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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two days of Bunny Talk!

We just got home from visiting Brandi at BL's Bunny Barn. I LOVE seeing my bunny friends. I'm sure they are glad I'm gone though, because wow, can I talk someone's ear off. It's nice to have a chance to relax, after all that's been going on lately!

We started off by going in to the barn and doing a door to door evaluation. I'm convinced I should have lied about my opinions so I could have brought home some super awesome little juniors! I was honest though (aren't you guys proud of me? hehe). I did bring home one adorable little REW doe. I just couldn't resist. If I had more cages available, you can bet I would have brought home a few more! She's got a ton of nice looking babies available, as well as a few GC bucks!

We also picked out our Thrianta doe. She's a cutie, I can...not...WAIT for this little girl to grow up. Tim is excited, he is a big fan of the "Fire of the Fancy." If ya'll are interested, they do still have some "T"'s available

Pete made a frame for my outdoor hutch- I'm so excited! It looks great- if you ever need anything built, Pete can do it.

Speaking of- I got my show coop! SQUEE! It's a 3 holer that is nice and solid, without being so heavy you can't pick it up. It looks flat out professional- I can't wait to get pics tomorrow when I'm not so tired! I feel like a real breeder now ROFL!

We had such a great time. I can't wait for the show in 2 weeks where I get to see Brandi, Pete and Trace again, as well as my other bunny buddies, who I don't get to see NEARLY enough.

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