.

I've got a few breedings to do- mostly does that missed this last go round.

I've also noticed some of my water bottles are starting to leak. *sigh*. It's probably about time to pull them anyway and replace what I can with crocks. Hmm, that reminds me- I did a test knitting on my new circle loom- and I have nothing to do with the little bit of cloth I made. Maybe that will work to cover one of the large bottles? *Note to self- check that tomorrow*

Hey, maybe we'll start a whole new business- Keep's Knitted Bottle Covers! Ahaha, or maybe not.

Keep's Rabbitry

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Taking pictures of rabbits

This is definitely a post I'm going to need to put in to practice. My difference is I know what I need to do to take better pictures, I just don't do it all the time! :)

When taking pictures of my bunnies, I like to make sure the camera is on a motion setting, if it has one. This way, if they move at the last second, I'll generally still get a decent picture- although maybe not the exact one I wanted.

I've recently started taking my animals outdoors for photoshoots- which means pretty soon, I won't be taking anymore! But the natural light makes the pictures much clearer!

I've also taken to piling up carriers (or you can use a table, steps, etc). I drape a towel or sheet over them, and then I've got a nice set up to take pictures on, that is closer to my height. That way, I don't get pictures that are two angled- you know, pics from looking down and to the side, that doesn't really show off the rabbit.

As a background, you can use the side of your barn or house. Or, if you have the set up, something that can be draped with a cloth makes a good background. I like our backyard- there are plenty of trees, so I get a nice green or orangey look to the back of the pictures, with minimal work.

Take a lot of pictures! I take probably 15-20 per rabbit and usually get one or two that I like- or in some cases, are acceptable. I try to snap a few as SOON as the rabbit is on the table. Then, they are going to inevitably sniffle around a little, so I let them go for it while I check out what I just took. Some folks prefer to let them explore for a little while when they are first on the table, others don't let them explore at all. See what works for you :).

If I have a rabbit pee on my towel or sheet, I have to change it out very quickly, otherwise the rest of the photo shoot is going to be an exercise in irritation. The bucks will have to sniff and either pee too, or poop, or spray, or just have their noses permanently glued to the pee stain.

Be careful of overposing or underposing your rabbits! I know I'm terrible about getting pictures of my mini lops, because I worry too much about overposing them and not enough about underposing! Consequently, even the BIS & RIS minis don't look as good as they do in real life!

Happy Picture Taking :)
Keep's Rabbitry

Friday, November 16, 2007

Bunnies and the Holidays!

Thanksgiving is so close! Is it just me, or can you almost smell the turkey and hear the family spats? :)

If you are going out of town for the Holidays coming up, there are several things to consider.

First- who is going to feed my bunnies?!

If we have to be gone for an extended period of time, we ask Malena to feed and water for us- or, a friend from one of Tim's churches. A responsible neighbor is a great idea too. Try to minimize the work load for the folks helping you out. For example, I wouldn't ask anyone to add in oats or to feed hay while we're gone. That just adds to the time they have to take out of their day to do me a favor! I also try to make sure there are no babies due around that time, so they don't have to check on little ones, give hay, or clean up DOAs.

If we have to be gone from- let's say Thursday through Sunday, I make sure we feed earlier on Wednesday. Then, Thursday morning we feed and water. We also make sure to let our bunny helper know we'll take care of feeding Sunday night when we get home. So, we cut two days off the favor!

If we are going to be gone just overnight, we don't even bother with a bunny babysitter. We just follow the plan above- feed and water before we leave, and then again when we get back.

Do not...I repeat, Do Not, post on your website or say in your emails that you will be leaving from X day to X day on a trip, especially to someone who knows where you live. No one needs to know this except you and whoever is helping you care for your animals. I know a lady who let it slip she was going to be gone overnight to a show- came home and her son's baby rabbits had been STOLEN! How sad is that? Of course, there are certain friends who know where I live that I wouldn't mind saying "oh yeah, we'll be gone a week". Your average joe wanting to buy a pet rabbit- nope, they do not need that information.

I'm going to visit Goodwill soon and look for some nice thick woolen socks. I've been told slipping those over your bottles will help to keep them from freezing! An inexperienced rabbit person might not pay attention to the ice in the bottles, or realize it IS ice and not water. Unfortunately, they may also be lazy and not feel like trying to defrost the bottles. A week without anything to drink will be detrimental to your rabbits. If you have crocks, I'd recommend putting them in before you leave- that way if they DO freeze over, they can be easily dumped and refilled.

Good luck guys! :)

Keep's Rabbitry

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I did something in Taylorsville I've never done before- I wore an apron around.

At the last Sandhills show, Keep's Basheba took BOB, which earned me a nice little white apron, with "BOB" on it and the name of the show. So, I decided what the heck, it's nice, and I usually come home covered in fur. I'll wear it this go round.

Man, am I glad I did!

It started out when I picked up my broken black junior mini lop buck from the table- he'd just taken his class, and managed to pee ALL OVER ME! What the heck rabbit? No idea where it came from, but it wasn't the only time that apron saved me!

Fast forward a few hours- I'm standing with Joni taking a look at her cutie holland babies. She puts down her black buck, on the table with her little tort doe and he takes that as a sign to spray- he manages to hit her, AND me- again, saved by the apron!

It also accumulated the bits of wool one tends to get when holding woolies.

