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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Awww, why thank you!

Awww, why thank you!

Tru-Luv Rabbitry has honored me with a "Brillante Weblog" award. I see the my name on the list of those with such wonderful blogs as The Nature Trail blog, Three Little Ladies blog, and Wooly World's blog (to name just a few).

I wanted to take a moment to thank Tim and all my readers- you guys really don't know how much it means to me to get comments or emails, saying how much you enjoy a certain entry or how it's helped you. I've met several friends through this blog and it makes it all worth it. I've had folks say "I can't believe you blog about Wry Neck! No one else will talk about it!" I've had them tell me how something I mentioned taught them something new-

So thank you again to everyone who reads :). I really appreciate you all!

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Monday, July 28, 2008


Well, we're still dealing with diarrhea issues. The two little does that made it yesterday have been struck down again. One is very touch and go, the other I believe will be fine.

I made an emergency run to the grocery store and brought back peptobismol & Breyer's fruit on the bottom yogurt.

I grabbed the little rew doe, Thing 1, and gave her a few drops of the pepto to dry up the diarrhea. Then I forced a few tenths of a cc of yogurt in to her- she wasn't a fan. I hate to give the yogurt now, sugar isn't the best thing for an animal with diarrhea, but I HAVE to get her sugar up and get some energy in to her. Under the circumstances, it's probably the best thing to give her.

I placed a bowl of water chock full of vitamins and electrolytes in to her cage. She's not drinking, so in another ten minutes or so, I'll force some of that in to her as well. She's also got some hay if she decides she feels snackish.

I'll continue forcing the yogurt and water in to her, with the possible addition of baby food as well, until she either passes away or gets better.

It's a rough time here right now- these two sick, losing Thing 2 yesterday and having a doe give birth early- all 5 of her babies were failure to revives. I found them as I went to give her a nestbox. How awful is that?

I guess things have been going way too good recently. *sigh*

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Loss of a Baby

Well, we experienced our first heat loss today.

I came home from work yesterday and went straight in to the rabbitry to check on a doe who was due, but hasn't had her babies yet.

Tim noticed one of my up and coming wooley babies looking strange- her bottom half was covered in diarrhea. We quickly washed her off, I took out two other siblings who were showing signs of distress and everyone came inside to the air conditioned house. They got water and hay, but it was too late for the first baby. She passed away sometime this morning.

The other two babies are doing very well! I just hate we did so well all summer and now we lose one!

At least it could have been worse- we could have lost all three of the little girls. I just hate we couldn't save "Thing 2". :(

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Friday, July 25, 2008


Just a few little updates!

Aspen did pass her DOAs, finally! I was so worried about her, she's going to be leaving to become part of the foundation stock of a friend's wooley herd, I'd have hated for something to happen to her!

I've partially updated my for sales page and will be adding more animals soon! Free Transport will be available August 3/4th at different times on my trip, so if you are interested in something, let me know soon so we can hammer out details. So far, we've got mini lops, holland lops, woolies & angoras, with several pet animals on there as well!

We had a doe have her first litter! Unfortunately, the baby was a DOA peanut, but she's done such a great job on her nest, I can't wait to try her again.

We also had another litter of woolies born! EEK!

This baby boom is why so many animals will be added to the sales page! It's either move out rabbits or buy more cages- and I'm running out of space to put more cages!

The rat babies are ready to go to their new homes! They will be $3 each or 2 for $5. Dumbos and Standards, Males & Females, Blue & "special color I don't know the name of" available.

We're waiting on our barn cat to pop! She's pregnant *sigh* and we've been holding her hostage so we can tame her kittens and have her spayed before her wild black boyfriend comes back to the scene of the crime. We're asking $10 a future kitten to help us get her spayed/pay for kitten food. These babies will probably be excellent mousers & Mischa is Feline Leukemia Neg. :)

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birthing Trouble

Well, for the first time in a while, one of my does is having birthing trouble.

Aspen, a REW wooley doe, was set to kindle her last litter for me (before going to her new home) on the 19th.

On the 21st I noticed that she was plucking fur and nesting. Around 11pm that night, I noticed that there was some blood in the nestbox. Excited, I pulled the box out, only to find it empty. Aspen's bottom was covered in blood, but there was no sign she had given birth and her stomach was still tight.

I gave her dandelion leaves, which is a milk stimulant, hoping that would help get her going. I also allowed a buck to mount her. He humped away, but she was not in the mood to lift.

Here we are, almost 25 hours later. She's since been given crushed up Tums melted in water, in hopes the calcium would stimulate labor. She's tired, but still bright eyed.

Earlier today, she did pull a clump or two more of her fur and place it in the box, but has yet to pass any kits.

I treated her to a belly massage this afternoon around 5pm. Poor girl, she feels like she's ready to pop!

