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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I've got a junior holland buck who is tiny. Insanely tiny. And he eats like a pig just constantly. We all have some of those- the "OH MY GOD, I'm STARVING even though you just fed me 10 minutes ago" rabbits. In his case though, he's skinny! A metabolism most of us would die for.

I've decided to worm him. We ran out to TSC and bought some Wazine 17. I've seen different ways to administer it- some say dilute in water, others administer it orally.

The dosage seems to be 2 tablespoons of wazine per gallon of water or 4 drops orally per pound of rabbit. *Note, I'm not a vet, this is what I've found in research*.

Hopefully, this will solve his weight problem, though I'm unsure as to how he would have picked up worms in the first place! He hasn't been playing in the yard, none of the other rabbits appear to have them- bizarre! I've decided to go on and just treat the entire barn though. So we'll be mixing the wormer in their water for the next 3 days.

While doing this, I've got to draw up my list of for sale rabbits and show rabbits! Right now, I know I definitely have a broken Jersey Wooly doe for sale, as well as a solid mini lop buck. :)

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