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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I've got Rabbit Fever. In case you haven't heard about it, there is an awesome documentary called Rabbit Fever, following youth around as they compete in Royalty. I can't wait until it comes out, I've heard rave reviews from the lucky folks who got to see it at the 2009 Convention in California!

Maybe this will finally bring a little attention to Rabbit Shows and I won't have to explain what that is to everyone I meet :D.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Molting insanity

Ugh! I have some seriously molty woolies right now. Temps have varied in the past week from the mid 60s, down to windchills in the negatives last night.

Consequently, some of my juniors have bald patches where they are trying to molt out that baby coat, but then try to grab it back when the temperatures plummet. Ugh. That's leading to some fascinating mats.

I'm trying to keep them brushed out enough that they don't end up bald and freezing to death, but don't sit with mats all over them either.

Fun, fun times. It's been the oddest year weather wise, I just hope that the weather evens out a bit in March, so I can get their condition ready for the NCRBA Show.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From Sweden:

This is a post made by Amanda at Galfvensjos Rabbitry in regards to the Building Collapse at the Sweden National Rabbit show:

"I was there and it was really horrible! At first they thought that around 800 rabbits was dead. It didn't seemed like many could have survived under the fallen roof. But today the rescue the last rabbit, they have found around 200 dead rabbits. They have rescued around 1150. It was around 1700 rabbits at the show so it's really amazing that so few died. But pretty many rabbits are still missing, maybe it will be a rabbit invasion in Nyköping to the summer...

I only showed 5 rabbits, I also had some rabbit for sale with me. At Saturday morning I received a SMS there it stood that the roof had felt down on the rabbits. I was really horrified and drew to the show. There I saw that they have found my two transport boxes with my for sale rabbits and my Flemish Giant. Two Californians and two Svensk Päls was missing. At Saturday morning we drove to the show and then they have found my two Californians. But they haven't found my two Svensk Päls... We was force to drive home, but they was still continue searching for rabbits. Yesterday I saw on the internet that they have found my two Svensk Päls - alive! So I get them transported to me on Thursday. So I'm really lucky - all my rabbits survived.

This was the Swedish National Convention, so the breeders had their best rabbits with them, and many of them lost their best rabbits. And some breeders haven't found a single rabbit... It's such a tragedy!

But all this happened at 01.30 AM, what if it have happened at 15.00 PM?! Then it would have been a much much worse disaster!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-AgEhDdZgU "

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Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Coming Soon

My Nationals Sales List will be available on Wednesday, February 24th to those on my waiting list. It will be made available Friday or Saturday via the blog and the website, so if you're interested, please EMAIL me at enslavedbybunnies @ hotmail.com.

I have a fairly large list of folks awaiting the list and as always I will do my absolute best to give 100% accurate descriptions on every aspect of the animal. I'm hoping to provide good pictures, we shall see if they cooperate in that.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tragedy in Sweden

"A roof collapsed on Sweden's largest rabbit show in the early hours of Saturday morning leaving more than a thousand furry animals trapped inside the building. "

My heart goes out to those exhibitors in Sweden who, this Saturday, lost their rabbits when the roof of their show building collapsed.

I can't imagine what you all are going through right now, the fear, the anger and most of all the hopeless that surely must accompany such a disaster.

Hugs to everyone, we're thinking of you guys in this tough time.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Breeding to see the Miracle of Birth

So. You want to breed to see the Miracle of Birth? You want your kids to experience it, so you MUST have a pair of rabbits, right? It'll be FUN for them to see the miracle of birth, it'll be FUN to raise your own litter, it'll just be great!

First off- rabbits are pretty private. They are going to be giving birth in a nestbox, where not a whole lot is visible.

See this litter of four? THREE of these babies will not survive their first 3 days of life. How do I know? They are peanuts. Peanuts fail to thrive. So your child will get to watch their litter of four dwindle down on Day 2 to 1 fat baby and 3 extremely skinny babies. On Day 3, they'll get to find three emaciated corpses. FUN FUN FUN!

So you get one baby. In cold weather, a singleton has a harder time keeping warm alone. In warm weather, it's still difficult. If your doe accidentally messes up the nest, you can go out to find a healthy, dead baby. FUN FUN FUN!

Let's say the baby survives to 2 weeks old, opens it's eyes and hops out of the nestbox. Aww, they are precious at this age. So nosy, so curious- and also so likely to get stomped by mom. Yep, it happens more than you think. Accidental death of a precious fuzzy baby! FUN FUN FUN!

