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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Herd Reduction?

I'm doing a giant herd reduction right now- well it seems giant to me. A pair of mini lops, two jersey woolies and most of my hollands. (Details can be found on my website!)

I wanted to explain why I'm doing a herd reduction.

When I started out breeding, I couldn't wait to get 40-50 rabbits. You know, have a lot to show, lots to breed, feel like a "real breeder". I got up to about 30, sold most of my hollands and got a fresh start and began producing better animals. Then I sold down some of the hollands to make room for Tim's mini lops, then sold down a little more to get some Jersey Woolies. Then I got stuck. It became too easy to buy more cages and keep some of the rabbits, rather than make an effort and staying at a certain number.

I started getting a little frustrated- I'd have babies and no where to put them, I started feeling a little overwhelmed and I realized- I'm not having the fun with the rabbits I'm used to. Don't get me wrong, we do well at the shows, and I love bringing home legs on rabbits! LOVE IT! But still- it's hard to explain unless you've gone through it, and I'm lucky to have such a network of rabbit friends across the country that have told me they've felt the same way! The rabbits just seemed to be a bit of a burden

So I came to the decision to let some of them go. I looked at some of the older bucks, or guys and gals I have several babies out of. I picked a few who come out of nice lines, but aren't as close as some other animals I have, and I decided to move them out. I'm letting some REALLY nice animals go, and probably some of the ones going should stay. But I don't care.

I'm feeling more optimistic and confident. I shouldn't be afraid of empty cages, and I haven't been for a while! But selling one here, one there- after all, one good sized litter can fill the piddly amount of empty cages I had! There where would I be?

So, there you go, I feel like I just need to destress my bunny habbit by selling off a few, it's a chance to get some nice stock for cheap prices, and I do mean cheap, they are priced to sell very quickly.

I also wanted to put the word out to expect pictures at the end of this month- our AKC mini weenie dog Roxy is having puppies! They will be AKC registered and available around Valentine's Day, but that's definitely far away. :)

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