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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter is here

It's freezing cold and the rabbitry is showing signs of it.  I lost a little black bunny baby.  I'm not really sure why, he was in with three other kits, they still have their nestbox and they still have plenty of wool.  Since they are 2 1/2 weeks old, they should be able to handle this weather a little better, though the wild temperature swings surely aren't helping.

However, with perfect timing, my Sweeps Award for 2010-2011 arrived today!

It's a scarf! I love my name is on it though as a friend pointed out, it should have said "Keepee" hehe.



The Kings said...

That is really pretty! Congrats!!

Hendricks Hearth said...

Wow, I love it! Congratulations!