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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Evaluation of my Wooly Herd.

I spent a good hour outside today, evaluating and grooming every Wooly in my herd. Wow, the numbers have sure grown!

I was thrilled with how little work I had as far as grooming- only a few needed any kind of real work and they just had a few mats. I spent some time plucking dead fur out of the butts of molting adults and a few juniors- that fur went right in to the garden :).

I'm thrilled with what I'm seeing in my herd- tiny ears, beautiful large heads, short bodies and good wool. I'd like to see a little more thickness to the ear on a few of the animals, but I have some nice bucks that can help out with that. I'd also like a bit more "fullness" to the coats. I've got a nice looking set of brood does with wool for DAYS, so I'm hoping that won't be a problem either. I need to keep an eye on the size of my woolies- they are getting very small! Again- hoping the brood does help "up size" the herd.

My two youngest junior does are looking GREAT- oh man they are turning out beautiful. One is a siamese sable, the other is either a black or a seal- it's so hard to tell, especially when 90% of the body is covered with off-color baby fuzz.

I've also decided to offer a siamese sable holland lop doe for sale and possibly a young broken tort buck. More to come on them later :)

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