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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scorching... Summer? Heat.

Wow, June 1st and we're already talking about deep summer heat?

It's been awful in the South the past few days. I'm happy this heat held off until after the Taylorsville show, but UGH!

I've had two does really have a hard time coping with the 95+ degree temps. Over 55% humidity is turning this weather in to a disaster waiting to happen. Despite doing everything we can, yesterday I found one girl drooling and the other sluggish. Some quick work brought them back and we're taking special precautions with them, as they have seen to be hit the hardest. It looks like everyone will survive another day.

I'm sure all my bucks are heat sterile at this point. I'm glad I have the litters I have and any open does were bred already! I put off breeding two and it's probably too late now. Ahhh well! As long as everyone makes it through this heat wave, I'll be happy!

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