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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cleaning Day!

Today was beautiful! Weather.com says it's a sunny 71 degrees, so we took advantage of the weather to clean cages. I wish we had had more time to really scrub the cages, but hey, 95% have beautiful, clean pans. Our neighbor has a trailer full of bunny poop for his new garden, and I have a day worth of stories to tell!

I took the opportunity to set up an X-pen and moved a few carriers outside. All does not bred got to visit the great outdoors today!

Bandit and Jasmine, the hares, got to romp in our semi-permanent outdoor pen. All was going well until I notice there is only one hare in the pen! Jasmine, after an hour or so of exploration, decided to leave us. I panicked and began to scan the yard- and a movement caught my eye. She had run to the outside spigot and was hanging out! Tim circled one way and I followed behind her. My biggest fear was that she'd head for the road, but thankfully when she realized we were trying to surround her, she bolted back towards the pen. We managed to tackle her and she went back to her cage!

Our retired mini lops Abby & Joe got to the X-pen and met Wooligans Raleigh for the first time- the three of them absolutely hit it off! Raleigh later got a date with Keep's Forest and I'm pleased to report things went successfully ;).

All of the does (Wooligans Leesa, TB's Secret Chance, and another who's name I'm blanking on) went on to have successful dates! WEEE! Could this warm day in the sunshine be just what the doctor ordered?

The worst part of the day came when Tim went to unload the brand new bags of feed we purchased. I hear "Oh no.."

A bag of food had split! But not only that........

It spilled ALL OVER the car! UGH. We spent 30 minutes trying to salvage what we could. We'll have to get out the vacuum here in a bit. *sigh*

Ahh well, it was a good day at least :)

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