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Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't breathe

Shhh! Don't breathe. We've got some happenings here at Keep's Rabbitry and even the slightest thing could upset the apple cart.

I was despairing yesterday- only one doe kindle and half the others either ate all their hay or pooped all in the box.

Today I wandered in to the rabbitry to check on the lone baby and, to my surprise, Keep's Dreamer waltzed up to the front of her cage, past her hay-empty nestbox. In her mouth- the few pieces of hay she hadn't eaten.

Oh yes...she's nesting! I panicked and filled her box full, then placed some on the wire so she can continue to nest. So...EEK!

Could it be? TWO does kindling?! They happen to be side by side! Perhaps these are magic cages! Both does (Ash & Dreamer) are REWs I was considering selling at the Ohio Mini Convention, IF they kindled for me. So hey! It might work out!

I hope I didn't just jinx myself by sharing this news. Fingers crossed for me guys! I need it!

Keep's Rabbitry

1 comment:

TLR said...

Loads of Prayers heading your way. Please do update.

The last note reminded me of the Chinese custom practice here. We normally do not disclose if someone's pregnant until they are 3 months. I guess it wouldn't work if you do not believe in it. LOL!