At the end of the day, my poor little white apron was a distinct shade of light yellow! I hope it comes clean in the wash! However, I think I'm going to invest in another one- after all, if I hadn't had it Saturday, the day would have been distinctly LESS pleasant!

Keep's Rabbitry

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Juniors Growing up!

Ahh, it's November- starting to get cold, the holidays are upon us, and the rabbit show season is winding down.

There is a show in Sanford that I won't be able to attend- it's too far to go for a single show, sadly.

The first of December there is a show in SC that isn't too far, but who knows if anyone will be in coat for that show?

No, I think it's safe to say that the shows are at an end for Keep's Rabbitry this year. It's harder to get babies in the winter, the rabbits are in prime coats for no shows, and they get increased food because of the cold. Fun times ahead.

What makes me the saddest, I think, is that it's the end of time for my juniors. Lil Bit Farms Zapp, my broken sable point holland buck, is the one I'm regretting growing up the most. Now that he's only a short time away from hitting six months old, he'll have to lounge around the barn with the ladies for at least six months before I'll even consider putting him back on the tables. It'll probably take a year before he's competitive again.

With the mini lops and jersey woolies, the wait for competitiveness isn't quite so long. In fact, I've had young seniors place well before- Basheba proved that just this past weekend.

Still though, time marches on. I look at the rabbits in my barn and I remember when some of them were born. Now I'm looking forward to 2-3 months from now for show season to start, and it's like wishing time would jump forward.

Ahh well, "You're older than you ever were and now you're even older". The babies have to grow up sometime :(.

Keep's Rabbitry

Monday, November 12, 2007

Just a quick note-

Just a quick note to let everyone know my website has been updated, though it's far from being finished

Check out the Bucks, Does, Does 2 and results pages! :). More photos to be added soon!

Thanks guys!



Showing someone else's rabbits

I recently saw a post on Rabbit Habbit asking- Do you show other people's rabbits? Do you want other people to show yours? And it got me thinking- a much more indepth answer than the one I posted, that's for sure.

I absolutely show someone else's rabbit. Now, if it's a G.C., I may take it for a spin around the tables only a few times, just to get opinions on faults, grab a couple extra legs, that kind of thing, then it retires to the barn.

If it's not a G.C. I will absolutely show that rabbit! I reserve the right to show it until it can't compete any longer! After all, if I bought it, I must think it's nice. Who doesn't want to see another G.C. next to a rabbit's name, even if it isn't a homebred? It also makes it worth more money if I should decide to sell the animal and it does make the offspring more valuable.

Of course it's a sweeter win when it's a homebred, but take a look at my abysmal breeding record lately- I'd have very few hollands to show, thanks to culling down and poor birth rates.

I would like to say, homebred or purchased, I don't like showing does past 3 legs. I LOVE to say, I'd rather have a doe with 2-3 legs home making babies, than a doe with 15 legs that won't have a litter for me. Now, when she has a litter, if she can bounce back to condition, I've got no problem putting her up on the table a time or two before her next litter :).

Now do I mind if someone shows a rabbit I sell- NO! I sell all animals knowing I could compete and lose to them at any given time. I LOVE to hear that an animal I had does well- it proves to me I made good breeding choices and it's a warm fuzzy feeling to hear that a Keep's rabbit granded!

Now, some folks won't show rabbits they buy- good for you. I understand not wanting to only buy GCs, but to breed them insteand, but really, any animal I buy is going to produce for me, or it won't stay. You don't have to be a GC to live here, but you do have to produce nice animals.

Some folks don't like you to show their rabbits, especially if you compete against them. Again, that's absolutely the decision of the breeder. I personally feel if I sell it, I don't have control over it anymore.

Rarely, I will ask for right of first refusal- if you buy it from me and decide to sell it, please let me know so I have first dibs. I ask this rarely, but I know I would be upset if someone ignored the request.

When buying a Keep's rabbit, it is yours. PLEASE, take it, grand it, put 70 legs on it, even at my expense. I promise to be the one standing right behind you applauding. :) After all, you get the trophies, but I get the pleasure of knowing I produced an excellent rabbit.

Keep's Rabbitry

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ahhh, the after show doubts

It's started, and anyone who has gone to more than one show knows what I'm talking about-
the dreaded after-show doubts.

You look at that rabbit that was promising, that you loved, admired by all- the one that the judges hated, threw off first, grudgingly gave second to last to, or finished mid-class. And you wonder.

"Am I losing my touch? Do I know what I'm talking about?"

I tell people I love to go home and cull after a show, because comments are fresh in my mind, and I don't fool myself with "barn blindness". But that's not always true. I try to remind myself it's only one opinion, or two opinions. I try to remember comments in the past on the rabbit, previous placings and who they were under (trust me, the who matters a lot!). If I remember that a particular rabbit always places low in a class, then yes, that rabbit will be culled.

If I'm on the fence about an animal, I try to go to other breeders for opinions. My favorite for mini lops is Trent, because he really knows his stuff and won't hesitate to tell me, very honestly "This rabbit has no HQ. This rabbit has this list of problems". And I love that! It's helped me not waste time on crap.

I think too often as breeders we're too hesitant to list out faults, because we're afraid someone will think we are mean, or we'll hurt someone's feelings. We don't want to "tear down" the rabbit that is the product of someone's breeding and their hope for the show table.

