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Friday, November 9, 2007

Tattoo Woes..

I just tattooed the two jumpiest rabbits I've ever had the misfortune to have to work on!

Usually, my method is pretty simple. Lay a blanket or towel across my lap, wrap the rabbit in it, leaving only the left ear sticking out, and go to town. Whoa, not this time!

To begin with, they are two bucks. Two...almost senior bucks.....mini lop bucks. They went nutso! One scrabbled backwards as soon as the Rabbitat touched his ear, managed to pee on the blanket (yum, thanks for that guy!) and I ended up having to have Tim come help restrain him, while I buzzed through the rest of his THREE LETTER TATTOO! Thankfully I didn't want to write a book on that one!

The next guy was much better, but then again, we were prepared. He was pinned to my legs and I tore through his tattoo at a speed that I'm sure even Flash would have envied.

I just hope their tattoos turn out nicely! Ahh well, doesn't have to be perfect, as long as it's readable, though I guess I'll have to take my tattoer to Taylorsville just in case. Though- I do think I will start charging for doing tattoos for folks. I don't mind the practice, but it can be time consuming! Especially when I have 3 breeds on the table!

Tim won't be coming to this show, sadly :(. So it'll be me by myself! Any hollerin' at me to get my rabbit to the table will be much appreciated!

I've got one holland, two woolies and five mini lops to show, plus a ton of NICE sale rabbits! I'm doing a nearly-holland sell out, so please stop by to see what I have! Mention my blog for a special deal :-p

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