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Friday, May 6, 2011

Older Does

I had a doe, Keep's Encore, kindle for the first time today. She is almost 2 years old.

Yup- first time kindler. She's never taken for me before. I normally don't hold on to does this long if they aren't producing, but for some reason, I'm a sucker when it comes to this girl. She's got a lot of really good characteristics and I knew she'd match up well with my bucks, if only I could get her to take.

Unfortunately, her single baby was a DOA. It looked stretched, which I can understand...after all, she's gone 2 years without kindling anything!

This past round of breeding has been the miracle round. I had a very old doe kindle, an older doe kindle, this 2 year old gal kindle and another doe who is a bit over a year and a half kindle.

I guess you can't ever give up hope, huh? I actually had put Encore and two other does on the "last chance" list. Now I guess she's given me enough hope for a live litter out of her that she'll get a reprieve. I'm going to try to repeat this breeding.

I am full to bursting right now as far as cage space goes. In fact, I just had two bucks go which left me room to separate an older litter, but I have two more litters that need to be split and zero empty cages! I have two more bucks sold, if they leave this weekend I'll be able to separate one litter... then I'll have to figure out what else I can do to make a little room.

It's hard, but I think my oldest doe may have to leave- I got her from a friend and was frankly shocked to get a litter out of her, she's 4! I only got one kit though and that may be the only one I'm going to get.

Ehhhhhh I wish I had 100 cages! Then again, I don't want to feed 100 rabbits or clean 100 trays, so I guess I'm better off staying where I am.

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