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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's been a hard week.

However, there have been a few glimmers of happiness in the rabbitry. Keep's Epiphany kindled two healthy, chubby babies. She was bred to Keep's Heart Throb and is one of my Tryon daughters.

Keep's Smoke is nesting. She's a Smoke Pearl Point that I believe was bred to Keep's Panda. She isn't due until tomorrow (Wednesday).

I've decided I'm staying in rabbits at least until Convention. I already have plans to go, the room is booked, dinner dates are made- so I'm going.

This also gives me a chance to go to a few local shows, have some litters and just see how I feel about everything. They say "Time heals all wounds" so we shall see.

Meanwhile, we're concentrating on battling the high temperatures and high humidity that has characterized this awful summer. My friend Michelle gave us a fan (fully enclosed motor) that I have running in conjunction with our AC. We're headed out today or tomorrow to get a larger, portable AC unit with a much higher BTU rating. Frozen water bottles are on standby in our chest freezer.

Fiona is doing very, very well. She still isn't eating pellets, but she's devouring her hay and has discovered a love of Cheerios. I think she's grown tired of baby carrots, so I'm about to start reintroducing some banana. She's moving around well and was even grooming her back foot yesterday.

Keep's Rabbitry


LilBitFarms said...

Love you Keep!

Keep said...

Love you too Mel! <3

Anonymous said...

And I will see you at Indianapolis!