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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Black Friday Rabbit Shopping

You're gonna have to forgive this post- musings of a strange mind :).

As we went Black Friday Shopping (at 1am when a nearby mall opened), I was struck with a thought.

What if we could do Black Friday Rabbit Shopping? Can you imagine? Lines queuing outside of the homes of the top breeders in the nation. Guards at the door, pushing and shoving to be the first to burst inside and grab anything that moves in a desperate attempt at getting a bargain.

Or maybe they were smart- only pairs are allowed inside at a time, when one person comes out, another is allowed to go in.

Sitting around the table the night before making "game plans"...

"Ok, we'll hit Lil Bit Farm's first- I've sent Malena to the Coin/Nelson base of operations, and Tim is waiting in line at Velotta's Rabbitry for the mini lops... what else do we need? Someone has to go to Leslie Hobb's place, I have fuzzies to buy for friends! How much money can we spend? Do you think they'll take credit?"

Don't even get me wondering about the lines in front of the Bass Cages warehouse, or KW cages- people knocking each other out with metal J feeders, wrestling over a three hole stacker, while someone else sneaks in behind them and snatches it from both the original "finders".

When you're lying in bed tonight, you'll be thinking about this post and imagining folks you know doing these things...then you'll appreciate the more normal things that run through my head- like all the uses of poop.

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