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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Updated Sales List

Feel Free to make offers, I'll be getting pictures up as I am able.

Pictures of Rabbits can be seen here

Holland Lops

Hamilton's Mallory: Sr. Holland Lop Doe- solid black tort
Mallory is a gorgeous brood doe. She's a BUD, but she is beautifully put together and has a lot to offer any herd. $45 *price reduced*

Rogers Judas- black tort holland lop sr. buck.
This guy has made beautiful babies in the past. I've decided to severely cut my holland herd, and I have a buck I like the smallest bit better. Not easy letting him go, he's gorgeous and always places well for me! Love his bone, love his mass, hard to fault him. $100.

Keep's Flippa- black tort holland lop sr. doe
Out of Hamilton's Fendi x Leprechaun's Tommy. I think she's so cute, tiniest bit slipped in the crown, very poofy crown, great ears/head. Awesome bone, very nicely put together doe, is a bit on the larger side. Very nice lineage, would make a good brood doe, she's a young senior. $40

user posted image

Huckleberry's Misses Lady- smoke pearl Sr. Doe
Out of Mtns and Mary's lines, goes back to BBF's Yankee Doodle Dandy. Very typey, slightly slipped in the crown, so she's good at pulling those ears back and making them look long. Possibly bred, so not available until after her due date or after she weans a litter. She's had 1 DOA litter before, but tried to take care of them. Would be a great asset for getting some color in to your herd. Nicer looking doe that my picture does her credit. $75

Jersey Woolies:

Daisy's Zoey- Siamese Sable Sr. Doe
I hate selling this rabbit, she's very cute and throws nice babies. Nice H/E/C, nice body, she's not oversize and is a good mom. I like her width very much. Is split almost 50/50 with Mckie's and Lynch's lines. She's only a tad over a year old. $35

Daisy's Princis- Broken Black sr doe
A nice looking doe, she's got a nice looking head and good short ears. Comes out of good lines, Lynch and BB's for example. I am unsure as to if she's proven or not, I've not tried to breed her. $20 *price reduced*

Mini Lops:

Howman's Funky- broken lynx Sr Buck (yes, true lynx, out of chocolates and everything)
Funky is SO nice. He's about to turn 5 years old, so I'm letting him go way cheaper than his quality would suggest. He has 2 legs and has won more classes, but we're always an exhibitor short, or a rabbit short of the leg amount. Lines are half Howmans, half Minichs. Beautiful H/E/C package, he's lost some of his beautiful body due to being 5, but was still winning classes at 4 1/2. Father to GC Keep's Super Fly, would be a great way to get nice lines, or a great starter buck. Will breed anything that moves- and it doesn't even have to move. $20

Justin's Unique- broken black Sr Doe
Out of Fatboy's Oreo and Fatboy's Trixie. Oreo was a tremendous buck that has so many Youth BIS to his credit I don't know where to start counting.
She has a nice H/E/C package, has never been shown ( I have no idea why, she just fell through the cracks of the rabbitry). She's 9 months old, has had 1 dead litter. A really nice looking little doe. Price reduced because she is not proven $25

Keep's Eve- broken GT Steel Sr. Doe
Out of GC Baraba's Abby & GC Keep's Super Fly. Needs more width throughout her body, has a fairly nice Head, great E/C. Was very promising as a junior, many second place finishes in her carrier. Always in the top half of the class. $25

As always, will discount on multiples, all animals are priced to MOVE.

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