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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Taylorsville Show Results

Wow, I'm exhausted. These shows are too durn early!

To begin with, AGAIN my alarm didn't go off! Must be something about setting it for 5:00am, because I made Tim set BOTH alarms on it just in case. Luckily, Malena had been picking on me for days about it, so I had her call us.

We were only a few minutes late meeting up with her and Nita, it's amazing how many times you can be stopped by red lights in one stretch of road.

So we transfer my four carriers to Malena's van, and put my grooming box in with Nita- away we go! Tim had to perform a renewal of vows, so he wasn't able to come :(.

We roll up to Taylorsville around 7:30am- and no one was there! The doors were shut and locked, and we were freaking out. It's always in the same place! I had whipped out my cell phone and was about to call Tim, when one of the other breeders opened up the front doors. There were 4-5 breeders on the other side of the building! HOORAY, we weren't crazy!

We set up in a room that was actually colder inside than it was outside! I met up with Dennie, a ND breeder and she taunted me with an adorable VM dwarf that Tim wouldn't let me have. Oh he was so cute, and I wanted him!!! Luckily, he found a good home with a little girl before the end of the day. :)

After setting up, I did what I do best- chattered away with anyone and everyone in the vicinity. I had Trent go over my new mini loppers. Sadly, these guys suffered a lack of condition because of the airplane flight, but despite that, my results were pretty good!

Finally, the show was started! I'm going to give the short version of my results, if that's ok everyone.

Keep's Basheba took her class (SSD), earning her second leg! YAY! I'll probably try to breed her during our lack of shows, though I hate to do that, since I do think she could grand. She placed second in her class in the second show- SO CLOSE! :)

SSB's unnamed mini lop took his class (BJB) in the first show, and placed second in the second show!

The results were reversed for SSB'S Goober (BJB) who took second in the first show and first in the second!

My woolies didn't do a lot to write home about this go 'round. I was only able to show two. Keep's Gorgeous got 2nd once and 3rd once, as a young, molty senior doe.

Lil Bit's Zapp, my holland broken junior buck, placed 2/3 in the first show and 1/3 in the second. He was faulted on "too light of a pattern". What the crap? He's a broken sable point, how dark should his pattern be? I wish I had asked the judge to clarify, but I was tired.

The most embarrassing part of the day had to be when I ran out for food with Alison. As we pull back in (and this took less than 10 minutes), Janet Canipe is standing outside looking for me! Mini Lops, in Show B had started! Luckily, the mini lop folks are GREAT and after searching for me, they took my rabbits to the table, and Malena found my check in sheet and put my senior doe up on the table! *WHEW*

Another hilarious moment: Apparently the Holland Lop won BIS and the American Fuzzy Lop won BRIS in the second Show (and I apologize if I got these results backwards). However- the holland obviously knew a quality rabbit when he saw one, because he tried to "do his thing" with it! Luckily the judges were able to seperate them quickly, but it makes you wonder- what in the world would have happened with those babies? I bet they'd have been cuties! ;)

I managed to chatter myself hoarse, but I had a ball! I got to talk to all kinds of different breeders, evaluated a few bunnies and generally enjoyed myself.

I also sold several bunnies! We bid a fond farewell to NGF Foxie, Hamilton's Fendi and Keep's Champ!

Keep's Rabbitry

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