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Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Update

Well, Dreamer kindled- unfortunately she had 3 on the wire. One was a peanut and the other two appeared to be DOAs anyway. Hey, the good news is that she's started now. I rebred her immediately to Burlington, so I'm hoping we get some babies next time.

It's pouring snow here- the tree limbs are coated, as well as the tops of things, but it doesn't seem to be laying very well on the ground. It will make feeding mildly unpleasant- gotta love frozen water bottles and bitter cold! I was so ready for Spring :(.

My Barbi girl is due today. I really, really, really want her to kindle this time! We've got others due in a few days as well- I thought I felt babies in at least one.

Speaking of babies, our mini dachshund puppies are working on eyeballs! "Red" peeked out at us yesterday with a single eye- he looked a bit like a pirate with only one eye open lol.

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