I'm hoping she's able to pass these kits on her own. Should she not have them tomorrow, I'm afraid I'll have to resort to oxytocin.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Time to Cull

With babies comes my least favorite time- culling time. I've been bouncing things around my head for several weeks already, but wanted to share how I'm looking at them.

First- I have a mini lop baby that is obviously going to be too small to ever really compete. Throw in the fact that he's still got ear control, and he's going to definitely be a pet! *Note to self- does the milk a rabbit produces affect babies? This one was fostered by a wooley mother, and is smaller than siblings, who have no ear control and were fed by a Mini Lop mother.*

Any DQs? Luckily, or perhaps unfortunately, all my rabbit babies are DQ free! No easy culls that way.

What do I need? I'm bad about keeping does over bucks, but I recently realized that in woolies, I NEED another buck! I've sold Dreamin' & Mover, I'll be selling one of my shaded bucks who are both juniors and full brothers- that only leaves me with Forest, a teeny baby REW buck that I traded Keep's Gorgeous for and a Shaded! Oops, when did that happen? I'm also going to need a doe to replace 2 older does. So no culling based just on sex either! Luckily, I mostly cull on quality, but have let really nice bucks and does go because I didn't need them!

Last use? Yep, I'm not just culling babies! I will probably be moving along a proven mini lop buck, just because I have cut down the mini herd and don't really need the three bucks I have right now, especially since most of everything is out of one of them! Does haven't really been sitting, so I'll have to check and see how many of their offspring I have. One of my jersey girls is leaving because her son is a Herd Buck and her daughter is now a proven brood doe. She outproduced herself!

Hmmm, lots to think about!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

GREAT times!

Wow, Taylorsville was so much fun! We arrived around 4pm, and were some of the very first in the show room! I love getting pick of set up spaces! We weren't cramped at all and were happily near the show tables!

Things started out a little shaky- Keep's Burlington went from being a Black jersey wooley buck to a Seal buck! Oh no! I only kept him this long because I thought he was black and his brother was shaded. Now both bucks are shaded and I really don't need two ( I didn't REALLY need two before...). So, be prepared to see an EXCELLENT shaded buck available soon- as soon as I can choose between them!

I got his entry squared away and delivered Ca. Dreamin' to his new home with Joni at Lyle's Creek Rabbitry! He's so rotten, I'm going to miss him!

I made the mistake of going to visit Brandi at BL's Bunny Barn. I ended up trading Keep's Gorgeous for BL's Attitude, a little REW jr. buck. He's got LINES LINES LINES and is such a cutie! Last of his kind too, his sire passed away recently. They also presented me with a handmade Rabbitry sign that Brandi's husband Pete made for me, in exchange for some web work! It's fascinating and totally unique! I'll have to post a picture and see if anyone knows why it's so special.

I socialized a bit here and there and off we went!

My poor rabbits were so molty, but that didn't keep them from EXCELLENT comments and very nice placements! Most Noteworthy comment goes to Keep's Forest in both show A & B.

Show A: "This is my first place buck, but I have to place him second on coat condition only". Poor guy only had half a wool cap!

He also placed BOSG in Show B! This MAY be his 3rd leg! EEK!

I was very proud of all the woolies, they didn't get a bad comment among all of them! :) I was actually fairly pleased with most placings and comments, even though there were a few in the hollands that I didn't feel quite fit- comments I mean, more so than placings.

I purchased a new broken mini lop buck for Tim! I'm hoping this guy meshes well! He unfortunately pulled a tooth in his carrier, otherwise he'd have taken his class.

Tim called me to let me know that Keep's Basheba kindled 5 healthy kits last night! I'm so happy, she's a really nice doe who just needs more depth. If I can get that depth on her kits, you mini lop people had better watch out! Hehehe.

We all went back to Joni's house to spend the night- a night that ended around 4:30am. It was so much fun to hang out with everyone, though Marlee accused me of "talking too much". She could have gone to bed ;).

We did our first food cull this morning. Two Netherland Dwarves, a Holland and a pair of Mini Lops were our practice animals. Thanks so much Malena, for demonstrating the Broom Stick Method, something that really everyone should know in case of emergencies. Everyone banded together to help each other, and I have to admit, I wasn't totally prepared for every aspect of putting the animals down. It was SO quick though, I really don't think some of the animals know they are dead yet.

Joni gave a course in butchering. She did an AWESOME job, especially for her first time! The pelts will be tanned, we feasted on grilled rabbit for lunch and there was so little wasted- Celeste even did a mini BARF diet for her dog Melly. All in all, a fitting, useful end for animals too ugly to be show/quality brood animals and too mean to be pets.

I'm exhausted and only managed to clear a single hole in the rabbitry- but hey, I had a great time, brought home a new buck and two new does- it was a good day. :)

Thanks everyone, for putting up with me even though I "talk too much".