Now your baby is eating solid food, assuming it's made it this far. Choking on a pellet- possible. Dehydration- possible, especially as mom's milk dries up. Severe Poopy butt, leading to death- possible. My favorite, the silent killer, Enteritis- VERY possible. Chance you have a fader on your hand that just fails to thrive in an ideal environment, possible. Dead by weaning age- FUN FUN FUN!

There is a chance that your baby will survive. There is chance your doe will kindle 5 babies and there will be no trouble at all with the litter to weaning age. Then what do you do with them? Hopefully you know how to sex them. All those folks who would definitely take a baby if you bred your pair (assuming you asked around beforehand) will more than likely back out on you. Circumstances changed, just couldn't wait and wanted to get one sooner, got a puppy instead. Stuck with 5 babies! FUN FUN FUN.

So now you have to find homes for 5 baby bunnies. Enjoy feeding them all, changing all that bedding and interviewing people who want to take on a baby bunny.

I'm not sure who told you the Miracle of Birth was fun or fair. But before you breed just to see it happen, try checking out online resources- I'm sure something is giving birth in a video on youtube, and you don't bring heartache to your child or more pet quality bunnies in to the world!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maternity Ward

Ugh it looks like a Maternity Ward in my house!

To start off- my first timer doe, a REW, kindled 3 beautiful pinkies today! I'm a little concerned, the dad is a black out of a Black x Pointed White. O.O I hope all 3 babies aren't AOV. Cross your fingers for me!

The Siamese Sable doe managed to trash her cage by ripping all of her hay out of the nestbox. After doing it AGAIN this afternoon, she's living in the kitchen. Excellent.

The Sable Point doe did the same thing as the S.S doe, though one upped her by pulling a nice amount of wool and lining the wire with it. She did the SAME THING this afternoon and is now in the living room. In a solid bottom cage. Filled with shavings. *shudder* Shavings and Wool- ugh!

Oh well, at least I have 3 babies :D.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still Waiting

Well, the one wooly doe has still not kindled, despite making a hay nest. I'm suspecting that she's reabsorbed her litter. Ahh well, I guess I'll rebreed her in a day or two.

In GREAT news though, my little sable point wooly doe is NESTING! She and two others are due the 18th-19th, and she's the first to start preparing. I'm hoping for a nice big litter that will maybe include some more sable points! She's bred to my darling Tryon. :).

One of the other does is a first timer and the other is having her last litter here for me- bred to her half brother, who is also going to be for sale at Nationals time.

So, hoping these three litters go well! I need an experienced lady to foster, just in case the first timer doesn't do so well.

AHHH I just realized I have several girls that need to be bred. In this cold?! Yeah right.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Yay for getting stuff done

YAY for getting stuff done today!

Even though the weather was clear, it was a chilly 35 degrees with a nice brisk wind. ICK! Is it spring time yet?

We got several empty cages scrubbed out and I was finally able to separate two litters. I've left the juniors together much longer than usual because it's been SO COLD, I wanted the babies to be able to snuggle together for warmth. It's worked, I haven't lost any rabbits to the cold.

However, all that snuggling has left my juniors with some chewed coats and mats!

So, while Tim dumped pans, I set to work detangling some junior coats. Thankfully most weren't too bad, though I made some enemies in the barn today. :( Ahh well, they'll survive lol. I try to end grooming sessions with snuggling and a treat- like some hay or a few oats. Kind of a "I know it wasn't fun, but don't hate me forever" bribe.

I also started taking pictures of my Nationals sales animals and I resexed a set of juniors- what I had thought was a buck and a doe turned out to be two does- THANKFULLY, because I do not need to deal with more bucks right now! It's easier to choose between two does.

I seem to have lost my tattooer. BOOOO. I'm not pleased right now. I just ordered a touch up pen and hopefully that will work to do some permanent tats until I can either find the MIA tool or purchase a new one.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sometimes- it's you.

I can't write a happy post today. I just deleted one because it was unworthy of being posted. It's been hard to concentrate, hard to form a happy topic- three posts have gone by the wayside since last night.

My favorite rabbit forum is on hard times. There has had to be a WEEK LONG shut down while things get sorted out, because people can't be mature.

There I go again- focusing on the not happy things.

It's snowed again- also an unhappy topic. I want just a few days of nice weather to do a total barn cleaning.

