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Sunday, September 28, 2008

BL's Bunny Barn

Since we've delayed leaving until tomorrow, I've got time for a blog!

We headed down to visit Brandi, Pete & Trace at BL's Bunny Barn this weekend. We had planned on going to a Weenie Race and letting Roxy show her stuff, but unfortunately it was rained out! NO!!

However, it did give me the opportunity for uninterrupted visiting! That's something I don't get a lot :).

We went over the rabbits in Brandi's barn and I've got to say- drool. That's it. Drool. She's got some VERY promising super babies, as well as some really adorable juniors and seniors! We've just got to teach her how to make it through the uglies without selling the best :lol:.

Thanks to Pete, I've got some ideas on how to make a relatively inexpensive, portable rabbitry! Wheee!!

We also got to go see their new house! TONS of potential, especially where the animals are concerned! I can't wait to see the new barn they are planning, the pastures, the quarantine room (oh yeah, you read that right...they are going to do it up RIGHT!)

It was so much fun! I love Bunny People Slumber Parties! :lol:

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Announcements! :)

All right guys! A few new things to tell about-

I now have Fatboy's Tyson's pedigree!! He's mostly Todds and Velotta's lines, which could explain why he's so purty :).

So, all mini lops will be available with pedigree at the time of purchase :D.

We spent some time down at BL's Bunny Barn! I'll have to spend a post telling all about that soon.

We're going to be out of town again soon, my MawMaw isn't doing well at all and it's important for us to go see her. So again, if you can't get in touch with me, please be patient!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Due to current economic issues- I've decided to cut the current price of the animals on my sales page. If you're not hurting financially, please feel free to pay full price ;).

Blog updates may be spotty. My MawMaw (read: Grandmother) is in the hospital and it's touch and go right now due to what we believe to be negligence and/or incompetence on the part of the hospital. As we don't know what may happen in the coming days, I may be hard to reach via email, so please be patient with me :)

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Updated Website

Finally got 2 juniors added to the mini lop sellout page. Very nice animals, I probably should have waited on my decision to sell out until I evaluated this litter :(.

I'm still waiting to get Fatboy's Tyson's pedigree, so right now I can not offer a full pedigree on the juniors. However, I absolutely do expect to get it from Trent, so if you are interested in Tyson or one of the juniors, please do contact me.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mini Lop Pictures!

I've updated my website with pictures of the senior mini lops for sale. I thought I'd just post a few junior and baby pictures here for right now :).


This is the Mod Squad! They and their chin brother in the front right corner came out of 2 chestnut parents! What a rainbow :).

Junior Buck #2

Molty Face!

Junior Buck #1

Junior Doe #1

"Fathead" says goodbye!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Convention Entries

I can't put it off any longer. I just can't. After lunch, I have to march myself outside, take a deep breath and choose my Convention entries. The pride of my barn, those who will represent my efforts since the beginning.


So many paranoid thoughts, so little time to think them ALL. What if they all blow their coats? What if I don't choose him because she looks better and then she goes blah? What if those juniors aren't ready? What if those seniors are still too young? What if, What if, What if?

I told myself I'm not taking a lot of animals. My maximum limit will be 5. At $12 an entry, that's $60. I know, I know- if I'm already spending the gas money to get there, the hotel fee etc, why nitpick over the entry fees? You've got to cut money somewhere, after all gas this time last year was much cheaper. We didn't anticipate the costs would rise so quickly.

Ahh well, I suppose I shouldn't be sitting here blogging. I should be out in the barn, trying to look in to my crystal ball and choose my entries.

On a related note- we've now entered "pick up first day" in our sales. This means there will be no coop for the sales animals, as I am not entering anything not already prepaid. :) I won't hold any in the hotel room either, beyond a single night so you will have to pick up your animal Saturday or Sunday, or risk not receiving it.

Ok, I'm gonna head out and MAKE A DECISION! I hope.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Greensboro Show!

*WHEW* Someone remind me that next year we are NOT going to do all three shows lol. I'm tired!

Well, let's skip ahead to the highlights-

Keep's Forest- Self Sr B.- Show A: BOSB under Brian Hartzell
Keep's Dreamer- Self Jr D- Show A: 1/5- first leg!