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Road Trip!

I'll be making a trip to Alexandria Va the first week in August! I can deliver rabbits anywhere along I-40 up to the Chapel Hill area, or I-85 up to Alexandria. Transport fees must be paid in advance and buyers will be required to meet us right off the interstate on either August 3rd or August 4th.

I will not be responsible if a buyer doesn't show up to meet us after a reasonable period of time, and it will be up to them to make other arrangements to get the animal, including paying a new transport fee for the return trip.

If you are interested or know someone who may be, please contact me via email. My contact info can be found on my website. :).

Keep's Rabbitry

Monday, July 14, 2008

Isn't that always the way?

Well, Keep's Zephrim has started his much needed molt!! Bad news? The show is Saturday! ARRRRGH! Wouldn't you know it?

Three of the animals I most wanted to show are in molts. We'll see about the rest as time progresses!

With Zephrim, I may add some sunflower seeds to his food and do a daily grooming to remove the dead hair- with a little luck he won't be too awful by the time the show rolls around.

His sister is still missing her markings! I don't know what to do about her. She's a broken sable point that is so incredibly clean, she has no pattern. She's got the nose and ear markings, but that's it! Maybe I should bring her inside to try to get that pattern to reassert itself. Either way, it's looking like she may miss all her chances to show as a junior.

I've still got several animals for sale! I'll have limited carriers available for the show, so if you're interested in someone, let me know so I know to bring them!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Herd Reduction-

Wooley Booger's Blizzard- REW sr. English Angora Buck
Blizzard has such nice wool! Unfortunately, I hacked him up for Summer because it's hot and he was webbing. He's got excellent lines, and is absolutely beautiful in coat!

Wooley Booger's Gracie- Black Sr. Angora Doe- 2 legs with limited showing,very slight possiblity she's bred. Will provide information on Blizzard, in case she does kindle.

Will make a deal for the pair.

Keep's Gorgeous- smoke pearl sr. doe
She won her class as a 2 month old. I love this girl, out of Tula's Place Krys x FFR's Smooth Mover. She has been started, but lost her first litter. I'd like to see a bit more width to her body, but she's got nice depth, a very nice head- I thought she was a buck as a baby. She's a great size- not a BUD but not tiny like her daddy either. Great open ears! She does not have tassles.

HF's October- Black Tort Sr. Holland Lop- proven

Yeah, she's back. I still LOVE this doe, she's beautiful, but I am going to have to cut down. Great bone, beautiful top line, nice head, very slightly slipped in her crown, she's not tiny, but not a BUD. Definitely a must-see doe.

HHR's Wish Upon a Star-Mini Lop- Chinchilla senior doe.

This girl has lines and lines and lines! I'd like to see more width to her. Is proven! A picture & information can be seen on Sarah's doe page, about halfway down.


Keep's ?
2 Mini Lop bucks, Chestnut & Broken Chestnut
1 Mini Lop doe, Broken Chestnut - Fatboy's Kris (4 legs) x Fatboy's Tyson
Kris has an AMAZING body but is lacking in the head. Tyson's got a better head, and a good body. This litter has 7 babies, I made my first cull and these three, for better or worse, are the ones I'm letting go. I probably shouldn't, but oh well, we'll see! One of the bucks is definitely lacking in depth, one chops off at the butt. I probably should hold on to all these guys a few more weeks, but I've got too many babies.

3 Pregnant Female Degu- ACCEPTING OFFERS, everything considered.


I recently purchased an English Angora. She was accidentally pregnant by a GC Jersey Wooley when she arrived. Her kits will be available as pets. If you are interested in a "pocket angora", please email me. NO, they will not come with pedigrees. NO "pocket angora" is not a new breed. These are mutt rabbits. Five are available.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Does that Soil the Nestbox

Add a new pet peeve to my ever growing list.

A holland doe of mine decided to saturate- read again saturate her nestbox with feces and urine. She also ate all the fur out of the box, leaving her 5 day old babies soaked and disgusting.

Luckily, I found them before they all died. She killed her foster baby with that mess, and the next day one of her own passed away.

I took the babies and washed them off as best I could with a wet washcloth. Not that it did a whole lot of good, the broken looks disgustingly solid.

I then put them all in a little box, stuffed with hay and fur from the nest of another mother. When they were no longer chilled, I rubbed vanilla all over the nose of the other mother and popped the new babies in- despite the age and size difference. The next morning, the first of the holland babies had passed.

I don't like the situation they are in- the foster mother's baby is almost a week older. It's almost ready to pop those eyes open, while these babies aren't even a week old! However, my only other nursing doe who still has her nestbox has 6 babies on her plate. I don't know if I can try to sneak in these two to such a small, overworked mother. I may have to.

