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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Few Updates

Miss Muffet has been sold. *sigh* It's not going to be the same without her. Thankfully, she'll be hanging around until May, so she gets one last date with one of my lucky bucks! :D. Now I've just got to decide WHO!

It's snowing here- you know what that means. Frozen Water bottles! Oh joy.

Today, while feeding, Tim found a large, dead baby in the middle of the rabbitry floor. We're puzzled- none of the does due had any blood or placentas in their cages/nestboxes. None had other babies. It's clear someone kindled, but who it was and why this baby ended up where it did, we have no idea. How sad and very bizarre :(.

I purchased three new woolies. I wasn't intending to purchase any, but unfortunately Marlee Hamilton is selling out. Marlee is a youth breeder who has some VERY nice animals and I couldn't resist. I brought home a HUGE siamese sable brood doe, a very pretty little REW doe and ......*sigh* an AOV.

I don't like AOVs that much. I don't WANT AOV. But this guy was so, so nice, I couldn't resist. It's an added bonus that his mom was Keep's Charlotte, sister to Tryon and Burlington! I nearly brought home his sister instead, but...no, at the end of the day, it was all Stewart!

Thankfully, he can be bred to both self and shaded animals, unlike the tans who could only be bred to the selfs. That's how I justified it, anyway. ;)

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Anonymous said...

aww, sorry about Miss Muffet, I'm sure she was awesome. :)

wow, that is bizzare...

Good luck with everything!