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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Lure of Woolies

I'm amazed by Woolies. Obviously I think they are adorable, from their wide faces and tiny little ears to the beautiful wool. I've even gone so far as to scale my Hollands down majorly and up the Wooly herd.

This post isn't about me though.

I first noticed it, obviously, when my friend Joni got her first Woolies. She loved Forest's cuddly personality and sweetness (and ironically, he's the only one who has ever bitten me lol), so she added a Wooly or two. Then another. And yet another. Last show, she mentioned she was considering maybe downsizing a Holland or two and adding in a few Woolies. Interesting.

Flash forward a bit- a Holland breeder I know happens to pick up a few Woolies. She shows them, she loves them, within weeks of the purchase she is talking about downsizing the Hollands and adding more Woolies!

When Marlee sold out, her mom Malena came oh so close to joining the Wooly movement- and Malena is a staunch Holland lover!

WHY? How do they cause established breeders to suddenly think traitorous thoughts about other breeds?

I think a lot has to do with the showing aspect. With so many color groups in Jersey Woolies, you've got a better chance of winning- or at least placing second. I'm sorry, I love the hollands, but it gets very discouraging when you have a NICE rabbit and it can't beat the G.C. 3 year olds on the table.

Which brings up my next point- woolies are competitive as young as 2 months old. You doubt me? I've won LEGS that young.

The biggest reason I've heard though are the people. Wooly people the country over seem to have a reputation for being laid back, friendly and welcoming. I only know of one person who had trouble with an individual and it was an obvious case of jealousy over the quality of animals the upstart *newbie* brought. I remember taking my first Woolies to the table- they applauded when my junior buck won his class, said hello, showed me their animals...it was a great time.

I hate to say it Holland folks, but we don't exactly have a reputation as a warm, happy, welcoming group. I've been lucky, the folks in Hollands here ARE sweet people. When I started in the Hollands years ago though, that definitely was not the case. I did not feel welcomed by any of the breeders, although no one was hostile. Those of you that show with me may notice I always try to greet the new breeders- it's because I clearly remember what it was like not knowing what to do or anyone and being so alone.

My last suspicion in the Wooly movement is color. Nice rabbits come in all shades in Woolies and I think that's a big perk for people.

So, if you're considering getting Woolies, beware- may cause severe love of the breed, to the detriment of others you currently own! Well worth it though ;)

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