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Monday, November 19, 2007

Big Plans- Little Rabbitry

Wow, gonna be a late post from me today! Unless I can drag my feet until midnight, and it'll be an extremely early post for tomorrow! ;).

Tomorrow (Tuesday), we've got big plans in the works. With an unseasonable high of 71 degrees being forecasted, we're getting down and dirty for what could be the last time this year.

I bought some perforated particleboard-esque stuff. It's time to put my $2 circle saw to good use. I'll be measuring cages and cutting pieces off to put in the hanging cages, as well as my 4 hole stackers that are attached (2 rows, 2 cages per row). Hopefully, this will cut down on neighbor-on-neighbor chewing matches. I get so sick of going outside and seeing a nearly bald rabbit!

We're going to be doing an extensive cleaning of pans! Scrubbing cages, burning wool off the ones holding woolies- the whole nine yards! After all, this could be the best weather we have for it.

I've got tons of nextboxes going in tomorrow! Wish me luck with that, they are mostly jersey woolies, but I do have one holland girl hopefully pregnant. Thankfully I bought two more boxes from Brandi and her husband, otherwise my list would include going back to Lowes for more particle board.

I have a pair of rabbits in the house, both very small, young senior bucks, that were taking the weather change hard. Both are back in good condition, and will probably be rejoining the herd outside for a second try tomorrow.

I've got a few breedings to do- mostly does that missed this last go round.

I've also noticed some of my water bottles are starting to leak. *sigh*. It's probably about time to pull them anyway and replace what I can with crocks. Hmm, that reminds me- I did a test knitting on my new circle loom- and I have nothing to do with the little bit of cloth I made. Maybe that will work to cover one of the large bottles? *Note to self- check that tomorrow*

Hey, maybe we'll start a whole new business- Keep's Knitted Bottle Covers! Ahaha, or maybe not.

Keep's Rabbitry

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