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Sunday, December 2, 2007

100th post

Welcome to the blog's 100th post! I'd have never thought I'd have had enough to talk about to fill 100 entries :). Thanks again to everyone who reads!

I wanted to make an announcement. I have decided to no longer allow "stud" breedings. It's due to a number of factors, none that I really want to explain in depth, but suffice it to say that this applies to all the breeds and to all people. I hate to have to be like this because I love to help people out- which is why I've given away several nice brood animals or severely discounted prices on animals for new breeders, and why I'll continue to try to do that.

I think it's easier to just stop helpful stud services outright, rather than maintain a list of "you can, you can't". If asked in person, my answer is going to be "I've heard stories" and that's pretty much going to be it. And yes, 95% of the reason I'm doing this is not because any of my rabbit friends or folks I show with are horrible people! I promise :). It's based a lot on experiences of others, and just a small frustration or two I have. I still love you all :).

Also- no, I won't offer stud services for a fee. I'm sorry, but you wouldn't want to pay the fee I'd ask.

For some etiquette tips, in case any of you out there do request using someone's buck:

1.) Make sure you have at least spoken to the person in the past!
2.) Offer a POL or a baby back. It's the least you can do. They may not want a baby, but make the effort.
3.) Ask how to list the names of the babies. Should it be a joint moniker? Do they have a problem with using just your name? If you're unwilling to put a joint name on the pedigrees, don't ask someone to use their rabbit.
4.) Don't use someone just to get use of their stock. If you want to be friends, excellent. If you hate this person, do not kiss tail to get what you can out of them. That's so wrong.
5.) If they say "No", Respect that. Honestly, if you have a buck with 20 legs and someone you barely know asks to use it, what would you say? If you think you'd hesitate, even a little, then you understand the breeder you just spoke to. Don't badmouth them or their rabbits, don't stop being friends with them, etc. It may not be anything personal. Rabbits are a competition, and some folks have spent untold amounts of money and years of work to get where they are. They may not want to give that away for free to anyone who asks.

I wish this post could have been one with happier content, but it's something I wanted to get out there now. I may, in the future, consider joint breedings, with joint pedigree names and splitting of litters, but that will be on an individual basis :).

Like I said before, this isn't aimed at one person, or a group of people. I just wanted to explain my new policy and address issues I've heard in horror stories from others.

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