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Friday, December 21, 2007



I recently stumbled across a blog community. I decided to repost two of my blogs there, the Bunny Poop post and my FAQ for new bunny owners. I'd absolutely love if any readers here could check out the link above (To the FAQ for bunny owners) and give the post positive feedback.

Theoretically, if you have a blog you can make money through folks clicking links on the blogs, etc. I think it's probably about as likely as making money through breeding rabbits (ahaha...we know how that goes), but I would appreciate the "thumbs up" or a comment if you think it's a good guide. I'd like for new pet owners to get information from knowledgeable breeders, rather than someone out to make a quick buck and telling them what they think the person wants to hear in regards to rabbit ownership!

I am definitely going to continue to do the majority of my posting in this blog, but I wanted to let those folks interested know about the cross-posting I'll be doing! I will most likely link the hub here as well :).

Also, please feel free to pass links to articles in this blog on to friends! I just ask that content in this blog be given credit to me, so prefer the article be linked, rather than copy/pasted :).

Thanks so much! I hope everyone isn't getting too stressed out by Christmas! I know we ran to Wal-Mart on some non-rabbit-related errands and WOW! That won't happen again lol.

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