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Saturday, March 14, 2009

I love my rabbit friends

I love my rabbit friends- I really do. I'm able to tease them and joke around without having to worry about giving offense.

For instance, Tresia has a gorgeous doe who surely must have 100,000 legs for BOB by now (only a slight exaggeration). She humors me by letting me refer to her as DD (Durn Doe), because that silly thing always beats my buck Tryon. I love to tease her that DD needs to stay home and make babies hehe. Tresia hasn't attempted to smack me yet!

Joni and I are doing our pre-show trash talking as I write this, which mostly involves me trying to convince her to leave some key member of her show team. I've also threatened to whisper the "S" word (S-H-O-W) in the ears of all her rabbits the night before. Muwahahaha I'll do it too :D.

When I visited Pete and Brandi, I threatened to tell them to sell all their keepers to me, by pretending they weren't cute :rofl:

I can't even begin to explain how I harrass my other friends, even those living in California, Oklahoma, Virginia, etc, etc, etc, :). Be glad you folks don't have to show with me on a regular basis!

The list of jokes goes on and on- obviously, I love to pick around with folks and I'm so happy that all my friends let me tease them :D. I've heard that in other competitive animal shows, the camaraderie isn't nearly what we have in rabbit shows. This is why I'm so thankful to be doing what I do. Rabbit people are the best people in the world :). And lest you think I only dish it out, come by a rabbit show and listen to the abuse I have to put up with some time :).

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Susie said...

"You want to come to Ohio so you can bring me my doe."

LOL. Yes Keep, I want to go to Ohio just so I can give you my best rabbit in my herd. :)

So awesome, I luvs you. :)

Keep said...