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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day

Man, I wish I had bred some does to be due on this day that barely exists!

It's a rainy day around the house.  No does are due for a while.  Everything is just on hold until the Nationals show is over.  I know that's all the blog has been dominated with lately, but my last show was a while ago and the next one coming up just happens to be a big deal!

I've added a few chickens around the house.  I will have some of them for sale in Greensboro- they are bantam cochins.

I may have a few rabbits for sale in Greensboro, though it seems like most of my sales list has already been spoken for.

Keep's Rabbitry

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today marks the "Only Two Weeks Until Nationals" point! I am starting to make decisions on who will be going and who just won't be in coat for the show.

Keep's Puzzle (BOSG at Convention) kindled three beautiful babies to my buck Keep's Tribute.  I am beyond excited for this litter, both parents are just beautiful!  It does mean Puzzle won't make it to Nationals to show, but I'll take a healthy, gorgeous litter over being able to show her any day!

Keep's Rabbitry

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Busy busy!

Wow, so much has to be done between now and March 10th, it's almost overwhelming!

I've got several friends coming to stay at our house for Nationals- I can't wait to have our "bunny sleepover", but it means I've got to get the house cleaned up and better organized before they arrive! With a rambunctious puppy, it can be hard to keep her toys from littering the entire floor.

I am a Youth Assistant and this year I am in charge of creating the Youth Royalty tests.  This has been a particular challenge because I don't own a Standard of Perfection and I don't have access to last year's test- so I'm flying blind on this one!   Thankfully I have wonderful friends who are willing to help me figure out good questions to ask.  This has managed to up my stress level a little though- ack!

There is the usual amount of rabbit chores to take of- cages to be cleaned, carriers to be cleaned (I tend to get hay all over mine, I should move them...) and speaking of hay, I need to go buy a new bale.  Tattoos need to be touched up and I've just given up on doing a sales list and pictures! I've been talking about the animals as people contact me looking for something.

I've been grooming the baby woolies and trying to work with posing them.  I'm hoping some of the juniors will make it to Nationals, but I'm not sure right now who I will be showing.  With there being 5 shows, entry fees are going to add up fast.

Keep's Rabbitry

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nationals Approaches!

We are just barely more than a month away from Nationals.

I am so thrilled that it is in North Carolina this year.  Not only is it close, a lot of my far-away rabbit friends are coming! I'm happy that they will get a chance to show down here and see how we do things.  NCRBA State Convention is one of my favorite shows already and to get to share that with people I very rarely get to see just tickles me to death!

I haven't even started looking at who I plan on showing.  I'm hoping the weather picks a temperature and stays with it so we can get coats grown back and condition put on.

I wish the people coming out had longer to stay- the NC Zoo is so great to visit and it's not too far away from Greensboro, where Nationals will be held.  I would love to take some of the friends around town, but I think we are all probably going to be exhausted by the time the show is over each day.  Ohh well, since I won't be attending Convention this year, I'm just happy to see the out-of-towners for the little bit of time they will be here!