Consequently, breeders get frustrated with judges and judging, because "well, everyone said he was cute". I've learned that at least 50% of the time "Cute" as an overall statement when evaluating a rabbit means "It sucks". I say 50% of the time, because I know a breeder who describes her own rabbits as "a really cute" buck or doe, then they go on to grand. If you're wanting more specifics in an evaluation, ask for them! Make sure they know you're not going to be mad at your fellow breeder to hear a laundry list of faults (worst case scenario!)

I need to identify problems I am making as well- for instance, I noticed my woolies tend to be small. I like em small. But when I showed Elm, he was the smallest senior buck on the table! Maybe I'm breeding them too small! It happened with hollands, I was getting tiny little 2 1/2 lb balls of adorable, but they couldn't compete, because they always seemed to be dismissed as "too young." With Jersey Woolies, I need to find out the preferred size and try to breed that way, still with overall type in mind, because none of the rabbits on the table were super huge!

And now comes the worst part, where I go outside, run my hands over my animals and decide "what is it about you? Are you going to help my program or would you work better for someone else?" Ahhh After Show Doubts- you make it harder to sleep at night, but so much easier to cull!

*EDIT* I feel like I should add- "when someone says "oh what a cute rabbit", that's not insulting your animal. Or one of the instances I was referring to above. It is when you go through feeling the animal, etc and the only word you get is "um...cute". I realized earlier how often I say something is cute when I really mean it! LOL That's what I get for blogging.

Keep's Rabbitry

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Taylorsville Show Results

Wow, I'm exhausted. These shows are too durn early!

To begin with, AGAIN my alarm didn't go off! Must be something about setting it for 5:00am, because I made Tim set BOTH alarms on it just in case. Luckily, Malena had been picking on me for days about it, so I had her call us.

We were only a few minutes late meeting up with her and Nita, it's amazing how many times you can be stopped by red lights in one stretch of road.

So we transfer my four carriers to Malena's van, and put my grooming box in with Nita- away we go! Tim had to perform a renewal of vows, so he wasn't able to come :(.

We roll up to Taylorsville around 7:30am- and no one was there! The doors were shut and locked, and we were freaking out. It's always in the same place! I had whipped out my cell phone and was about to call Tim, when one of the other breeders opened up the front doors. There were 4-5 breeders on the other side of the building! HOORAY, we weren't crazy!

We set up in a room that was actually colder inside than it was outside! I met up with Dennie, a ND breeder and she taunted me with an adorable VM dwarf that Tim wouldn't let me have. Oh he was so cute, and I wanted him!!! Luckily, he found a good home with a little girl before the end of the day. :)

After setting up, I did what I do best- chattered away with anyone and everyone in the vicinity. I had Trent go over my new mini loppers. Sadly, these guys suffered a lack of condition because of the airplane flight, but despite that, my results were pretty good!

Finally, the show was started! I'm going to give the short version of my results, if that's ok everyone.

Keep's Basheba took her class (SSD), earning her second leg! YAY! I'll probably try to breed her during our lack of shows, though I hate to do that, since I do think she could grand. She placed second in her class in the second show- SO CLOSE! :)

SSB's unnamed mini lop took his class (BJB) in the first show, and placed second in the second show!

The results were reversed for SSB'S Goober (BJB) who took second in the first show and first in the second!

My woolies didn't do a lot to write home about this go 'round. I was only able to show two. Keep's Gorgeous got 2nd once and 3rd once, as a young, molty senior doe.

Lil Bit's Zapp, my holland broken junior buck, placed 2/3 in the first show and 1/3 in the second. He was faulted on "too light of a pattern". What the crap? He's a broken sable point, how dark should his pattern be? I wish I had asked the judge to clarify, but I was tired.

The most embarrassing part of the day had to be when I ran out for food with Alison. As we pull back in (and this took less than 10 minutes), Janet Canipe is standing outside looking for me! Mini Lops, in Show B had started! Luckily, the mini lop folks are GREAT and after searching for me, they took my rabbits to the table, and Malena found my check in sheet and put my senior doe up on the table! *WHEW*

Another hilarious moment: Apparently the Holland Lop won BIS and the American Fuzzy Lop won BRIS in the second Show (and I apologize if I got these results backwards). However- the holland obviously knew a quality rabbit when he saw one, because he tried to "do his thing" with it! Luckily the judges were able to seperate them quickly, but it makes you wonder- what in the world would have happened with those babies? I bet they'd have been cuties! ;)

I managed to chatter myself hoarse, but I had a ball! I got to talk to all kinds of different breeders, evaluated a few bunnies and generally enjoyed myself.

I also sold several bunnies! We bid a fond farewell to NGF Foxie, Hamilton's Fendi and Keep's Champ!

Keep's Rabbitry

Friday, November 9, 2007

Tattoo Woes..

I just tattooed the two jumpiest rabbits I've ever had the misfortune to have to work on!

Usually, my method is pretty simple. Lay a blanket or towel across my lap, wrap the rabbit in it, leaving only the left ear sticking out, and go to town. Whoa, not this time!

To begin with, they are two bucks. Two...almost senior bucks.....mini lop bucks. They went nutso! One scrabbled backwards as soon as the Rabbitat touched his ear, managed to pee on the blanket (yum, thanks for that guy!) and I ended up having to have Tim come help restrain him, while I buzzed through the rest of his THREE LETTER TATTOO! Thankfully I didn't want to write a book on that one!

The next guy was much better, but then again, we were prepared. He was pinned to my legs and I tore through his tattoo at a speed that I'm sure even Flash would have envied.

