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Monday, March 25, 2013


The NCRBA State Show was this weekend- and wow, what a weekend.

To start it off, Saturday in Show A Joni finally was awarded her very first wooly Best of Breed! AND she got Best Opposite of Breed with another homebred.  I have to say, I was shocked that there were no tears.  I probably would have cried- she's worked so long and hard for the "big one" and to get it at a state show out of 70 woolies....sweet! :)

As we were waiting on results of Show A, the Youth President and Vice President handed Kitty Lynch and me a lovely red rose and a card.  How sweet are they?

"Thanks so much, you were more than kind.  People like you aren't easy to find"
In Show B, we were finally able to beat Joni.  Keep's Catching Fire was awarded Best of Breed.  Helen McKie took BOSB.  It was so funny, as the two does the judges were debating between were a shaded doe (mine) and an agouti doe (Helen's).  The BOSB debate was over a shaded buck (mine) and an agouti buck (Helen's).  It makes you feel really good to know that you're producing animals that are so similar to others you are admiring as you watch the judging.
Keep's Catching Fire

Joni and I helped grade youth royalty tests for a few hours.  It is amazing the knowledge the kids have!

On the second day, I woke up feeling fairly terrible, a theme that continued through out the day.  Joni won her second BOB in Show C, proving that when it rains, it pours (good things, in the case.)  Tresia took BOSB.  In show D, which occurred quickly on the heels of Show C, things went a little differently.   Keep's Tequila Mockingbird took BOB, and Deidre took BOSB.

Keep's Tequila Mockingbird
I felt so terrible that I didn't stay for BIS judging on the second day.  I wish I had, but you know- you do what you can do and I think I made the right decision.

It was a wonderful show overall, as it usually is. Keep's Cold Shoulder picked up a few junior legs (he won several group or opposite wins), while Troublemaker and Poplar padded their leg count.  Keep's Merlin, a little black junior buck was raved over, as was Keep's Vodka, a shaded junior doe.  I can't wait to see them as seniors.

I wasn't able to show as many rabbits as I would have liked (mostly juniors) because of the costs of entries ($4 each and there were 4 shows!), but there wasn't a single rabbit I felt that I should have left home of the ones I brought- I call that a success :).


Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby Bunny time

I am pleased to announce we had some successful litters this weekend!  Of four does bred, Keep's Rumor kindled one broken black and Keep's KKA kindled 4 healthy shadeds.  Keep's Cat Call kindled four of her own, but unfortunately chose to build her nest in the corner opposite of her nestbox.  While she pulled a ton of wool, the babies unfortunately didn't make it.

I am still waiting on Keep's Pakhet, who I suspect was the only one of the first round to miss.

Due any day now is Keep's Love Song, Keep's Puzzle, Lyle Creek's Violet and Keep's Tequila Mockingbird.    Love Song, Violet and Tequila are all first timers. 

I am hoping someone else kindles! I'd very much like to foster Rumor's baby off, but don't want to give it to KKA, who has four of her own and is a first timer as well.  Likewise, I'd rather not take one of KKA's kits and give to Rumor, since I am planning on moving her out soon and would like to breed her to someone else, rather than spend the next 2 months watching her raise a singleton, or having her work as a foster mother.


I just found out from Tim that Keep's Puzzle kindled today! Hooray! Tim thinks she has two, and if that is the case, I can easily foster Rumor's singleton to Puzzle!

Now just waiting on the other ladies :).


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saying Goodbye

I surprised myself- I really did.

I let Keep's Epiphany leave the barn.

I never thought it would happen- in fact, I was pretty sure that she would live out her life here with me.  That was the plan anyway.  I'd retire her and retire Keep's Fiona, then bond the two girls and let them live out their lives together.

Instead, Epiphany kept producing- she had a litter of 5 that just recently were weaned.  She has been bred to pretty much all my bucks, and yet it was obvious she has production life left- she did such a great job taking care of those babies and she really seems to love having them around.

I happened to get an email from a person requesting to know what I had for sale and Epiphany popped in to my mind.  Why not let my girl go benefit another herd, rather than leaving her to stay in a cage here in the barn, unused.   Before I could change my mind, I fired off a reply, listing the animals I had for sale- Epiphany's name on the list.

This weekend Keep's Epiphany, Keep's Romeo (shaded sr. buck) and Keep's Thorax (broken jr. buck) left for their new home.   I know it's silly, but I'm happy those three went together.  It was hard to see Epiphany leave- she was a Tryon daughter and had a chunk of legs to her name.  I snuggled her one last time and then let her go.   It helps to know she's going to a home where she will be well taken care of and loved.

Keep's Delphi, a black junior doe, also found a great new home this weekend.

I also was able to deliver Keep's Flo Rida (not my name LOL), a florida white doe who is the beginning of my friend April's Florida White breeding program.

It was nice to come home to some empty cages, but I have to admit- even knowing she was gone, it was a shock to see a little black buckling in the cage that Epiphany had graced for the last few years.  I wish that little bunny a lot of luck in her new home- I hope she produces plenty of beautiful little babies for her new owner, and that owner finds as much joy in her as I did.