The biological mother is not getting her kids back. Once they soil the box, it seems like they've decided they are done taking care of the babies. She seems a bit sad they are gone, let's hope the milk build up encourages her to never do this again. I'm keeping an eye on her, by the way. We don't want any inflammation.

I guess the next thing to do is just rebreed her and go from there. I'll figure out who I can breed along with her so I have more foster options- I had my first misses in several months with this set of litters, wouldn't you know it?

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Upcoming Juniors

These guys are entirely too cute not to share! I'd like to present a set of pre-juniors, some of whom will be hitting the show table this September, with any luck!

Our first tan pattern Jersey Woolies! These babies burrow worse than anything I've ever seen.

Wooligans Nerissa x Keep's Forest. Plus a foster baby that will be going to live in PA! These guys are so cute, I have no idea how I'm going to choose between the four of them. Only one is pictured here.

Siamese Sable Holland Babies!! I did this cross expecting sable points and hoping for smoke pearls -I got a litter of four Siamese Sables! 3 brokens and 1 solid. They are fresh out of the nestbox and oh-so-cute!

The End :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Available at the Taylorsville Night Show!

HHR's Wish Upon a Star-Mini Lop- Chinchilla senior doe.

This girl has lines and lines and lines! I'd like to see more width to her. She is proven! A picture & information can be seen on Sarah's doe page, about halfway down. She came to me from Sarah out in California. I've got a buck out of her living here.


2 Mini Lop bucks, Chestnut & Broken Chestnut
1 Mini Lop doe, Broken Chestnut - Fatboy's Kris (4 legs) x Fatboy's Tyson

Kris has an AMAZING body but is lacking in the head. Tyson's got a better head, and a good body. This litter has 7 babies, I made my first cull and these three, for better or worse, are the ones I'm letting go. I probably shouldn't, but oh well, we'll see! One of the bucks is definitely lacking in depth, one chops off at the butt. I probably should hold on to all these guys a few more weeks, but I've got too many babies.

Waiting List:

7 Angora/Wooley crosses
10 Rat babies, some dumbos, and some fun colors in there!

Keep's Rabbitry

Saturday, July 5, 2008

More Babies!

We had 10 more viable kits born yesterday! One doe had a DOA that was horribly stretched, she obviously had a lot of problems with him. She also had a peanut and produced a kit on the wire that ended up dying, though I found him in time. I wonder if perhaps he had something wrong with him when I found him.

I fostered her peanut and healthy baby off to another doe, though perhaps I should have left the peanut with her as practice. Hmm. I do not cull peanuts at birth, but that's a whole 'nother blog.

One of my hollands presented me with a litter of 6! I couldn't believe it. My little buck Future really outdid himself this time. She was my first choice to foster to, but I felt she had enough on her plate.

My other holland doe had 3. So she's the lucky recipient of extra babies! Everyone give her a round of applause ;).

The English Angora I received that had been accidentally bred a few weeks before- she had 7. Oh yeah. There will be several colors available when she weans them.

I still have 2 does in this round of breeding that haven't popped. I'm going to try to palpate today, but both are a bit skittish and it makes it hard to get a hand on them.

I'm still amazed by all the babies in the barn right now! I love it so much and I finally feel like I'm making some progress with my breeding program, after the year of basically sitting around and twiddling my thumbs.

Oh! Some other news- I bred a Smoke Pearl Holland to my Sable Point buck, expecting smokes and sable points. Yep- 4 Siamese Sables in the box right now, 3 brokens and 1 solid. Ahhh well, if they have the type of their daddy, expect to see color make a comeback! :)

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day to all the American readers out there :)

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seconding Guessing Myself

It's culling season. By which I mean, my babies are growing up! *sniffle, sniffle, tear*

So now comes the all important question, who do I grow out and who do I sell now?

A brief look over my holland babies indicates quickly my keeper, and my two culls. One is going to be a VERY nice brood doe and the other, while absolutely adorable, with nice qualities, is gonna be tiny. I think she'll go as a pet.

A glance over my 5 week old mini lops has me wondering though. Together, Tim & I culled 3 of the 7. But wait- they are only 5 weeks old! What ifs have been running through my head all day. What if I sell them and they pop at 10 weeks? What if the way they were pushing skewed the body more than I thought? What if I just posed them wrong? What if, what if, what if. I do know I took body in to account but not head. The mother to this litter has an amazing body, but her head has kept her from that senior leg that she needs to grand. As a junior, the body was good enough to earn her 4 legs.

I'm really hoping for the same great body, with a bigger head- aren't we all hoping for something like that though? "If only these faults were fixed..."

Ahh well, that's what each new generation gives us a chance to work on. If we don't cull the best fruits of our labor too early. *sigh*

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