I just hope their tattoos turn out nicely! Ahh well, doesn't have to be perfect, as long as it's readable, though I guess I'll have to take my tattoer to Taylorsville just in case. Though- I do think I will start charging for doing tattoos for folks. I don't mind the practice, but it can be time consuming! Especially when I have 3 breeds on the table!

Tim won't be coming to this show, sadly :(. So it'll be me by myself! Any hollerin' at me to get my rabbit to the table will be much appreciated!

I've got one holland, two woolies and five mini lops to show, plus a ton of NICE sale rabbits! I'm doing a nearly-holland sell out, so please stop by to see what I have! Mention my blog for a special deal :-p

Keep's Rabbitry

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Taylorsville Sales List

Holland Lops:

Hamilton's Fendi: Sr. Holland Lop Doe- solid black tort
Fendi is a great mom, and a beautiful doe. Quite a looker, she manages to throw better than herself and it's amazing. Keeping her daughter as a replacement. $45

Hamilton's Mallory: Sr. Holland Lop Doe- solid black tort
Mallory is a gorgeous brood doe. She's a BUD, but she is beautifully put together and has a lot to offer any herd. $50

Rogers Judas- black tort holland lop sr. buck.
This guy has made beautiful babies in the past. I've decided to severely cut my holland herd, and I have a buck I like the smallest bit better. Not easy letting him go, he's gorgeous and always places well for me! $100. Picture can be see on my Bucks page on the website, or in my blog.

Keep's Flippa- black tort holland lop sr. doe
Out of Hamilton's Fendi x Leprechaun's Tommy. I think she's so cute, tiniest bit slipped in the crown, very poofy crown, great ears/head. Awesome bone, very nicely put together doe, is a bit on the larger side. Very nice lineage, would make a good brood doe, she's a young senior. $45

Jersey Woolies:

Daisy's Princis- Broken Black sr doe
She's got a cute head and ears, nice body. Comes out of good lines, Lynch and BB's for example. Definitely worth taking on chance on, I think. I just HAVE to clear some animals out! $25.

Mini Lops:

Keep's Champ- chinchilla sr buck.
This guy is out of Velotta's Joe, who has about 14 legs at this point, and Under the Pine's Bertha, 1 leg. Has absolutely no butt whatsoever, the best fur ever, a beautiful H/E/C package. Would be a great pet, $5 no ped, $10 ped.

Will have a broken buck available, I'm just not sure which one yet, please be sure to stop by and take a look.

As always, will discount on multiples.

Keep's Rabbitry

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I've got a junior holland buck who is tiny. Insanely tiny. And he eats like a pig just constantly. We all have some of those- the "OH MY GOD, I'm STARVING even though you just fed me 10 minutes ago" rabbits. In his case though, he's skinny! A metabolism most of us would die for.

I've decided to worm him. We ran out to TSC and bought some Wazine 17. I've seen different ways to administer it- some say dilute in water, others administer it orally.

The dosage seems to be 2 tablespoons of wazine per gallon of water or 4 drops orally per pound of rabbit. *Note, I'm not a vet, this is what I've found in research*.

Hopefully, this will solve his weight problem, though I'm unsure as to how he would have picked up worms in the first place! He hasn't been playing in the yard, none of the other rabbits appear to have them- bizarre! I've decided to go on and just treat the entire barn though. So we'll be mixing the wormer in their water for the next 3 days.

While doing this, I've got to draw up my list of for sale rabbits and show rabbits! Right now, I know I definitely have a broken Jersey Wooly doe for sale, as well as a solid mini lop buck. :)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Breeding Cages

I don't have a specific set of breeding cages, used only for does about to kindle, or who are raising their litters.

I should, but I don't- especially for the mini lops.

This bites me in the butt sometimes. Take now for instance. I had a jersey wooly doe in a small cage. It's fine for her and her alone, but putting the nestbox in there was quite cramped. She kindled 2 healthy little babies and then I got to thinking (uh oh). "Is this cage going to be an acceptable size for her and two babies?". Of course not.

So, I had to do some cage shuffling to get the three of them into a nice large cage. No problems!

But wait. I've got the same situation- another doe, in a great sized cage for her. With nestbox, it ain't so great. So, I'm gonna have to shift her around as well.

It's really a big disruption on all our lives (people and bunnies). Larger breeding cages would be great for growing out a litter if none of the does were due to kindle.

I've had 12 mini lop babies born to a litter and the only thing than saved me (other than the stupidity of the babies) was my one huge 36 x 36 cage. It was a little cramped as it was, but since a few babies popcorned out of the nest and died of various things (broken necks, kitcicles, etc), we were able to work it out.

I think my solution will be to put my teenies (like my 2lb wooly buck and just weaned juniors) in to the smallest cages. Brood does will go in to the largest cages, with mini lops getting priority, and then show stock will fill in from there.

In certain cases, my teenies will get larger cages, for the simple fact I have 6 hanging holes. I don't know if you have ever seen a holland have a violent attack of the binkies, but imagine a mini lop doing it. Then imagine the cage is held up by four small chains. It's the stuff of nightmares.

Now I just have to find a solution to keep the rabbits from chewing on each other. It's always something, isn't it? :)

Keep's Rabbitry

Friday, November 2, 2007

What day is it?

