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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hickory New Years Show

I didn't do much at the show- I did grand out a bunny, took a few BOSGs and put a first leg on a junior.  Not bad!

I also got to see Joni take BOSB with a 10 week old junior buck she took "just for comments"- which I was then able to tease her about the rest of the show.  So. Much. Fun.

The BEST part for me actually came in the youth show.  We have a new youth breeder that I really like named Sarah.  She's 16ish and loves her new woolies to death.  She purchased a REW junior doe from me at the last show (which turned in to the POL) and her mom contacted me about a buck for a surprise Christmas gift- so we agreed on her getting Keep's Tar Heel.

In the Youth show, Sarah showed both Keep's Nim (her REW) and Keep's Tar Heel- and took BOB with Tar Heel and BOSB with Nim! I was so happy for her.  

The HUGE surprise came when Keep's Tar Heel took BIS in Youth.

You could have knocked us both over with a feather! I joked with Sarah that I had been trying for all these years for a BIS with a wooly and here she comes along, first show (after owning the rabbit just since Christmas) and takes it!   It was a great day!

Keep's Rabbitry


Unknown said...

That's great!! I love it when people do really well at their first shows.

Plus a Keepee rabbit too BIS!!!!! That's great. Congrats to both of you!

The Kings said...

He is a gorgeous rabbit, I'm really happy for you...you have made a mark on this breed, what a success!

Briana said...

haha! Congrats to the both of you. There's your BIS Keep. ;)

Keep said...

Ahaha Briana, if I don't manage one this year I may cheat and count that one ;) :P.

Thanks guys! :D