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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I can't believe it

I am in shock- a doe kindled! Keep's Ash had a single baby today! That's great and surprising news. I say surprising because I thought she palpated negatively and she was rebred about 2 weeks ago- and she was very eager and willing to be rebred.

Ergh. That might not be good. Hopefully someone nearby will have a litter of a similar age and I can foster this little guy off.

Thanks so much for the encouraging emails, messages and comments guys! I promise I wasn't always this gloom and doom regarding the breeding of the rabbits. In fact, I can trace it back directly to this awful rabbitry :lol:.

We get to go see Brandi and Pete in a bit over a week! YAY!! Pete is going to put together a hutch for me out of my hanging cages. MUWAHAHAHAHA!

I'm trying to go to the Dalton show on March 7th. I NEED a show! Of course, the conditioning is still off on the rabbits. They are all on supplements right now until we run out of Fibre3- then I'm running straight back to Purina Show (the blue bag)! I am definitely not happy with my condition right now.

Ahhh the world of show bunnies- we always attempt to get something just a little bit better and can massively screw up something that wasn't broken to begin with. Awesome lol!

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