We went to Atlanta yesterday, to pick up my new shipment of mini lops. I purchased 5, 4 from Sarah at Sarah's Bunny Barn and 1 from Michael at Silent Springs Rabbitry, both located in CA. Sarah also threw in another buck! So that brings us to 6 new rabbits! 3 bucks and 3 does, with the 3 does all bred to VERY nice bucks belonging to Sarah.

I am so excited about these guys, they are very nice rabbits, short with nice depth. Morning Mist, one of the chinchilla does, is a definite fatty, but she's here to live the good life making babies :D. All of them are so friendly and in such great health and condition (MM brought her own dewlap pillow for the journey! LOL).

I'm so lucky that in all the cases of shipping I've done (Lisa from Wooligans Rabbitry in CA, Sarah, Michael and Melanie & her mom LeeAnn from Lil Bit Farms in OK) have been awesome breeders. They've honestly evaluated their rabbits, provided nice pictures and have just been 100% amazing, despite any problems with shipping that arose, due to the airplane carriers.

Shipping is something that is iffy at best. Pictures lie, breeders lie (not always on purpose though!), and in general you're not always happy with what you get. Not to mention, it's a little pricey. I had to spend $103 including all taxes, plus drive 6 1/2 hours round trip to Atlanta to get the rabbits. Had I used Delta, we'd have been able to drive 20 minutes, but we'd have paid over $200 in shipping.

I'm just so happy that through Rabbit Habbit, I've come to know breeders all over the country very well and I've never been disappointed with my purchases. So, if any of my shippers read this, THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING YOU!

To anyone considering shipping in the future, good luck! I hope all your purchases are as great as mine have been! :)

Keep's Rabbitry

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween from Keep's Rabbitry!

Is it a pilgrim?!


Oh, what a world, what a world.

Chaos, a Jersey Wooly, going as an undead zombie bunny.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cold is no fun!

It's getting cold up here in the mountains. Not just a little cold, mind numbingly cold, at least to me. I'm used to Burlington, where it stays warmer longer and doesn't get quite as cold!

Because of the drop in temperatures at night, it's not a whole lot of fun to feed and water right now, even in the barn which protects us all from the wind!

Speaking of not fun- I'm not looking forward to cleaning trays this winter!

Today, we're heading out to get Tim a second water bucket, so I can help him haul in two buckets at once, which decreases the amount of times he'll have to go out. We're also going to look for a nice pair of gloves- and by nice I mean a cheap pair that I don't mind ruining with food dust and fur.

I may also load up on more mouse traps. The body count is up to 3 now, including the one we found INSIDE a sterilite container we use as catch-alls for the hanging cages. Great, that's why I don't use the live bucket traps, I don't want to have to personally put the mice down! We ended up sticking a mouse trap in there and he solved the problem for us in only a few minutes. Luckily we had just set it up the night before, so it was relatively clean in there still!

Happily, thanks to Malena, we've got our winter hay in. Thanks to the Shelby show, I now have a few empty cages in preparation for the new mini lops I'm having shipped in.

We have no winter proofing to do to the rabbitry- the roof is tight, the walls keep the wind out, and I don't put heaters out (we've discussed my worries about that before!).

We are going to look for some additional lighting we can put up. With the days getting shorter, we're going to have to rely on false light to trick the ladies in to thinking it's still breeding season. Not to mention, our normal feeding time is now pitch black outside, and I prefer not having shadowy corners were woodland creatures could lurk.

We have 2 heaping trash bags of leaves for the rabbits to snack on, though I have a feeling I'll be putting them out for the deer when the snow comes.

Yep, it appears Keep's Rabbitry is ready for winter. Which means I've overlooked something important and won't realize it until it snows. Ah well, I'll keeping thinking about it.

Keep's Rabbitry

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shelby- the Sequel

Okie dokie, so at this point, Zapp and the little orange buck have been thrown off the table. Joni was worried about her little doe out of Samson, who is actually working her way through the uglies. THE DOE PLACED 2ND! :) Yayyy for Joni lol, glad someone got good results :)!

While the hollands were judging, we hear the call for Mini Lops, in the All Other Breeds show! (That always happens lol!) When we trundle our cart over that way, we get the surprising news that because it's not sanctioned, we're going to show all bucks at the same time. Yeah, no juniors/seniors/broken/solids. Just slap them all up there. Ok.........

Well, I have no idea how my broken buck would have placed. The judge pretty much pulled them out of the cage, then put them back in. No posing, no nothing. Just arbitrarily picked one, then said "put up the does".

I was not pleased, nor were the other exhibitors. We didn't even get comments! Where was our $2.50 opinion?!

So we have to put the does up, he at least posed them this go 'round, and one of the guys running the show suggested that perhaps we would like comments on them (yeah, and placings would have been nice!), so we at least got comments this time. Again, no idea how Basheba and Queen would have placed, he just went down the line.

Best Doe- my broken GT Steel, Kris. Whaaaaaaaaaat? lol That was a total shocker, I decided to bring her last minute to help round out the "classes". Literally, I told Tim "ahh, throw Kris in there too, maybe we can get her in the mood to breed if we take her to the show". Turns out that was a good idea! I actually had forgotten she was on the table, I had gone back to the hollands! Oops. Good thing Tim was paying attention.

Trent, one of the other mini lop breeders, walks by and says "Your broken doe won BOB."

Shocked, I rather loudly says "You're KIDDING.........YOU'RE KIDDING!" Caused a few breeders to look at me strangely, I can tell you that. Oh well, if they knew me, they'd still look at me strangely :).

