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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm so thrilled!

Keep's Puzzle, a black doe (she took 4th place self sr. doe at Convention, which happened to be her first show ever) finally has kindled live kits for me! She has two out of Keep's Triumph, a siamese able buck that I'm test breeding to see if I'll be keeping him or not. So far, his other kits are promising, I can't wait to see if Puzzle's turn out beautiful as well!

I had an older doe kindle my first Keep's Panda babies! One looks to be a black (the doe is a siamese sable) and the other is a broken! It's going to be faulted for it's poor nose marking (we have a large spot in the left whiskerbed only) but overall it has gorgeous markings! I'm so thrilled to finally have Panda babies- so far every doe he was bred to kept having DOA litters or tanking them.

One of the other does, BL's Jiggy, pulled a little wool but hasn't done anything beyond that- Keep's Fiona was nesting like CRAZY when I first gave her a box, but I haven't seen anything from her at this point and she seems less interested in her box now. Lyle Creek's Kendra looks like she isn't going to take this time, I'm thinking she will be one of the animals for sale at the May 28th show.

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