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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Flies and other things.

Ugh, the flies are out. I've employed my tried-and-true method of putting up fly strips. It doesn't help stop the problem, but it very satisfying to see all the little buggers dead on the strips. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. Ok, that's pitiful, but true.

I'm still looking around the barn for animals I can move out. I think Keep's Dunno will be going- he's a black senior buck. I hate to do it, but that is the curse of big litters (not that I am complaining)!

I also may have to let TB's China Doll go. *sigh*. I need to keep my agouti project small though.

I have definitely decided to move my shelves out of the rabbitry and put another 3 hole stacker there. This will finally let me get the last few bunnies out of the garage (with the exception of the pet, Scout).

It's a dreary, sunless day today. It's too wet and foggy to clean cages, though I shouldn't complain, it's also making it easier to keep the rabbitry cool! Until I finish "making shade" for it, the less hot days, the better!

Keep's Rabbitry


Kristina said...

I hate flies. We have them year round, and the fly traps don't help much..

Keep said...

I hate them too! And of course with flies come spiders. While I don't object too much to the spiders, I do not appreciate them making huge webs that I have to knock down every single flipping day lol!

Kristina said...

My rabbits are under a porch by the pool, and the spiders actually like the part above the pool more than my rabbits, so spiders aren't an issue for me, thank goodness! I have a "slight" fear lol.

What's worse than flies? Ants. I hate them, I just started getting them, and I am so over them. They can go bug someone else.