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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Taylorsville Sales List

Holland Lops:

Hamilton's Fendi: Sr. Holland Lop Doe- solid black tort
Fendi is a great mom, and a beautiful doe. Quite a looker, she manages to throw better than herself and it's amazing. Keeping her daughter as a replacement. $45

Hamilton's Mallory: Sr. Holland Lop Doe- solid black tort
Mallory is a gorgeous brood doe. She's a BUD, but she is beautifully put together and has a lot to offer any herd. $50

Rogers Judas- black tort holland lop sr. buck.
This guy has made beautiful babies in the past. I've decided to severely cut my holland herd, and I have a buck I like the smallest bit better. Not easy letting him go, he's gorgeous and always places well for me! $100. Picture can be see on my Bucks page on the website, or in my blog.

Keep's Flippa- black tort holland lop sr. doe
Out of Hamilton's Fendi x Leprechaun's Tommy. I think she's so cute, tiniest bit slipped in the crown, very poofy crown, great ears/head. Awesome bone, very nicely put together doe, is a bit on the larger side. Very nice lineage, would make a good brood doe, she's a young senior. $45

Jersey Woolies:

Daisy's Princis- Broken Black sr doe
She's got a cute head and ears, nice body. Comes out of good lines, Lynch and BB's for example. Definitely worth taking on chance on, I think. I just HAVE to clear some animals out! $25.

Mini Lops:

Keep's Champ- chinchilla sr buck.
This guy is out of Velotta's Joe, who has about 14 legs at this point, and Under the Pine's Bertha, 1 leg. Has absolutely no butt whatsoever, the best fur ever, a beautiful H/E/C package. Would be a great pet, $5 no ped, $10 ped.

Will have a broken buck available, I'm just not sure which one yet, please be sure to stop by and take a look.

As always, will discount on multiples.

Keep's Rabbitry

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