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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Tim and I buckled down and did some Spring Cleaning today in the house- mainly in the mudroom, which was a disaster in and of itself (partially because they refused to believe us when we said the washer wasn't working properly. Oh well, not my house, not my problem...now they get to fix the tiled floor, after having the handy man out here for the third time).

I digress.

Cleaning the house always makes me think of cleaning out the rabbitry- who needs to go, who needs to stay...

Right now, all of my does except two are bred. I'm excited because the girls continue to be eager to breed. That means I can't exactly move out any does right now. However, I CAN plan on who to move out. I've got some does getting older who, though I would love to get another few litters out of them, should probably move out to make room for others.

I know for a fact one of my wooly problems is too many bucks. I've got Tryon, Burlington, Durham, Forest, Little Steps, Stewart and Mystic. Five of these guys are SHADEDS. What in the world was I thinking?!

I'll be moving Burlington on- after all, he's Tryon's full brother, has produced three beautiful babies for me...I need to move him on! So, that makes it 4 shaded bucks. That's a little better...right?

I am selling a Broken Holland buck, which will help on the "Too Many Holland Bucks" problem.

Gotta love it! Want to sell down...NEED to sell down... love everything in the barn. I guess there could be worse problems- like hating everything in the barn!

Hm..... OH! I think my Belgian Hare doe Jasmine is PREGNANT! PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for a success first litter. They are the so important to getting the belgians going in this state! :)

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