Keep's Zephrim- BJB- Show B: 1/5- first leg

Mini Loppers- excellent comments in Show B & C, they were too small to really compete, I should have left them at home :). Tim said they were weighed to make sure they made junior minimum weight. Oops, just wanted to show them one last time I guess!

Bandit the Belgian Hare! He just turned senior and was underweight in the first two shows, but made weight in Show C. As he was the only belgian, he did take BOB, but I was happy to hear the wonderful comments he got! We also showed him off to anyone who happened to ask "what is that?!" Promotion has begun!

I want to say- I loved this show. It was tiring and a bit frustrating towards the end because we were tired, but we had NEW JUDGES! Folks we don't get EVERY.....SINGLE......SHOW. I love Brian Hartzell especially, as you may have guessed since he is the only name I recall :). I really feel like he has an excellent touch, really knows what to look for in the wooled and small breeds- I value his opinion. This is not just because I got BOSB under him either guys lol. You'll notice Zephrim did better under a different judge.

As per usual, I didn't get to sit around and talk to everyone as much as I wanted and I was NEVER at my set up area. I have hopes with the mini lop sell out, I'll have more time to socialize :). We'll be getting up pictures soon of what is for sale. I will probably be adding a few more minis I had originally thought about hanging on to.

Oh, before I forget it- you all have seen pictures of the smoke pearl holland doe I had for sale- if you haven't, run over to my sales page and take a look at her picture. Awful picture, right? I told her as soon as I set up to my friend Cindy, who within 5 minutes of purchase had another offer on her! I believe she continued to get offers throughout the day, so guys, really-truly- believe me when I say my pictures can make any rabbit look terrible lol!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I will not have access to my email Thursday after 6pm. Please get any emails, inquiries, etc to me by then, or I will not be able to answer you! :)

See everyone in Greensboro!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's that time. sad.gif Tim has decided he no longer wants to work with the mini lops.

Plenty of Juniors, some out of Velotta's Joe (14 legs) x "B" (1 leg) will be available at a later date, please email me to be put on that waiting list.

Silent Spring's Morning Mist- Sr. Chinchilla doe- proven.
Morning Mist is a good looking doe. She's got a nice head, good width, good depth. She's a PORKER so you really have to watch her feed.

Hoppin's Alexis- Sr. Broken blue doe- proven
Gorgeous doe. Big buck head, beautiful width, depth, she's an excellent rabbit.

Fatboy's Kris- Broken Chestnut Sr. Doe-proven 3 legs
Tight body. It's beautiful. It won her 3 junior legs (including a BOB). She's also won a BIS for the "All other breed" show when we didn't have a mini lop specialty. Her biggest fault is her narrow head.

Fatboy's Tyson- Solid Chestnut Sr. Buck- proven (1 leg, 1 pending)- does have interest in him-
He's a small buck, would work well with Morning Mist and Alexis, who both tend to be on the larger side. Tyson just won BOB at the Mountain State Fair, which accounts for his pending leg that I expect him to receive but do not have yet. Good body, would like him to have a bigger head.

Juniors from: Keep's Basheba x Fatboy's Tyson- mostly chestnuts. Will be evaluated in time for Greensboro. Several bucks & does

More than likely, I'll also have a junior doe available out of Fatboy's Kris x Fatboy's Tyson, chestnut, won her class twice at Mtn State Fair, no leg.

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Thank You

Thank you everyone, for the comment, the emails, the private messages on Rabbit Habbit and the mourning with me in the Rainbow Bridge thread.

It's been a difficult time with Future dying and some issues coming up in Tim's work life. I appreciate the notes of concern- you may not have realized how much that little email or note meant to me, but it really was special. I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends. I know I seem to write a lot of thank you posts, but I truly mean every one of them.

Can't wait to see most of you in Greensboro, can't wait to talk to the rest of you on the internet :)

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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Hardest Thing.

Keep's Future cry.gif March 21- 2007- September 15-2008.

bawl.gif Tim stayed with me while I put him down. I bawled the whole time- it's the hardest thing I've had to do, since I got in to rabbits.

He spent the morning outside in the play pen, eating grass and enjoying the cool weather. It's overcast today. It seems appropriate.

He was the only Keep's rabbit that I kept, through my holland herd purge. sad.gif
user posted image

I'm going to miss you so much little guy :(.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

For Sale!

