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Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I was out of town, hope Thanksgiving was excellent for you American readers :).

Where to start-

The herd reduction is going well! Two rabbits delivered, two spoken for and interest in others. :)

Unfortunately, while I was gone two does had litters. One could have definitely been saved if the caretaker had followed my instructions- the other possibly could have been saved, but we'll never know now. *sigh*

So, not the best to come back to. I do have a doe still nesting and the other bunnies are all fine, so that's something to be happy about!

Cold has started to settle here in the mountains, so I think I'm definitely going to have to make one last push to get anyone I want bred. The does may not be receptive much longer!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Addition to the Sales List:

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
Sugar's BaeBae- SSB (HL) SOLD

He wouldn't go going anywhere if I wasn't cutting down- he produced a REALLY, REALLY cute, nice little buck that I am completely in love with. So, Bae Bae is going. He's a small guy but SO typey and throws beautiful babies. I apologize for the pictures, he's not much on posing and I haven't had him long enough to work him. He is an absolute lover boy.

I'm willing to consider *reasonable* offers on the rabbits for sale.

Keep's Rabbitry

Friday, November 20, 2009

HUGE Holland Lop, Jersey Wooly Sale


*may have another buck added, need to talk to the original breeder first*

user posted image
user posted image
Keep's Zoidberg- Siamese Sable Sr. Buck (HL)
Lyle Creek's Friesian x Lil Bit Farms Zapp
Beautiful color, just about to start popping his head (his crown is totally molted out right now, except right in the middle). Very nice type on him, would like to see a heavier bone. I apologize for the overposed picture above, he's a table hugger that wants to be loved on, this was the best Joni could wrestle him in to lol. He's not yet 5 months old.

user posted image
G.C. Keep's Forest- Self Senior Buck (JW) SOLD
Wooligans Aspen x Keep's Elm

I dunno what to say about this rabbit. 4th place Self Sr. Buck at 2008 Convention. Registered and Granded, he has 14 legs to his credit (that I can find). A little more upright than some judges like, his flashy-ness has earned him many legs. He has some attitude in his cage but produces friendly, sweet offspring. He's made his replacement for me, it's time to let him go. Is a REW masking agouti and carrying self.

-picture coming soon-
Keep's Poplar- Self Junior Buck (JW)
Keep's Angel x Keep's Forest

I'll regret this. He's a very promising junior buck that likes to push when being posed. I wish his ears were a little shorter, but he's at an age where he's kind of looking funny. I don't mind holding on to him smile.gif. He just can't beat his half brother to stay.


user posted image
user posted image
Lyle Creek's Friesian- Black Sr. Doe (HL)
Available AFTER litter

This does is just a big ball of chunk. Her last litter she threw 8 babies. 3 blacks, 3 sable points and 2 black torts. She also produced siamese sable when bred to a sable point. If you want color and mass, this is your girl. She's outproduced herself for Joni and I currently have some very promising babies that are not yet weaned out of her (they are fostered). It's so hard to take pictures of a black brood doe. She's got nice type on her, she's a bigger lady though.

user posted image
user posted image
Keep's Barbi- Broken Sable Point Sr. Doe (HL) SOLD
The Nature Trail's Miss Muffet x Lil Bit Farms Zapp
Available AFTER Litter

She's too light and clean in her color to show. I love this doe, she's an EXCELLENT mother and has thrown better than herself. I'd like to see more bone on her. She's got a NICE head that doesn't translate to pictures. She's happily settled in to baby making body (she's lengthened a bit in body and shoulders as she's aged), so while you could show her, she would be happiest staying home and making you babies. Remind me to show you pictures of her kids and grandkids to see what she throws.

user posted image
user posted image
Keep's Zyra- Blue Tort Jr. Doe (HL) SOLD
Lil Bit Farms Zora x Lil Bit Farms Rory

I like this doe! I wish she had a more massive head, but it's not bad. She's a chunky little girl. She does have a slipped crown, I love her nice wide chest. She's a must see. She's not yet 4 months old.

