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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Juniors Growing up!

Ahh, it's November- starting to get cold, the holidays are upon us, and the rabbit show season is winding down.

There is a show in Sanford that I won't be able to attend- it's too far to go for a single show, sadly.

The first of December there is a show in SC that isn't too far, but who knows if anyone will be in coat for that show?

No, I think it's safe to say that the shows are at an end for Keep's Rabbitry this year. It's harder to get babies in the winter, the rabbits are in prime coats for no shows, and they get increased food because of the cold. Fun times ahead.

What makes me the saddest, I think, is that it's the end of time for my juniors. Lil Bit Farms Zapp, my broken sable point holland buck, is the one I'm regretting growing up the most. Now that he's only a short time away from hitting six months old, he'll have to lounge around the barn with the ladies for at least six months before I'll even consider putting him back on the tables. It'll probably take a year before he's competitive again.

With the mini lops and jersey woolies, the wait for competitiveness isn't quite so long. In fact, I've had young seniors place well before- Basheba proved that just this past weekend.

Still though, time marches on. I look at the rabbits in my barn and I remember when some of them were born. Now I'm looking forward to 2-3 months from now for show season to start, and it's like wishing time would jump forward.

Ahh well, "You're older than you ever were and now you're even older". The babies have to grow up sometime :(.

Keep's Rabbitry

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