I'm in shock at this point, Kris has an amazing body but her head does leave much to be desired, and honestly, I'd have picked Basheba or Queen over her any day as a better balanced animal.

A little while later I hear "Mini Lop, BIS", and I throw my head up, see a bunch of folks standing at another table and go running over to Tim saying "They need Kris, where is she?!". He looks up bewildered from his book to say "I left her there, he told me to leave her at that table!"

At this point- a suspicion is starting to grow in my mind...I run over to the table where people are watching me, my friend Nita included, and as I approach, the same guy who suggested we'd like comments looks at me and says "Mini Lop takes Best in Show".

My jaw drops, and pretty much the only thing I can say, to the amusement of all, is "Whaaaa? What?" It was total shock. Tim had run up behind me, thankfully, because I'm in a daze holding a trophy and probably would have forgotten the rabbit.

Kris, without us knowing it was even judging, had won Best in Show for the All Other Breed show. The best of the non-sanctioned breeds, and would be competing in the "Grand Champion of the Day" show- where all BOB winners went up against each other for BIS.

She didn't take Grand Champion of the day, but honestly, there were so many nice rabbits (despite the fact half of them left because it was 5pm and we'd been there since 8am) I REALLY would have keeled over from shock if she had won.

I know some of you are thinking we have shows set up strangely here, but I want to tell you this is the first time I've ever been to an all specialty show, and it was definitely weird!

We've also decided to start our own Mini Lop Club here in NC, so NEVER AGAIN will Mini Lops be unsanctioned at a show. Trent tried his best to get other breeders to come up and to get a club to sanction the show, but it didn't happen. So, keep your eyes out for information on the Super Awesome Mini Lop Club of NC that we'll be putting together :).

*whew* So after all that, Tim dragged me to a concert that started at 9pm, we got home around 12:15am, unwound until 1am, then collapsed. I got to play hooky from church, which lead to sleeping until almost noon, and here I am, recording events of yesterday for you! :)

Keep's Rabbitry

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shelby Show

Wow. I'm exhausted and the night is still young (so young in fact, we have a concert to go to in just a few hours!)

To begin with, let me say THANK YOU so much to everyone who complimented this blog, or who picked on me about it being updated so sporadically! You really don't know how good it makes me feel to know you guys enjoy it! :)

Wow, what a roller coaster of a day, seriously.

It started at 5:33 am, when I hear "Uh, baby, we need to get up...I think I didn't set the alarm right". I'll say, we were supposed to meet Malena in Asheville at 5:45 to caravan in together! Great start.

So, we bust butts throwing rabbits in carriers, loading up the car and leave at exactly 5:59 am- and all in all, we still arrived at Shelby in plenty of time- in fact, we were only a few minutes behind Malena, who thankfully called at one of the few moments I was in the house, racing around like a mad woman! :)

We set up our areas, and straight off the bat I sell two woolies, one of whom was one of my keepers until recently (Keep's Spoof). There was actually quite the que for woolies, and I ended up selling a really cute tan pattern doe to a friend- she was my favorite of the trio of does I had!

After a semi-frustrating checkin, in which Tim had to go get change so I could pay for entries, and Janet and I had to follow Lisa Young around to figure out who was doing the AOB (All Other Breeds) show. *whew* So yay, with that all taken care of, I was able to sit back and enjoy talking.

I got to see a blast from the past- The Nature Trail's Samson who I miss, and regret selling after seeing how that booger has grown up!! He couldn't have gone to a better owner though, and I think he's helping her herd more than he contributed to mine. That is- if her placing of 2nd broken junior doe (Samson Daughter) in Show B said anything :). But, I get ahead of myself.

In this show, I only had a pair of hollands and a handful of mini lops to show. It was an odd speciality-only show, which I did NOT enjoy, to be perfectly honest. Holland Specialty was called, and we had a heartattack, because though I put Miss Muffet on the table, her ear number was never called! WHAT?

Fearing the worst, I ran through the does on the table, to discover "Miss Muffet" was actually Fendi! I'd put the wrong doe up! Unfortunately, the writers didn't say anything, I would have greatly appreciated someone saying "Wait! That ear number doesn't appear on the list", rather than sticking her placing on any ole rabbit. But, whatever. So, I wasted my $4 entry on that doe! Fendi is definitely not in show condition right now lol.

Next up was Lil Bit Farms Zapp, my new broken sable point buck who I was SO excited to show! He did so well, placing 2nd in his class to- of all things.....a broken orange buck! WHO says colors can't place?! That little orange buck had a magnificent body, for all Janice (his breeder) said he was "cute".

My painted pumpkin missed the pumpkin contest, because it was riding around in the car with Tim on his quest to get food. Chalk another one up to bad luck.

Muffett did terribly in the second show (yes, it really was her!), and surprisingly enough, so did Zapp and the orange buck who won his class in the first show!! Yes, Mr. 1 & Mr. 2 happened to be Mr. 1 & Mr. 2 again- straight off the table! I definitely did not agree with the placings, but as we say SO many times- it's just the judge's opinion we pay for. The first judge actually is a top Fuzzy Lop breeder, winning and judging nationally- so ah well. :) I guess we just have to pick who's opinion we want to believe for this show!

Ooo, my turn to jump into the shower! I'll have to tell all about the mini lops in another post!