They can be held until Convention. Please contact me for my policy on that.

Available at the Greensboro Show

user posted image
** Hamilton's Cherry Coke- Broken Black Tort Sr. Doe
She's due tomorrow, will be for sale immediately if she misses her litter, or available after the litter weans if I can't foster.

Coke has thrown some very nice babies. She's light on her pattern & a bit long in her body. She's got a nice head, good bone. A very nice doe in general. Would make an excellent brood doe.

Fatboy's Tyson- Chestnut Sr. Buck- ML- 1 leg, pending 1 leg.

Smaller mini lop buck. I wish he had a bigger head. He's thrown me some really cute babies, so I think it's time to move him on. Great ears/crown, nice overall buck. Would be an excellent starter buck.

user posted image

The Nature Trail's Bowser - Solid Senior Buck-HL

This guy is full brother to Lord. Excellent lines behind him, this guy has the most massive head I've ever seen on an animal. Pictures don't even do it justice. He's got excellent bone, a beautiful animal all around. I love his butt! Is a large buck.

user posted image

Huckleberry's Ms. Lady- Senior Smoke Pearl Doe- HL

I'm going to get a picture of this girl when she's not mad at me- she pulls her ears back and makes them look much worse than in real life. Marys, Mtns and BBF lines. Excellent brood doe, excellent mother. I showed her right before her last litter and she did win her class 1/4 with great comments from the judge. She has nice thick, well furred ears, a nice head and crown. Good, thick body overall, VERY nice doe.


ADORABLE Smoke Pearl wooley doe! BEST wool ever, it's ridiculous. She was my keeper, until her ears started looking like they wanted to lop. huh.gif Bizarre, but oh so cute!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Greensboro coming up soon!

The triple in Greensboro is coming up soon! So of course, I start thinking of entries..

Let's see- I WANT to show






Self SB
Self JB
Self JD
Self JD
Shaded SB
Shaded SB
Tan JD
Tan JB

But- I won't! LOL. WAY too many entries to even consider. That will be who I look out when I go out tonight/tomorrow. I'll pare it down, then pare it down again Tuesday for actual entries.

The ones in red probably won't make the first cut, or will be put on the "watch" list, due to a molt, etc.

In my final decision, I'll consider overall condition, age vs. maturity, legs- yes legs! If the rabbit is granded with several legs, I may leave it at home just to use those entry fees for others! I have so many juniors I want to show, I know I can't take them all! So some may be entered in just one or two shows, rather than all three.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back Sprain

Keep's Future came up with a back sprain last night. Of course, when I first found him, I immediately snatched him up, put him in a carrier and brought him in to the house in quarantine until I could be sure of the problem.

It never hurts to treat every injury/problem as the worst case scenario.

But no, it turns out it's a sprained back. Little goober was probably showing off for the doe that just moved in next door. He's such a ham.

He's got vitamins and electrolytes in his water, a crushed up tums in his food in case of a calcium deficiency and he's packed in with hay- half of which he's eaten or shoved out of his carrier. This is going to be fun, trying to nurse him back to health!

It hurts my feelings a little, this guy was one I was considering for Convention! Ah well though, I'd rather it be a back sprain than a broken back, or something he could pass on to others!

Cindy out in Myrtle Beach is sending me some weeping willow tree branches! They provide pain relief for the bunnies. Unfortunately I have none around here (that I know of) so he'll have to wait a few days! I don't mind keep some on hand though :).

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Fair Experiences!

Wow, it was a fun two days!

Joni came up the night before the fair to stay with us- she helped me cull and had to go through every junior in my barn I think :). We also both lucked out and sold all but a few of our pet rabbits to some awesome folks that called me that afternoon. We scarfed up some pizza and headed to bed- early for us, but late for her!

We got up Saturday morning and headed to the fair- oh man, I love the little stalls they gave us to set up in! No one encroached upon us and it was easy to shut the stall when we wanted to spend some time at the main part of the fair. A youth I brought along won BOB with a fuzzy holland that Joni bred. He was thrilled!

I managed an excellent 17 first and second place ribbons! I did have a mini lop DQ'd...she turned in to a he! But found an excellent pet home right after :). Only one other rabbit placed outside of the top 2, and he took a 4th in Show A. So it was an excellent show day! I can't wait for them to finish the molts.

