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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Taking pictures of rabbits

This is definitely a post I'm going to need to put in to practice. My difference is I know what I need to do to take better pictures, I just don't do it all the time! :)

When taking pictures of my bunnies, I like to make sure the camera is on a motion setting, if it has one. This way, if they move at the last second, I'll generally still get a decent picture- although maybe not the exact one I wanted.

I've recently started taking my animals outdoors for photoshoots- which means pretty soon, I won't be taking anymore! But the natural light makes the pictures much clearer!

I've also taken to piling up carriers (or you can use a table, steps, etc). I drape a towel or sheet over them, and then I've got a nice set up to take pictures on, that is closer to my height. That way, I don't get pictures that are two angled- you know, pics from looking down and to the side, that doesn't really show off the rabbit.

As a background, you can use the side of your barn or house. Or, if you have the set up, something that can be draped with a cloth makes a good background. I like our backyard- there are plenty of trees, so I get a nice green or orangey look to the back of the pictures, with minimal work.

Take a lot of pictures! I take probably 15-20 per rabbit and usually get one or two that I like- or in some cases, are acceptable. I try to snap a few as SOON as the rabbit is on the table. Then, they are going to inevitably sniffle around a little, so I let them go for it while I check out what I just took. Some folks prefer to let them explore for a little while when they are first on the table, others don't let them explore at all. See what works for you :).

If I have a rabbit pee on my towel or sheet, I have to change it out very quickly, otherwise the rest of the photo shoot is going to be an exercise in irritation. The bucks will have to sniff and either pee too, or poop, or spray, or just have their noses permanently glued to the pee stain.

Be careful of overposing or underposing your rabbits! I know I'm terrible about getting pictures of my mini lops, because I worry too much about overposing them and not enough about underposing! Consequently, even the BIS & RIS minis don't look as good as they do in real life!

Happy Picture Taking :)
Keep's Rabbitry

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