Keep's Rabbitry

Friday, October 26, 2007

Bunny Obsessed

I've heard from so many new folks who started off with just one bunny- whether it is pet store or one they bought as a pet, who look at me and say "I must be crazy! I bought one, now I have five! Or ten, or twenty, you know how bunnies are :).

I always respond with- you think you're crazy? We had ten in the living room of Tim's apartment when we started breeding! Or I tell my favorite story-

We had just gotten married and had flown to Disney World for our Honeymoon. We got back on a Friday, and were up at 6:30am the next morning...you guessed it, to go to a bunny show! (We did well too! Got a leg on one of the rabbits we bred (and a BOSB!), and the other juniors all took 2nd in their class :) ).

I've had friends who were sick as dogs trying to stagger outside in the rain (pneumonia anyone?) to check over condition to see who should be entered on Saturday, we've driven 4 1/2 hours for an 8am show (yeah- do that math on that one real quick!), I've gotten HOME from a show at 6 am, and I can remember getting up multiple times during the night to nurse a sick doe back to health. The stories go on and on.


Because it's fun!

We're planning the trip to Kentucky already. A 5 day trip just for bunnies! I did have to promise Tim at least one day of sightseeing, but I'd like to do a little KY visiting outside of a Convention Center myself. I've started saving my spare change, hunting for roommates for the hotel (which I've already chosen!) and working on what will happen to the creatures we have while we're gone.

Maybe we can get some friendly church folks to take care of the rabbits for us, and spread the bunny love around! :)

Keep watch Saturday or Sunday for show results!

Keep's Rabbitry

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It never fails. Ever. Show entries are due tomorrow. And it never fails.

I go out with Malena to my rabbitry today, to show her a few of the animals. Gorgeous, the smoke pearl junior wooly doe who is, to be honest, gorgeous- is starting a molt. Her wool cap looks not good to say the least. Oh joy.

Then Malena looks at Spectacular funny- sure enough, the holland brood doe next to him has been chewing on his wool. Guess he'll have to stay home too.

Another doe I have that just turned senior I've decided to use as a brood only. That leaves me with- yep- zero woolies to show. *sigh* I could probably find one or two does to pull in a pinch, but my best show prospects are looking TERRIBLE!

The mini lops look fabulous- and of course, they only have a single show. Great. At least I'll have three or four of them to show. Gah.

And the hollands....yes...the hollands. I've got two of them in show condition. My bucks still need some polish, and most of my does are broody or out of condition.

*sigh* I just can't catch a break!

Oh well, we'll go to the show to have a good time and hope for better condition for the Taylorsville show on the 10th.

Keep's Rabbitry

Saturday, October 20, 2007

On with our lives!

Well, convention is over now until next year. Already, folks are making their Kentucky reservations and planning breedings for show animals. We must be crazy! There were over 23,000 rabbits shown in Michigan- whoa.

I have a mini lop doe (first timer) due today who is showing no desire to nest. I've got a holland lop and Jersey Wooly due tomorrow who've already worked on their nests, and a 4th doe (also a Jersey Wooly) due the day after who has played in her hay a little, but not done much else. Wish us luck for babies.

The first litter of Jersey Woolies we had this Fall are starting to want to leave the nestbox! One "has an eyeball" as we say, and they are so cute! This is a mother/son breeding, so I'm very interested to see how they develop.

One of my brood does has had all her face fur chewed off by the holland buck next to her- she's truly frightening to look at. I'll have to get a picture soon to post, though I warn you not to eat anything at least an hour before you see her!

The Shelby show is this weekend! I'm very excited, one of my newfound rabbit friends is going to be showing in her first show, with one of her very own juniors! I'll be bringing two hollands, a handful of jersey woolies, and maybe three or four mini lops. It will be a more relaxing show for us hopefully, since we'll be showing relatively few animals.

I also need to get on my painted pumpkin entry! I haven't decided if I want to try to dress a wooly up for halloween- they hate it in general, and I'll have to see how much time and creativity I have to put towards making an entry.

I'm pretty sure Tim and I will not be participating in the breeder costume contest- I always manage to get some kind of rabbit nastiness on me and I'd hate to ruin a costume :). I can't wait to see the participants though!

And in a rare non-rabbit-related moment... Roxy, my AKC mini dachshund female is FINALLY in heat again! :) Wish us luck that in another few months, we'll have some little rotten Bear/Roxy pups born!

Keep's Rabbitry

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Even More Convention Results!

Some have been updated in previous posts, here are a few more that are still trickling in!

American Satin - BOB Pat Haefele, cream

American - BOB Kathy Edie, Solid Silver
BOSB - Berma & Linda, REO

Texel - BOB Kathy Edie, B/C Sr B
BOSB - Linda Wilbur, B/C Sr S

Teddy - BOB Alaina Holstege, B/C Sr B
BOSB - Renee Martin B/C S

White Crested - BOB Sheryl Newland silver solid Int S,
BOSB Samantha Marlin

Golden Solid Sr B

The Texel won BIS and the Am Satin was RIS

For Holland Lops (Youth)-
SSB - Heather Washburn BOV
SSD - DJ Swan
SJB - Larissa Antonioni
SJD - Kassandra Abrams BOSV
BSD - Sarah Walter BOSV, BOS
BJB - Karina, Devin & Damon Yoder
BJD - DJ Swan

For Blanc de Hotot (Open)-
BOS - Laurie Staley-Jones

For Mini Satin (Youth)-

BOB Rhyne Harris
BOS Kelsey Allen.

