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Friday, March 27, 2009

So happy!

I found my blower! It's been missing since Convention and I finally located it- SO HAPPY! I celebrated by torturing my junior does- they look so nice with their fluffy coats! I'm confident with the help of my blower they'll be looking smokin' hot by the time Ohio comes around!

Speaking of- I am offering transport to Ohio and back :). Rabbits must be entered in the show or else must pick up rabbits on Friday or deliver them to me to be brought back on Sunday :).

We've got a show tomorrow in Taylorsville. I'm showing basically the same buns as last week. I hope they don't stress out on me. Everyone is looking good though.

I'm selling my Californian does. I also have some cages available :).

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~Kayla said...

The cages you have available, are they stacking? You can post a comment in response on my blog at: www.sunsetrabbitry.blogspot.com