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Saturday, June 4, 2011


I have the sweetest black otter buck ever. He's a brood quality, but I am hoping I'll be able to place him in a pet home. He is the most gentle, lovey little creature ever.

It's hard not to get attached to the "pet personality" rabbits. Why is it that it seems the show bunnies are never fall-all-over-themselves-lovey, but the brood or pet quality can't get enough of you?

Before anyone emails me saying "oh but my buck with 165 legs is the sweetest animal..." yeah- I know it happens. I'm just saying.

One of the biggest obstacles for me, as a breeder, is that it's hard to not be able to keep a rabbit just because I want to. It has to be able to contribute to the herd, or I can't justify the feed and cage space it takes up. That being said, I do have three pets, all of other breeders (a mini lop, a neutered mix breed and a netherland dwarf). However, the nethie lives in the house, Tim retired the mini lop and put him under his "protection" (aka, I am not allowed to rehome him) and I kind of owe it to the mix breed, since he started my rabbit obsession as an adult.

With three pets already, I can't let myself keep a black otter (I'm not wanting to get bogged down in otters) of my only competition breed. Sigh.

Anyone want a sweet pet? He'll charm your socks off in 30 seconds flat, or feel free to return him :).

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