For Belgian Hare (Open) -

BOB Sheila Scagnelli
BOSB Sheila Scagnelli

For Thrianta (Open) -

BOB-Amanda Pitsch/Kim Glass - Sr Buck
BOS -The Mairs -Sr. Doe

For Thrianta (Youth) -

BOB - Alexis Wade - Sr. Doe
BOS - Ryan Gustafson- Jr. Buck

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

COD Presentations

COD or Certificate of Development presentations are going on today at Convention.

Basically, some colors (such the martens in hollands, blue tort in ND, broken havana) or breeds (lionhead, velveteen lops) aren't recognized by the ARBA. However, you can apply for a COD and present these rabbits at the National convention. They must pass presentation three out of five years, and only one COD holder is allowed to present in those five years. After that, the next COD holder must begin over at the beginning. So if Lionheads were to pass the second showing, and the COD holder drops his COD, the next person in line must start over at first presentation. This is always a huge setback!

Until the breeds are ARBA accepted, you can not register them, win legs or compete for BIS.

So far:

Broken Havanas: PASSED their third presentation! YAY!

Velveteen Lops: PASSED their first presentation!

Broken Satin Angora - PASSED their first presentation!

Blue Tort Netherland Dwarf - PASSED their first presentation!

Sable Mini Rex - PASSED their first presentation!

Himilayan Mini Satin - PASSED their first presentation!
Copper Mini Satin - PASSED their second presentation!
Red Mini Satin - PASSED their first presentation!
Chinchilla Mini Satin - PASSED their first presentation!
Opal Mini Satin - PASSED their first presentation!
Black Mini Satin - Not Presented!
Chocolate Mini Satin - Not Presented!
Otter Mini Satin - FAILED their second presentation! sad.gif

Blue Silver Fox -PASSED their first presentation!

Lionheads: FAILED their second presentation. COD now goes to Gail.

Silver Martin Holland Lop: FAILED their first presentation, too many white hairs.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Convention Results

*All Results are from members posting on Rabbit Habbit, unless otherwise noted*

Please check yesterday's post for breed updates.

Open Group winners

Open BIS -Mini Satin -Rob & Amanda Waupner

Youth BIS-English Angora- Collin Burns

Youth Group winners
English Angora- Collin Burns
French Angora - Sam Jacoby
Champagne d'Argent

For Polish (Open)-
BOB-Blue Sr doe- Pat Glenn
BOS-Black Sr Buck-Sissy Dennison(not 100% sure on owner)

For Polish (Youth)-

BOB-Seth Baareman-Brkn buck
BOS- Kesley Avvarsold-BEW doe

For French Lops (Open)-

BOV Solid Sr. Doe – Caleb & Jean Thomas
BOSV Solid Sr. Buck Diane Wolford
BOV Broken – Caleb & Jean Thomas – Sr. Doe
BOSV/BOS Broken-Gary & Suzanne Garrett

For English Angora: (Open)
BOB- Betty Chu-colored sr doe

For Giant Angora: (Open)

BOB - Jack & Karin Bailey
BOS - Jack & Karin Bailey

For Blanc De Hotot (Open)

BOB Shawn & Jackie DeArmond- Sr Doe
BOS Laurie Staley-Jones- Jr Buck S840

For Satin Angora (Open)

BOB - Linda Kolassa
BOS - Trina Dunn

For Silver Fox: (Youth)

BOB Ashton Hosmann CA
BOSB Ashton Hosmann CA

(From CARabbitShows)

Open Results

Satin Angora -

BOB - Linda Kolassa
BOS - Trina Dunn

Giant Angora -

BOB - Jack & Karin Bailey
BOS - Jack & Karin Bailey

Best Over All wool (GA) - Jack & Karin Bailey

French Angora -

BOB - Charlotte Schweikart
BOS - Jacque Dumas

BOV White - Charlotte Schweikart
BOSV White - Jacque Dumas
BOV Colored - Charlotte Schweikart
BOSV Colored - Charlotte Schweikart
Wool - Best Over All - Charlotte Schweikart
Best Colored wool - Charlotte Schweikart
Best White wool - Jacque Dumas

For Jersey Wooly (Open)-

BOB - Jessica Bielejewski. with her self jr buck.
BOSB - Charlotte Schweikart - shaded sr doe.

BOG- Brian Hartzell

BOG- ?
BOSG- Gayle Bearu

BOG- Jessica Bielejewski - Jr. buck
BOSG- Deb Snyder - Jr. doe

BOG- Brian Hartzell

BOG- Amanda Pitsch
BOSG- Brian Hartzell

For Jersey Wooly (Youth)

BOB- Tessa Erb - Broken Sr. buck
BOSB- Kelsey Dehling (sp?) - Shaded doe

BOG-Kelsey Shultz - Sr. buck

BOG- Heather Kaminski - Sr. buck
BOSG- Robert Geizenhoff (sp?) - Jr. doe

BOG- Jessica Usakowski -

BOG- Kelsey Dehling (sp?)
BOSB- Kelsey Dehling (sp?)

BOG- Kelsey Dehling (sp?)
BOSG- Dakota Moat (sp?)

For American Chinchilla (Youth)-
BOB - Logan Van Allen
BOS - Olivia Summerlot

For American Chinchilla (Open)-

BOB - Janet Terry MI [Best Junior & 1st Jr Doe]
BOS - Wade Burkhart MO [1st Jr Buck]