-picture coming-
Keep's Maiden- AOV Jr Doe (JW)
Wooligans Leesa x Keep's Tryon

*sigh* She's an AOV. Disappointing. She's a nice animal and got good comments at the show last Saturday. I wish her ears were a tad bit thicker, love the size and shape! She's a nice animal. I have had the hardest time choosing between her and her sister, but I'm doing a major herd reduction and have too many Leesa babies.

user posted image
Keep's Relief- Shaded Jr. Doe (JW)
Wooligans Leesa x Keep's Tryon

I wish her ears were a tad bit shorter. I really like her body, she'd be a nice addition to a herd. Right now her wool is choppy as she flips over to her adult coat. She's still got some maturing to do, but her lines are excellent and she's got such a great start.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rabbit and Cavy Directory!

Check out the new Rabbit and Cavy Breeder Directory, created by my friend Whitney at Imagination Acres!

She's looking for some pictures and breed descriptions still, so if you have a chance, try to help out a little!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hanging Out in the House

I brought in a little blue junior buck. He's living in the house because of a severe loss of condition- I think he was targeted for harassment by the vermin population. I know I often found his food spoiled, and had tried to give him small amounts throughout the day that he could eat more quickly.

Instead, he started not eating and he withdrew to the back of his cage, only running forward when I had the door open. Otherwise, he looked scared to death. SO, Tar Heel got to come inside for a while.

He loves his play pen and the cats love having him in it- they are so nosy! Most of my pictures feature this little guy running around beside of one of the cats who've crawled in with him.

I'm happy to report that he's got his appetite back after two days of living inside, and it looks like he's going to make a full recovery.

So far, confirmed body count outside is 15 mice and 1 shrew. We seem to be ahead of the rush right now, but with the weather turning cold and rainy, it will be time to add more poison.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Herd Reduction

I'm about to do a huge herd reduction.

I've found myself growing increasingly frustrated with the hollands. I like what I have! Other people like what I have! Animals I've sold out of state are doing very well! Locally however, it's just not going well. Believe me when I say, it's not all about winning- but it is nice to have a few decent placings occasionally to keep ya feeling good.

Regardless, I've decided to sell Lil Bit Farms Rory and Lil Bit Farms Zora. This pair of blue torts is GORGEOUS. Rory is my favorite holland in the barn, end of story. He just is. The decision to let these two crucial pieces of the herd go has spurred me to the decision to reduce my holland numbers in general. Unfortunately, I believe most of my does happen to be pregnant at the moment. However, I will be pre-selling them, to be available for pick up after litters.

While I'm selling down the hollands, I need to let go some of the Jersey Woolies as well. I get entirely too caught up in who someone is out of- even to the point I've got several full siblings in the rabbitry.

Thankfully, my friend Joni is coming to visit on Monday (HOORAY!!!) She's already been warned that we are going through the ENTIRE barn. I'm hoping she can help me decide who to let go.

I plan on attending the December 5th show in South Carolina :). Anything that appears on the sales list can be brought there, but let me know if you're interested in something, if space is limited, not everyone will come!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Taylorsville Show

We had the Taylorsville Show yesterday. I guess I did pretty well considering the coats on the bunnies- my little chestnut junior buck won group in show A (he's still a baby) and my junior doe Sunset took BOSG. That was really about it for me. I just have to remind myself that I need to stop showing animals with no coats or that are in a molt LOL! There were some really nice animals on the table, I'm so proud of our showing area. It's nice to see a very competitive class pretty much EVERY time! :).

My little junior HL buck's highest placement was 4/8 in Show B and a junior doe I own took 2/5.

Mostly, it was just SO NICE to see my friends!! Kelsey came down from Maryland, Whitney came down from Virginia and the usual suspects were all there as well! Both Belgian Hare boys found great homes, one with Whitney and one with Billi. All the woolies I had for sale are now gone, so I've got extra space! WOO HOO. Nothing for Sale means it's time to go out and cull again (lol).

