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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Taylorsville Results!

Wow, we had a great show in Taylorsville, despite some hiccups-

The building we normally rent was double booked, so we were crammed in a small out building they use for small animal auctions. Joy. Luckily, the woolies were outside under an overhang so we got a NICE breeze, which really helped the bunnies stay cool. We found out later the people who booked the building did it for an event Sunday, and took our building for an extra day so they didn't have to have a building that "smelled like rabbits." We contemplated throwing some fish in there to age for a day, or else dump our trays in to trash cans and drag it in to the building, but in the end we behaved. Blah.

Show A we had a judge I've never had before, Bill Geudren.

Keep's Poplar (Self Sr. B)- 1/4- BOSG- BOSB
Keep's Tryon (Shaded Sr. B)- 1/2- BOSG
Keep's Epiphany (Shaded Sr. D)- 1/4- BOG
Keep's KST (Shaded Jr. B)- 1/4

Not too shabby!

Show B we had Sue Rice, a local who has her judge's license now.

Keep's Panda (Broken Sr. B)- 1/4-BOSG-BOSB
Keep's Poplar - 1/4- BOSG
Keep's Tryon- 1/4-BOG
Keep's Epiphany- 1/4
Keep's KST- 1/4
Keep's KHB (Shaded Jr. D)- 1/5- BOSG

I was tickled! I put 6 rabbits up and 6 won their classes. That's what I definitely consider a great show day!

OH! I forgot to mention Keep's Ra, a blue otter newly senior buck, took BOB in Youth for his new owner. They picked him up today, put him in Show A and voila! Big shiny trophy :).

Tresia took a RIS with her Self Sr. Doe. The doe took a double BOB, which I know tickled her.

This is the last show for a good while. I'm probably going to go on and worm everyone. They'll be getting ready to blow their coats anyway, so I might as well help them along!

I have three empty holes now that I've moved out a good number of rabbits. I am so happy! They will be filling up again soon, since I have a few weanings coming up, but in the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy it!

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