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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aww, don't get old!

I was playing in Evans today and looking at my wooly information- and it's depressing! So many of my original stock from Lisa at Wooligans are getting old- I guess I need to be thinking about if I'll be moving them on or retiring them to pet homes or what. These rabbits were my foundation stock, and if I'm to be completely honest, Lisa's rabbits were the reason I got in to woolies. I wasn't that impressed with them in person, but when I saw her post her the babies she was getting, or the adorable pictures of her adults, I was hooked.

It makes me sad- I wish they could stay young longer. It's funny to think- I've still got half of the ones that made the original journey here- Aspen went on to Joni to help her get started and Chester is with Krys, but Raleigh, Leesa, Arabella, Nerissa- they are still here!

I only recently moved out Tula's Place Krys- a baby that arrived here as part of my very first set of woolies, thanks to Krys. She went back home to PA, to the breeder she hadn't seen since she was itty bitty.

I can't believe how fast these years have flown by. It's almost like the end of an era. Admittedly, these woolies haven't been shown in years and I have offspring by them- but...wow.

*sigh* Don't get old guys!

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