I met a ton, and I do mean a TON of pet folks or future pet owners. Hopefully I did some educating to everyone on how great a pet is, and we struck up an impromptu class on what made my 2 pet JW does pet quality, rather than show quality!

Thanks to Brandi, Joni and Malena for yelling at me and helping me get my animals on the table! Someone forgot poor Keep's Tryon so he ended up competing in the wool class for which he wasn't entered! When I told the judge what had happened and pulled him, she asked if I was serious, then told me I was taking her second place animal! WOW! I pulled Tryon from my sales list, because I just can NOT decide between him and his brother. I guess the Triple in Greensboro will make my decision for me!

We walked the fair with Brandi, Pete and Trace, scooping up free stuff and drooling over the barn examples they had!

Afterward, they came back and I let Brandi drool over the juniors she foolishly sold me (muwahahahhaaha- love ya Brandi!) and she picked up No, a little black otter buck. I'm thinking now I should have kept him instead of Maybe-So, but he's going to a friend, so that's ok. :)

We all went out to eat at O'Charleys and had a great time :). I wish all my rabbit buddies lived in a tight little 30 minute circle from me- I'd never be home!

Happily, my sales list is down to one rabbit! All the rats have found homes and two kittens went to their new home :) It's been a busy, busy few days!

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Results Now- Experience LATER!

LBF's Zapp- Show A: 1/3 BSB- HL
Show B: 2/3

HF's Bartholamew- Show A: 2/3- BSB- HL
Show B: 1/3

Keep's Zephrim- Show A & B 2/3- BJB- HL

Fatboy's Tyson- Show A: BOB- SSB- ML

Fatboy's Kris- Show A & B: BOSB- BSD- ML

Keep's Forest- Show B: 2/5- Self SB- JW

Keep's Tryon- Show A: BOSG- Shaded SB- JW

WHEW I am so exhausted! I'll have to share my experiences later! I'm happy to say we brought home 17 1st & 2nd place ribbons! Not all results are posted here :). We only had 1 rabbit place lower than second, and he took home a fourth in Show A, and was back to second in the next show!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I'm feeling so overwhelmed right now.

To begin with, we've decided to continue with our mini lops for the time being. I'm bringing in a trio that I hope will help, as well as moving out a doe. We'll evaluate our juniors and cull that number down as well.

The Mountain State Fair is Saturday morning! EEK. Let's see- Joni is coming up Friday, Lisa & Heidi will be around as well and Lisa wanted to get together, I have tattooing, grooming and pedigrees to work on. I've also got to get my sale animals ready.

Saturday, we've got to show the woefully out of condition animals- so many of them are molting right now! EEK! See my rants on having to send in entries super early for more on how I feel about this.

After the show, we'll probably bum around the Fair for a hour or so, then hopefully we'll be able to get together with Brandi & her family for dinner! :)

So, lots of friends, lots of fun, and lots of fur flying! Then, as soon as this show is over, we've got to start getting ready for Greensboro and, dare I say it, Convention Entries!


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Monday, September 1, 2008

Rough times in the rabbitry

Well, to start off with the only bit of good news- the little black tort "Pocket Angora" went of to his home. Spoiled rotten? Oh...I think so. I've been happy with the homes these little guys have gone to so far- it's so wonderful when parents are as excited or more so than the kids getting the rabbit, and that's how most of my pet sales have been lately! So hooray! I keep clinging to that because..

My absolutely most beautiful and favorite Jersey Wooley buck just bit the ever loving crap out of me. It HURT, but I think the shock got me more than the pain. I haven't been bitten in years and it's just hard to wrap my mind around! I was taking a doe out of his cage. He'd bred her, they snuggled, nothing was going on, it was time for her to leave- and he lashed out and latched on. This buck will not breed outside of his cage (of course). I guess he's on the strike system now. 2 more, and he's gone, G.C. or not.

The doe he was breeding had her babies, but of course both didn't make it. I lost her whole litter earlier this summer- they were beautiful, so it breaks my heart she didn't kindle a live litter this go 'round.

The other two does still haven't kindled, and they are overdue by 4 days. I guess I have to chalk them up to a loss and rebreed.

*sigh* A bit frustrating!

I'm also currently struggling with whether to sell out the mini lops or not. They've had a large herd reduction already. :(

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