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Monday, November 12, 2007

Showing someone else's rabbits

I recently saw a post on Rabbit Habbit asking- Do you show other people's rabbits? Do you want other people to show yours? And it got me thinking- a much more indepth answer than the one I posted, that's for sure.

I absolutely show someone else's rabbit. Now, if it's a G.C., I may take it for a spin around the tables only a few times, just to get opinions on faults, grab a couple extra legs, that kind of thing, then it retires to the barn.

If it's not a G.C. I will absolutely show that rabbit! I reserve the right to show it until it can't compete any longer! After all, if I bought it, I must think it's nice. Who doesn't want to see another G.C. next to a rabbit's name, even if it isn't a homebred? It also makes it worth more money if I should decide to sell the animal and it does make the offspring more valuable.

Of course it's a sweeter win when it's a homebred, but take a look at my abysmal breeding record lately- I'd have very few hollands to show, thanks to culling down and poor birth rates.

I would like to say, homebred or purchased, I don't like showing does past 3 legs. I LOVE to say, I'd rather have a doe with 2-3 legs home making babies, than a doe with 15 legs that won't have a litter for me. Now, when she has a litter, if she can bounce back to condition, I've got no problem putting her up on the table a time or two before her next litter :).

Now do I mind if someone shows a rabbit I sell- NO! I sell all animals knowing I could compete and lose to them at any given time. I LOVE to hear that an animal I had does well- it proves to me I made good breeding choices and it's a warm fuzzy feeling to hear that a Keep's rabbit granded!

Now, some folks won't show rabbits they buy- good for you. I understand not wanting to only buy GCs, but to breed them insteand, but really, any animal I buy is going to produce for me, or it won't stay. You don't have to be a GC to live here, but you do have to produce nice animals.

Some folks don't like you to show their rabbits, especially if you compete against them. Again, that's absolutely the decision of the breeder. I personally feel if I sell it, I don't have control over it anymore.

Rarely, I will ask for right of first refusal- if you buy it from me and decide to sell it, please let me know so I have first dibs. I ask this rarely, but I know I would be upset if someone ignored the request.

When buying a Keep's rabbit, it is yours. PLEASE, take it, grand it, put 70 legs on it, even at my expense. I promise to be the one standing right behind you applauding. :) After all, you get the trophies, but I get the pleasure of knowing I produced an excellent rabbit.

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