My next show will be in December, more than likely. I'm hoping by then the coats will have recovered a bit lol. Why is it the rabbits always look the best when there are no shows around?!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Sudden Bunny Death

There is nothing worse that going out to the rabbitry and finding a perfectly healthy bunny dead in it's cage. Nothing makes me sicker and it's especially bad when it's an animal you're proud of and you feel like is a big step in the right direction.

The reason these animals die can be so many things- some internal birth defect you have no way of knowing about- a sudden startlement that caused them to jump or hit their cage funny. It could be seizures that you didn't know ran in the line, unless you happen to be lucky enough to witness it (as happened to a friend of mine).

I'm not sure where this post is going- I think I just wanted to share my frustration of seeing perfectly healthy animals dead for no reason.


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Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh Constant Comment.

I dunno what Constant Comment's deal is this month. She's usually a great mom, builds great nests, etc. Maybe it's cause she's a California doe and is just ditzy tongue.gif.

She was due yesterday. I came out this morning to see this.

user posted image

That's where her box started out!! Then she was nesting in the left corner, so I moved it. Then she started nesting in the middle of the cage. So we moved the nest back to the box. Then she ate all the hay out of the box.

Her nestbox that was stuffed FULL of fresh hay last night when I fed?

user posted image

Oh...and what's this?

user posted image

She was squatting over top of the other one lol.

user posted image

Checking out the Keepee made nest.

She knew this was an important and unrepeatable breeding and she was trying to tank it for me lol.

Thankfully, she's a good mama and pulled a LOT of fur for her babies. We did lose one, but it was a peanut anyway. I'm so excited, this litter is the first of my Nationals babies born!


Friday, November 6, 2009

Woolies for Sale!

As always, I invite anyone to come actually put their HANDS on these animals, the pictures do NOT do justice to their bodies.

Everyone is molting and is 2 1/2 months old, so they are at an awkward stage lol. These babies are out of G.C. Keep's Tryon x Wooligans Little Mama

user posted image
AOV B1- Jr Buck
This guy has thin ears and light point color. He's got NICE width and NICE HQ, he's a very promising buck. He's one of my favorites in the litter.

user posted image
AOV B2- Jr. Buck
This guys has thin ears and light points, He's a bit lower in his shoulder and is a bit smaller than B1. He's got NICE HQ and a very promising head coming in.

user posted image
AOV D1- Jr. Doe

BROOD!! BROOD BROOD BROOD BROOD BROOD. That being said, she's a pretty nice brood. She's the biggest in the litter. Light in her points and long in her ear to balance right now, her ears are still within the show range. She's got NICE HQ, a bit low in her shoulders, but a very solid doe. Worth a shot for her lines and siblings.

user posted image
AOV D2- Jr. Doe

A nice, small doe. She's light on her points and small. A promising little doe.

-Not Pictured-
Siamese Sable Jr. Doe

Very nice, small doe. Nice HQ, thin ears. Would like to see more depth of body, nice width. Overall, a VERY promising doe.

user posted image
Keep's Godzilla- Smoke Pearl Sr. Doe- PROVEN.
G.C. Hare's Mystic Moon x Wooligans Leesa
Godzilla is just off a litter. She's got a VERY nice shape when posed up. I'd like to see thicker ears on her. She's a quality brood, could probably be shown, I'd just have to check the weight on her beforehand. Was an excellent mother.

Keep's Rabbitry

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, Convention is over! Now it's time to start planning for Breed Nationals and NEXT year's Convention in Minnesota.

Just a small, exciting piece of news from my rabbitry- Katie of Kagee Rabbitry, located in California, recently purchased a shipment of rabbits from us. From these guys, she chose to show one Keep's junior buck at Convention- and he took 5th Self Jr. Buck! HOORAY! :) We're so happy for her and very pleased at his placement!

*happy happy dance*

Keep's Rabbitry

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Variety/Breed Presentations

Broken New Zealands- PASSED!!! I believe this is their final showing, they are an official variety now! Congratulations! :)

Velveteens- FAILED

Lionheads- FAILED. It's for real this time. One siamese sable was actually a seal, a REW was missing it's mane and the sable point had mismatched toenails-the others had type issues.

