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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fooled Me!

Joni and I often say that the babies that run to the front of the cage are bucks and the ones that hang around in the back are does. It isn't an exact science, but it's fun to guess when they are tiny and I've found it's usually pretty accurate.

Not this time!

Lilly has 1 baby and 3 fosters. Her rew and a black are VERY in your face friendly, one of the otters is friendly and the other otter is standoffish. I figured the rew and Black were bucks and the other two were girls.

EHHHH wrong!

The rew and black are does, the two otters are both bucks. Hm.

Next I took a look at Flirt's kids. She has a rew foster child and five of her own- two torts and three blacks. I figured the rew was a doe, as were 2 of the blacks. Everyone else I suspected were bucks.

Wrong again. ALL FIVE of her babies are does, the rew foster child is a buck.

Geez, it's looking like our formula has lost it's usefulness!

I'm amazed at how many does are popping up. Last year was the Summer of the Bucks, it's looking like this year we had the Spring of the Does! Not that I am complaining, I have some very cute little bucks from late winter litters and I do have one more litter I haven't sexed yet.

Speaking of litters- I was thrilled to have Toast kindle 4 Panda babies! It looks like a REW, a Black Otter and two brokens- I suspect they are broken black, just like their daddy. Add this to the other litter just born, Cake's 4, and you can see why I'm having to move out a lot of adult stock!

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