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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We may be looking at success! Maybe.

Today was Day 2 of the does being set up in the outside hutch. I brought out a different buck to each lady and two of the girls lifted up immediately, allowing their boyfriends to catch them 2-3 times each! EEK!

The other doe was not a fan of the attention. >.<

My plan is to add wheat germ to their pellets tonight (I bring the outside girls in at night because I'm paranoid) and allow them to spend another two days outside. At this point, the two that were bred will be brought in and two more will go out to take their places. The doe that didn't want to breed will be tried again.

I'm hoping this extra time in the fresh, sunny outside will help not only put the girls in the mood, but will help them to actually become pregnant.

We also put a radio outside. A few of the rabbits startle easily, but now that they have their radio, I was able to go in and out of the rabbitry without offending any of their majesties.

Just had to share my excitement! It's always a good day when the rabbits breed willingly lol.

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LilBitFarms said...

*crosses fingers for ya*