Black Mini Satin- FAILED
Blue Mini Satin- FAILED due to type and fur
Californian Mini Satin- PASSED 1st Showing.
Chinchilla Mini Satin- PASSED
Copper Mini Satin- FAILED due to a broken tooth. Since it occurred AT convention, they are being revisited and may pass- will update!
Opal Mini Satin- PASSED
Red Mini Satin- PASSED
Siamese Sable Mini Satin- PASSED

Otter American Fuzzy Lop- FAILED

Blue Tort Netherland-PASSED 2nd showing.

Lilac Polish- FAILED

Broken English Angora- PASSED 1st showing.

Chinchilla Dutch- PASSED

Orange Jersey Wooly- PASSED

Lilac Satin- FAILED

Blue Dwarf Hotot- FAILED

Siamese Sable Mini Rex- FAILED
Silver Marten Mini Rex- PASSED
Smoke Pearl Mini Rex- FAILED

Blue Rhinelander- FAILED

Keep's Rabbitry

Monday, November 2, 2009

Convention Results!

Please forgive any typos in spelling or placements. Without official lists to go by, this is done by word of mouth as best as we can figure it out :). Thanks! -K

Open- Best In Show goes to the Mini Rex, owned by Doug King

Youth- Best in Show goes to the Holland Lop, owned by Aislin Hall

2011 ARBA CONVENTION is being held in INDIANAPOLIS, IN !


American Chinchilla: Logan VanAllen- BOB
Alexis Cano- BOSB

American Fuzzy Lop: Jennifer Henderson- BOB & BOSB

Dwarf Hotot: Reni Lucido -BOB & BOSB

Himalayan: Erin Grabe- BOB

Holland Lop- Aislin Hall- BOB
Kelly Pedrotti- BOSB

Jersey Wooly: Kelsey Deling- BOB
Amy McBirney- BOSB

Rhinelander: Nicola Falk- BOB
Jacquie Peterson- BOSB

Silver Marten: Katie Bettincourt - BOB
Kara Clarke- BOSB


American (White): Barbara Culberston - BOB
Chris Hemp BOSB

American Chinchilla: William Bryan- BOB
Crystal ? - BOSB

American Fuzzy Lop: Brian Hartzell (RIP)- BOB

American Sable: Bill Mairs- BOB
Donna Williams- BOSB

Belgian Hare: Shannon Kelly- BOB & BOSB

Beveren: Kim Calloway- BOB

English Lop: Juan Salas- BOB
Tami Shaw- BOSB

Flemish: Kathy Rynard and Joanne Walker- BOB

Holland Lop: Jenny Poprawski - BOB
Linda Jinings - BOSB

Florida White: Maryann Preston- BOB

Giant Chinchilla: Lawrence Coats- BOB
Anita Trautwein-BOSB

Harlequin: Angel Medina- BOB

Jersey Wooly: Laurie Owen- BOB
The Uptagraffs- BOSB

Lilac: Marian Spotswood- BOSB

Mini Lop: Jody Rosnik-BOB
Noel Laberge- BOSB

Mini Rex: Doug King- BOB & BOSB

Mini Satin: Melissa Magee- BOB
Todd Naragon- BOSB

Netherland Dwarf: Joanie Zier - BOB
Coin/Nelson - BOSB

Polish: April Wright- BOB

Rhinelander: Lorena Ferchaud- BOB
Kam Padlina- BOSB

Satin: Wampners- BOB
Grossmans - BOSB

Silver Fox: Lynn Fischbeck- BOB
Dale Boroff - BOSB

Silver Marten: Tex Thomas- BOB
Sharon Webb- BOSB

Thrianta: Dera Oldefredi- BOB

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Sunday, November 1, 2009


I hope everyone had a good Halloween!

Convention officially starts today out in California!! I'll be updating the blog with results as soon as I find out. I'll also report which varieties pass and fail.

Very exciting! I wish we could be there, but we're planning our trip to MN in 2010 and to KY for JW Nationals :)

Keep's Rabbitry