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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Big Plans- Update

Wow, we smell delicious. The kind of delicious you can only get when you spend 3 hours outside moving poop around.

I'm proud of us! We did about 75% of the pans- we'd have finished them all, but unfortunately we ran out of daylight. My arms are so tired, but it's nice to look at all the pretty, clean shavings.

We got our dividers cut. Tim did some creative cutting, but all in all, they'll work out great. Unfortunately, we couldn't put them all up, because the zip ties went mysteriously missing. Ah well, we'll have to make a run to Walmart tomorrow to grab a new bag. Then we'll be set :).

I managed to get a J feeder up, switched cages on a few of the mini lops, and a rotation of 5-6 does got to spend some time outside in the fresh air and grass. During that time, Keep's Gorgeous was bred back to her dad- HOORAY! I'm so excited for these babies. :)

Speaking of babies, I got 4 nestboxes in. Of those, 2 does are already nesting! WEEEE! Fingers crossed for babies! Both does nesting are great mamas. The two that haven't started nesting are first timers, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

I forgot to move my insiders back out- so they'll get to stay in the house a little longer. I'm sure they are crushed!

I enjoyed working outside today. I bonded with one of my mini lop bucks from CA. He didn't want the head rubs to stop. What a big ole teddy bear! :).

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