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Monday, March 23, 2009

NC Convention

I'm gonna try to do this from memory since I can't find Day 1's results- I'll find them eventually though lol.

A&B are Day 1, C is Day 2, I didn't show in "D"

Hamilton's Stewart - AOV Sr. Buck- BOG A, B & C

Keep's Forest- Self Sr. Buck- 1st in class A (leg), BOSB B, 3/6 C (too high of a poser lol)

Keep's Tryon- Shaded Sr. Buck- BOSG A, 2/3 B, BOSG C, mentioned for BOSB, but lost out to a cute self buck.

Keep's Durham- Self Jr. Buck- uhm.... I can only remember 3/5 C. I was disappointed with his results though, I had high hopes for him as a baby and I'm afraid he's not going to realize the.

Keep's Chapel Hill- Shaded Jr. Doe 1/5 A, 4/5 B, 3/4 C

Keep's Taylorsville- Shaded Jr Doe 4/5 A, 2/5 B, 2/4 C

I stayed with Joni Friday and Saturday, which was a life saver! We had a ball and I got to go over all the rabbits in her barn :D. That's always SO MUCH FUN.

I think my favorite memory is going to be Tresia winning her first ever BIS- she was jumping up and down, fist pumping and GRINNING! It's SO NICE to see someone excited to win and not afraid to enjoy the moment. She got a second ovation from wooly exhibitors as she walked past the table where woolies were being judged for Show B.

We tried to convince Heidi to accidently forget to put "DD" up for show on the second day, since Tresia wasn't there. Unfortunately, Heidi remembered and DD swept the tables for another pair of BOBs. :).

It was a good set of days. I know the bunnies are TIRED and happy to be home. We've got another show next weekend and then a third the weekend after. It's going to be busy!

I'm happy to say that I sold 3/5 of the rabbits I had for sale, which always makes you feel good! I've got a lot of interest in my remaining buck, HF's Bart, so I'm confident he'll be with someone new soon too.

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