I guess if it isn't TOO freezing, I can get pictures of the rabbits to update the website. I'll be coming up with my nationals sales list in the next week or so.

We're waiting on babies to be born and the first doe is already overdue- I'm hoping some nice, fat, large litters will make me happy again.

Oh, the weird topic title? Didn't feel like changing it from the last post scrapped. It was about drama and why it follows some people around. Not worth talking about really, most folks know what I'd have said and the ones that don't are the ones that will never learn.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Holland Help Guide.

Julie at Oak Ridge Rabbitry has created a Holland Lop Guide to help folks learn the ins and outs of what can be a challenging breed. Though she is still tweaking and working on it, it's a helpful resource whether you are just curious about the Hollands or are looking to enjoy the breed more fully!

Keep's Rabbitry

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Wow it's incredibly windy here today. One gust picked up our gas grill on the front porch and slammed it back down. Talk about freaking out!

I'm so glad the bunnies are in a sturdy building. Trees around a rabbitry can help provide shaded, but on days like this, I'm glad there is only one small tree near mine- and even were it to blow over, it would blow away from the rabbitry.

I had some chores I wanted to complete today- tattooing some juniors, getting cages cleaned (that's definitely NOT going to happen), grooming and evaluating. I guess I can still do most of the indoor things, but it figures the most important, cage cleaning, is going to have to wait!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jersey Wooly Nationals Sales Notification-

I'm doing something I don't normally do...

I've had a fair number of folks emailing me, asking about stock for sale at JW Nationals and to be kept in mind for this, that and the other...

So for the first time, I'm going to be keeping... not really a waiting list, but more of a first notification list. Notification list folks get the first info on the sales animals, before they are posted on the blog and on my website.

It will be first come, first serve though, everyone on the notification list will get the info at the same time.

Please email me at enslavedbybunnies @ hotmail.com (remove the spaces before and after the @) and let me know if you'd like to be on the notification list.

Keep's Rabbitry

Monday, February 8, 2010

My PaSRBA Experience

I had a good time- I ended up going up there with Pete, Brandi and Trace from BL's Bunny Barn. Due to the bad weather, we left on Thursday. Thankfully, my boss is extremely great and allowed me to leave a half day early!

I got to see a ton of people from my favorite online forum- and I got to meet folks I've heard of or have friended on facebook, but never really met in person. I think there was a lot of amusement on both ends at accents :).

It started snowing Friday around noon, but didn't really start sticking until around 5pm or so- by Saturday, we had a delay to the start of the show and 2 feet of snow on the ground.

On to the results!

Let's see-

In the first show I took a bunch of seconds, which was expected- the poor bunnies were losing condition because they'd been in carriers and on the road since 1pm THURSDAY.

Keep's Poplar did take 1/5 in the self jr. buck class.
Keep's KTA (now known as Triton) took 1/4 in the shaded jr. buck class
Keep's Cairo (shaded sr. buck)- 2/5

Those were really the tops.

Specialty wise-

Keep's Cairo- 1/7
Keep's Epiphany (shaded sr. doe)- 2/7
Keep's Triton- 1/1- BOSG
Keep's KSA (shaded jr. doe)- 1/3- BOG
Keep's Poplar- 1/2

Is there such thing as an honorable mention for BOB? Because both my juniors got it. A little more coat and a little more flesh on them and who knows what would have happened? Maybe I flatter myself though hehe.

Sunday I only ended up showing 3- Cairo managed a miraculous 2/5ish and the two babies both got second. I was honestly shocked because at this point, they were SO out of condition. The judge mentioned the lack of flesh condition a lot. Thursday-Sunday is kind of rough on the bunnies. So, I enjoyed the PaSRBA, but I think it will be my one and only, it's just too hard on the buns.

Overall though, I'm pleased with my placings.

Keep's Rabbitry

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Wow, so the weather has been CRAZY lately.

It would figure, the year I try to go to PaSRBA, it would be all screwy!

Anyway, yep, you heard it right- Keep's Rabbitry is heading up to Pennsylvania to give it our best shot!

If only someone had told the bunnies that the best shot is kind of required- most are molting right now, ergh.

I will have a Belgian Hare Doe available- she is proven, I'm keeping a daughter out of her. She threw some beautiful babies. She is still young and has many years of baby making ahead of her.

I've got a pair of woolies to deliver- two hollands went on ahead to Maryland and are going to their new owners from there. I wasn't sure at the time if I'd be able to make it, it's nice it's going to work out!

Keep's Rabbitry