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Monday, May 2, 2011

Waiting...always waiting

I'm waiting on 5 does to pop. So far, 4 of the 5 have made hollows in their nestboxes and one lady has pulled a little bit of wool. I'm hopeful for some babies!

The chestnut and REW bucks I had for sale are gone, which is nice. That opens up a little cage space. I have a broken chestnut and a black otter that will hopefully be leaving soon, which will open up MOOORE cage space!

I've decided to really make some cut backs on the herd, sooner than I had anticipated. I will definitely have stock available at the Taylorsville show at the end of the month :). Right now I'm not sure what all I will have for sale though, I'm hoping to get my numbers down for a little while.

I'm finally making headway with my feed issues as well- I'm going to make the leap and get off Purina and start feeding PenPals! Thank you so much to Brenda Smith of Narrow Gate Farms who will be letting me join in on her shipment. I'm excited, but also very nervous- feed changes are scary!

Unfortunately, it will be a month or so before I can get the new feed in, but hey- at least I have a game plan now!

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