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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Not Again

We're still waiting on three does to give birth. I've given up on one, she'll lose her nestbox tomorrow, since she's very overdue. The other two don't get much longer either!

We lost Miss Muffet's broken baby today. As best as I can figure, it was dragged from the nestbox while nursing and against all odds squeeze it's fat self out of the cage. It froze :(.

That's what I get for being lazy and not getting the baby saver up earlier. I removed the baby, then set about fixing her cage up to keep the other three in.

The babies are so adorable, popcorning and warbling in the nest! They are getting so big! Thankfully, Muffet has decided they are insulated enough and has stopped ripping her fur out. I was worried we were going to have to get her a sweater so she'd stay warm!

I finally got around to entering some pedigrees in my Evans software. Hooray! We also just got a new printer, after the old one died, so I can now print a hard copy of all my peds, in case something were to happen to the computer.

I was also able to get a doe bred. Hoping she'll have a successful litter this time! The poor girl had trouble with her first kit last go round, and it killed her other two babies.

We won't have any more babies due until December 8th. At least it gives me a chance to try to get some of the does "in the mood". I've also got to seperate out some babies. Their mama has decided she wants to chew on their wool, which isn't good for her and isn't good for their wool! Poor babies, can't have them bald in this weather!

Ahh well, that's what's going on at Keep's Rabbitry right now. :)

Keep's Rabbitry

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